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  • GrandChewbacca

    Hello, it is I, Grand Chewbacca. The creator of the ongoing Revealing the Secrets series, found here. This is my first blog post (hopefully of many in the future), and I'm going to talk about the Indonai, for those of you that have read the series on The Vivonahi Sorcerers. Originally, there was this whole story about the Javanan Civil War which took place on a planet that is mentioned in passing in the most recent "episode" of the series, but the story never became anything. Instead, I use names from the series for the Indonai and almost everything involved with. Here's a quick synopsis:

    A simple farmer named Foton stumbles upon an ancient temple in the forests of Javana, in the middle of the civil war between two Javana…

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  • Darth Lord Shadow

    Darth Lord Shadow Logs

    1. I am Darth Shadow I am Lord Shadow I am Sith.
    2. Call me Lord Shadow
    3. Stay Away from the Light side.
    4. May Use the Dark Force with You
    5. Follow My order.
    6. Don't be a Jedi Be a Sith
    7. Darth Lord Shadow
    8. All Name with Darth Like Darth Vader or Darth Shadow are Brother.
    9. If you want to be Darth Show me a proof and talk to me. 
    • Darth Shadow was a female/Male Twi'lek Sith Lord born on Ryloth. She was a fellow of Darth Assassus and Darth Brutalus. The three of them assassinated Darth Kaos in 4078 ABY and in doing so brought about the Second War of Succession. During the war, Shadow defected to the Disciples of Kaos and became a valuable asset. After the war she entered into a relationship with the young and handsome Darth Annihilus. Shadow was a…
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  • Spacetear

    It's been a year

    January 16, 2017 by Spacetear

    Well, a year later, and I haven't done much.  Real life is quite the distraction.  Also, creating new material, both entirely original and extensions/continuations of existing lore, within a highly-detailed universe is MUCH more difficult than I had imagined.  I continue to brainstorm and world-build, and the outline of a story is well-established, but the execution and dialogue are a different beast.  So, for anyone who may have ever been interested, the story of Neakiriin Sheene is not dead...but it is on indefinite hiatus.

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  • GrandMoffAtrrotos

    Again at number two

    December 15, 2016 by GrandMoffAtrrotos

    I am currently at number two for top contributors woohooo!

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  • GrandMoffAtrrotos

    just me

    December 14, 2016 by GrandMoffAtrrotos

    Pretty cool to be one of the top contributers on the wiki! im currently at number 3!

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  • JS-4422


    December 11, 2016 by JS-4422

    As you might know I have keep on changing the pictures of CC-5629 (Hunter). But I am working on a good picture for him.

    It may be annoying but I have a specific reason.

    My pictures I create are useless so I keep on changing the picture until I find the right one.

    If you have any questions ask me.

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  • Boomdodger

    Hey, everybody! Today, I thought that since The Clone Wars: Ultimates (TCWU) is being released now, I would show you a little bit of concept art that I have made. I will frequently upload these roughly every week (or at least, that is my goal), with a different character for each week. 

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  • Boomdodger

    Updates (6/20/2016)

    June 20, 2016 by Boomdodger

    Hey people of Star Wars Fanon Wiki! Today I wanted to "address" a little "issue" of mine as of late on the wiki. So as some people may have noticed, I have not been very active at all on the wiki, and that is mostly due to my lack of interest in the wiki currently, and my demotivation to write some stories. These stories mostly apply to my short story series, Shadows of the Republic, which I initially started in April or March, I cannot remember exactly.

    The main reason for this is because I write stories worthy of being novels, so it is hard for me to write a short story that can be somewhat lengthy that includes accurate details to make the story more immerging and make sense. This has especially been the case with my latest short story, …

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  • KraangSubSubPrime

    In a new series of Star Wars set between Episode 4 and 5 the Galactic Civil War rages upon the galaxy but new enemies tries to foil the Empire as well as the Rebels beneath the War ... The Singing Mountain Clan will appear in the second season of this series.

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  • KraangSubSubPrime

    Hello people just to advice everyone about my new project it isn't totally new which means it isn't a new Clone Wars series it's a continuation of The Clone Wars (2008) you guys could look forward to it as it may be a possible season 7,8 and 9 as season 6 wasn't totally finished... anyway it would be the most accurate presumably "The Future of Star Wars The Clone Wars".

    Check Out

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7&8

    and I've done an error it would be one season per page, so season 8 will be starting on a new page but I will advice the public.

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  • Boomdodger

    Story Schedules

    April 14, 2016 by Boomdodger

    So I decided to make a bit of a schedule with deadlines for my many stories that I have been announcing and starting. I decided that since I have given myself so much work to do and probably made some people hyped for these stories, I just need to get them done so that I can move on to bigger projects. 

    TCW: Shadows of Darkness Complete Complete
    TCW: Fires of War Complete Complete
    TCW: Rescue Mission May 1 May 23
    TCW: Mutinous May 29 June 9
    TCW: Rise of Darkness June 19 June 30
    SW: Viera Cacete July 24 August 11
    SW: Rumor of Conspiracy September 18 September 30
    SW: Covert Mission November 7 November 21
    SW: Fury of the Empire December 1 December 31
    SW: Realm of Darkness January 19, 2017 February 1, 2017
    SW: Rage of the Dark Side April 29, …

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  • Boomdodger


    April 10, 2016 by Boomdodger

    So as some people may have noticed, I have been doing/starting a lot of fan fiction stories lately. Most notably Star Wars: Shadows of the Republic and Star Wars: Viera Cacete. And not long ago, I was just thinking, "Maybe I should slow down on stuff?" You may be able to tell - but if you have not already - my imagination runs wild! And I mean it just goes rampant across my mind, and I am constantly getting new ideas for new stories to write, and I announce them far before I even start making them, an example of this would be the Conspiracy trilogy, which I announced this previous night with the creation of its page. So I decided to write this blog, to explain a few things - if anyone just wanted a few explanations, and honestly, I may need…

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  • DarthJaciuss

    Saying a thoughful "hello" to my fellow Wiki members on the Star Wars Fanon site, I have compiled a list of the artwork that will be ultimately (no pun intended) be used as the offical looks of various characters in my upcoming fan-fiction story series The Clone Wars: Ultimates. The list will be updated as more images are completed.

    The character posted today will be a long-time cast character throughout the series, though the only problem is, I need to give him a name and so far have had trouble finding something that will stick to this gritty and cold Clone Commander to be. Feel free to make name suggestions! Of course, I will be the final say in his offical name...

    WarningAll images posted in this blog are copyritten by DarthJaciuss, an…

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  • Jedi Master 76

    I'd like to say a few things about writing that I think might help newer authors or else give you insight into my own thoughts on this whole fanon/fan fiction thing. Of course, I'm just a guy who wrote fan fiction on a little corner of the internet, so this is mostly bloviating on my part. Yet I'd feel remiss if I couldn't say a few encouraging words after writing some 900,000 words of pulpy prose about Star Wars.

    Five things I'd do differently if I deleted the entire series (don't tempt me) and started over:

    • Narrow the scope. Although I flatter myself thinking I created a nice cast of characters, by the final battle, some plotlines are superfluous. Characters that should have said their goodbyes in Hands of Evening linger in the background, t…
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  • Spacetear

    Been Busy(ish)

    February 17, 2016 by Spacetear

    I've been busy doing research ("reading comics!"), brainstorming, and proofreading.  Finally put up a page or so worth of intro material for Horizons and filled in some more skeleton of our hero, Neakiirin Sheene.  Slow going, though.  Work and life put a damper on creative projects, but I've no intention of stopping.  Hang tight.

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  • Jedi Master 76

    This time, I thought I'd make something a bit more interesting to look at than WALL-OF-TEXT. Given the similarities to Japanese data books, an alternate title would be, "WHAT? 9000!?", but I have a bit of self-respect.

    Way back when, sometime during the writing of Hands of Evening, I intended to use some of the series' characters in a role-playing game as NPCs. In the process, I worked out some comparative numbers like physical strength, Force power, skill with a blaster, and so on for a handful of characters.

    Even after that campaign ended, I kept tallying character data for most of the important heroes and villains in the series. I had planned to use it as a sort of epilogue, where an investigator for the Sith Empire files a report for the …

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  • Jedi Master 76

    With the fan fiction series complete, for all intents and purposes, let me explain what started this project.

    What eventually became Days of Dissidence started as two video game mods, one for Knights of the Old Republic and another for The Sith Lords. Of the two, the mod for KoTOR was far more fleshed out, had more influence on the fan fiction, and it actually had working content. There were two "versions" of the first game's mod, although only one was actually released.

    The overall metastory went something like this: a Sith learner from Alderaan named Zaen Benax is forced to flee after he is accused of a crime he didn't commit. He goes to Dantooine (so he can join the party early as opposed to any sort of plot purpose). He meets up with Revan in…

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  • Jedi Master 76

    Alternatively titled, "Look on my works, ye [potential authors], and despair."

    This is the first of a few blog posts on my fan fic series, mostly because I'm far too lazy to recreate and update the Days of Dissidence page and fill in a behind the scene section there.

    Aside from the table below, here are some observations. The earliest work, Convict's Dawn, could be said to have reached its current state in 2009. Jedi Mourning was finished in 2016. The latter also took the most time to write in nearly three years. So no complete work was released from 2013 until 2016. My most productive year was 2010, with the release of Knight of Alderaan, Phantom Rising, and Absolution in the same year. All other years since 2009 have seen a rate of about one novel…

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  • DarthDecitheringTLE

    Lately I've been writing Books about Star Wars. I have written 1 book and are working on another.

    Book 1 Star Wars: Dawn of the Sith - Lost

    Book 2 Star Wars: Dawn of the Sith - Hunt for Decithering

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  • Vractomorph

    How do I blog?

    January 28, 2016 by Vractomorph

    How do I even blog?

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  • Brandon Rhea

    Hey everyone. It's been a long time since I've written anything but I've just posted a new short story called My Mother's Dreams. You can see the story itself here. (Fair warning: this story contains spoilers for the ending of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.)

    I was recently inspired to start writing again after not writing for a really long time. I have a couple of original (non-Star Wars) ideas in my head that I need to think about and develop more, but in the meantime I wanted to flex that writing muscle once more and see if I'd gotten rusty. To do that and to go forward, I felt like I had to go backwards a little. Because I'm still thinking about my own original stories, I decided to go back to my roots in Star Wars and write a story about Le…

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  • Spacetear

    New story's a'comin'

    January 13, 2016 by Spacetear

    Welp, I think the Gray Jedi Order lore, main page, and associated pages are solid enough to start adding my own stories within them.  Here's my first character: Neakiirin Sheene.  Time to write some adventures.

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  • TheNinja811

    Star Wras survey

    January 11, 2016 by TheNinja811

    I have a survey about Star Wars, you can find it here

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  • ScienceGuy44

    Ultimately, I've always been a fan, albeit a minor fan, of Star Wars. But not for the same reasons that many others have been. I remember watching a New Hope for the first time as a child around the same time that the Phantom Menace had just been released, being one of the many 2000s kids to grow up with 90s pop culture. I remember being a little bored watching the opening titles, thinking that it was very much going to be more Jedi being overpowered as hell and slicing through Droids and such, right up until the point the Corellian Corvette rushed past the camera, followed by the hulking Star Destroyer in hot pursuit. Now that was entertainment.

    Then came the pan in to the Corvette, with its garrison of Fleet troopers. My first favourite cha…

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  • Spacetear

    This place is HUGE

    January 6, 2016 by Spacetear

    In the process of digging for more source material, both Legends and Canon, I keep re-realizing just how BIG the Star Wars universe is.  Looking into the Je'daii Order and Tython lead me to discover the Rakatan Invasion ...which lead to the Force Hound Xesh ...which lead me to Forcesabers ...which lead me to the origins of holocron technology ...which lead me to look more into the Infinite Empire and how it began ...which lead to the Celestials ...which lead to the Ones (which are canon to an extent!)...which lead to Abeloth, the Mother and the Ones' original planet ...which lead to the Maw.  Holy Force nuggets, Batman.  I have so much more reading to do.

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  • Spacetear

    Other 'Grays'

    January 5, 2016 by Spacetear

    An anonymous user commented on the Gray Jedi Order page about Gray Jedi Robes appearing in KotOR 2, implying a Gray organization is millenia older than the current article suggests.  I'm familiar with the games but didn't recall this particular detail.  After looking into it, there are indeed "Gray Jedi Robe"s in the game, but no mention in the dialogue or in-game lore about anything more.  So, I've chosen to interpret the name as meaning "a robe that belonged to a gray Jedi," with "gray" being the definition used by the Jedi Order (rogue or exile) rather than an established gray Order.  It's an intentional interpretation, granted, but I don't think it's out of the question.

    However, the mention of other official (and EU) "gray" lore got me…

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  • Spacetear

    The Code

    January 3, 2016 by Spacetear

    The Gray Jedi Code has been completely revamped while trying to maintain the original intent and keeping as much of the original content as possible.  Hopefully, it's more streamlined and more closely resembles the official Sith and Jedi codes.

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  • Spacetear

    Back from the dead

    January 3, 2016 by Spacetear

    I'd like to start a brief but continuing log of my editing and work on the Gray Jedi fanon.  I'm back from my mad dash of edits and updates from about a year ago due to the interest of Webspidrman and the resurgence of interest in Star Wars from The Force Awakens.  So...hold on to your butts.

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  • Supahbadmarine

    My Project

    December 21, 2015 by Supahbadmarine

    Hello all. I'm Supahbadmarine. You can just call me Supah. I am just getting started here on Star Wars Fanon, and I would like some help if I could. I intend to begin a project talking about a period of conflict within the Star Wars universe. The period in question is about 90+ years some time in the later Inter-Sith Period after the events of the Galactic War. What I am going to be writing about a is a number of brushfire conflicts that erupt during this time, some of which being fairly notable, sort of like the Old Sith Wars, though no Sith this time. Anyway if I could I would like to get some advise about the relevant Categories and infoboxes I should use for the article, and if possible some advice for a name would be welcome. Still wo…

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    A blogthing title whatever

    December 21, 2015 by DEWM NINJA

    Allow me to introduce myself:

    My name is Cool2001, and NO I WAS NOT BORN IN 2001. STOP ASKING. Anyway, you may call me cool for short if you're really that lazy.

    Anyway, I come from a land of hate, spam and eternal damnation, Google+. But why would you care? Because I'm a moderator of an RP community on said website full of dedicated Star Wars fans. It's this place . Anyway, as this place is... well... Fanon, I thought I could create a few pages dedicated to characters in the community, along with adding to the year of 617 ABY - 622 ABY timeline thing stuff.

    So with this, I has questionz:

    A) Do you all mind if I do make these pages?

    2) If you let me, expect a lot of pages. Wait, that's not a question...

    D) I only had one question.

    Oh, and to prove …

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  • XD1

    Have you seen the new trailer for The Force Awakens that everyone is talking about? Lots of great new teasers, and footage we haven't seen before! In order to take a closer look at the Easter eggs it's provided, we've created a new Fannotation video in response - for all to enjoy. Check it out, and let us know in the comments below if you spot something we didn't mention. :)

    In case you missed it, here's the original version of the trailer, along with reactions from Daisy Ridley & John Boyega!

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  • AKwxlady

    Hello out there...

    I need help writing a knock knock joke relevant to about 24 ABY, just before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion begins. It should not be about Star Wars, but rather could be used within a Star Wars subject matter.

    The only thing I’ve come up with is:

    “Knock Knock.”

    “Who’s there?”

    “A Clone.”

    “A Clone who?”

    “What does is matter, we’re all the same.”

    I know…really lame. That is why I am asking for help!

    If you give me a joke, please let me know if it would be okay for me to use it in my next novel.

    Thank you!

    Nota the admin people...I know you don't like Joke entries...sorry about this.  It is not meant to be a joke.  I really do need help and I'm hoping the Fanon Community can assist me in this endeavor.  So, please, let me try be…

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  • Witnessme
    The Force Awakens will be in theaters in just two months! And while anticipation for that film has reached fever pitch, fans thoughts are already turning to the NEXT Star Wars movie, Rogue One, coming out in 2016.

    Rogue One is the first standalone Star Wars movie in the on-going “Star Wars Story,” or “Anthology,” series which will tell tales of characters and events in the Galaxy Far, Far Away which diverge from the story of the main saga films. The second is a planned “early Han Solo movie” due in 2018. What’s coming after THAT? We don’t know, but it’s fun to speculate.

    Do YOU have a Twitter-length pitch for a Star Wars standalone? We want to hear it! We’ll take the best submissions and include them in an upcoming Star Wars Standalone Wishlist vi…

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  • AKwxlady

    Hello Star Wars Fanon Wiki Community!

    Welcome to my first ever Blog, do we all feel a tingle, okay maybe not.

    There are so many creative people contributing to this community and I am very proud to be a recent addition. I would not have been able to post my novel to the Star Wars Fanon Wiki without the programming assistance of several of the administrators and others in the community.

    One of my strengths is in the area of technical writing. I have a significant amount of experience proof reading the works of others. I would like to repay the kindness extended to me by offering my proofing abilities to the SW community. Please contact me if you would like grammatical assistance with your submission.

    Keep up the great work! There is an ama…

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  • XD1
    Star Wars "Samurai" Collectibles Announced For Meisho Movie Realization Line

    Highly Detailed Figures Incorporate Japanese Samurai Aesthetic; Pre-Orders Open For “Ronin” Boba Fett, “Daisho” Darth Vader, “Teppou Ashigaru” Sandtrooper and “Akazonae” Imperial Guard; “Taisho” Darth Vader And “Ashigaru” Stormtrooper Figures
    Available Now!!


    Height: Approx. 6 3/4 inches; MSRP: $89.99
    Available December!
    Everyone's favorite bounty hunter goes medieval! Boba Fett joins the Meisho Movie realization series in a spectacular feudal Japan aesthetic, appropriately portrayed as a lord-less “Ronin” Samurai via the sculpting talent of artists Takeyuki Takeya and Junichi Taniguchi. In addition to his EE-3 rifle portrayed as an flint-lock style blaster, this delu…

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  • Witnessme


    September 23, 2015 by Witnessme

    So this has to be the coolest thing that I've come across since...since I first played with my BB8. Facebook will be posting 360 degree videos to your News Feed! These videos will give you an exclusive look into some of your favorite shows, but mostly importantly into the new Star Wars movie!

    No longer are you limited to fanfiction, fan art, cosplay, etc. You can now experience what its like to be inside this beloved universe.

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  • Atarumaster88

    At this time, I'm very relieved to (finally) be done with the main draft of the Yanibar Guard Fleet Sourcebook. What a relief! What a pain! (Told you I was still working on it) I'm not quite ready to tackle the challenge of formatting and uploading it yet, and I'd like to get some nice EGTFE content bundled in there, so hopefully this month. Probably not any new stories this time or we're looking at end-of-the-year.

    I'd also like to pass along some lessons learned for anyone who's both writing stories and articles and trying to interlink them.

    My original thought was that the sourcebooks (YGS) would be secondary sources to the novels, along with a smattering of other new information to fill in the gaps. Cool! But then there was also this other s…

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  • TheBlueRogue
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  • The Dark Lord of the Sith

    Greetings! I am The Dark Lord of the Sith. You may remember me from the blog posts in which I tried to assemble a team to help me unofficially revive Star Wars: The Clone Wars here. Unfortunately, that project did not take off the way I had hoped; I have decided to cancel it due to the recent release of the Clone Force 99 story reels and the upcoming release of Dark Disciple.

    In place of my Star Wars: The Clone Wars projects, I am returning to work on my versions of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III and Star Wars 1313. I'd love some help developing these "games," but that's a story for another blog post. This one is for something I have never attempted to do before…

    Lately on the Wiki, you may have noticed me creating pages for several characters th…

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  • Annabethlover1652


    June 29, 2015 by Annabethlover1652

    If you guys have been following my pages, I suggest you go to wattpad and look up the author Annabethlover12345 and see some of MY WIP books.

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  • Atarumaster88

    Hello, everyone. Just wanted to write a quick blog explaining my absence. Usually, when I have these posts, it's to reveal that I'm working on some big FE project (like last year with the Force Exile III release) and it's finally ready to come out or at least be announced. That's not the case this time, though.

    My activity has dropped off heavily since December since all of my attention has been focused elsewhere, on RL matters. One in particular. I'm getting married in just under three weeks, and thus rightfully my attention has been quite away from other pursuits as I've focused on helping my lady with the planning.

    Eventually, things should return to normal and I'll be able to finish up the EGTFE and YGS (there actually is some more of that…

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  • Gcheung28
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  • Yorkieman95

    Here is what I mean: Is it OK if I review stories, characters, vehicles, ships, ETC to express my honest opinions? I will try to keep my language to a minimum in order to obey the rules and also to sound professional and what not. Am I only going to review fanfics by people I don't like simpily because I dislike them? No, I will write reviews based on the quality of the story/bio/history of a place or thing. So, is it OK if I write reviews on fan-made media?

    -A common user of SWF Wiki, Yorkieman95.

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  • Dalledayul

    LGBT in Star Wars

    January 3, 2015 by Dalledayul

    So in TVC, my fanon novella series, I have two non-straight couples: one is between two female Imperial Agents, Ciniriel and Marsa, and the other is between two male Jedi Padawans, Koses and Tallas. Alongside these, I also have 3 straight couples. While writing the romances in, I noticed something.

    I can't recall a single non-heterosexual couple or romance in the entire Star Wars universe, including EU. Not one. And I understand that not all major franchises have them. For instance, you won't find anything like that in Lord of the Rings, but that was written in the UK from World War I straight up to the late 1940's, back when homosexuality was decriminalised. Honestly, I would have expected a bit more of this seeing as how most of the EU ha…

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  • SyabilYusoff16

    A New Project

    December 15, 2014 by SyabilYusoff16

    What if the plan...the creation of the Grand Army was a total failure? What would happen if the Separatists destroyed the Republic as they had no army. What would happen to the clones and the galaxy?

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  • The Dark Lord of the Sith

    The fake, recently leaked plot details regarding season seven of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be used in my version of season seven. They are as follows:

    Bounty Hunter Arc

    Episode 01

    • Cad Bane, Boba Fett, Embo, C-21 Highsinger, Bossk, Dengar, and Latts Razzi are hired by a Tusken Shaman to murder Anakin Skywalker. This shaman had been away on a spiritual journey when Skywalker murdered his entire tribe to avenge the death of his mother.
    • The bounty hunters' reward for killing Skywalker will be a chest full of Krayt Pearls, which sell for a high price on the black market.
    • Before the Tusken Shaman will hire the bounty hunters officially, however, they must prove themselves worthy by killing a krayt dragon.
    • The bounty hunters succeed in killing the k…
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  • ShatterClub

    Greetings, Fanoneers!

    I've been working for a while now on a novel entitled Star Wars: The Old Republic: Resurrection. I've released the prologue of the novel few days ago, and I'll be releasing the rest of the novel's chapters on the Wiki page as I finish them. Please read and let me know what you think! I welcome any comments or critiquing!

    Thanks, all! ShatterClub|talk|Contributions 04:34, November 4, 2014 (UTC)

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  • The Dark Lord of the Sith

    So my "Reviving The Clone Wars" blog post has received a bigger and more positive reception than I anticipated. I can't thank this Wiki's community enough! Anyone who wishes to join this project need only contact me on my message wall. Now, to business:

    It is time to begin working on our version of Season Seven of The Clone Wars with the planned, yet unproduced, episode called "The Bad Batch." The description of the episode is as follows:

    Clone Captain Rex reluctantly takes charge of a squad of experimental and highly unorthodox clone commandos called "The Bad Batch."

    The episode's "fortune cookie" or moral is, "The best defense is a strong offense."

    And with that, we have everything that Lucasfilm staff have told us about the episode. Now, it's …

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  • The Dark Lord of the Sith

    It was a sad day for fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars when the show got cancelled before the premiere of its sixth season. While we got to see some of the episodes George Lucas, Dave Filoni, and their team had in store for us via "The Lost Missions," later interviews, blog posts, et cetera featuring Filoni and other The Clone Wars staff members revealed that much more was to be produced but never saw the light of day; all of it sounded like it would have been epic.

    Personally, I do not find loose-adaptation comic books or novels to be a suitable replacement for physical episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars; they do not capture nearly the same amount of action, emotion, et cetera as full scripts, story reels complete with voice acting, or finis…

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  • Atarumaster88

    The awful FE puns are back, and that means more Force Exile content. It's been awhile since I've really released anything, as I was pretty tired out after finishing up FE III in the spring, along with the ensuing EGTFE/C updates. However, I've had a resurgence in imagination and some time to do some more writing as I get closer and closer to finishing the FE saga.

    I plan to release more content some time in the very near future and it'll include the following:

    • A short story that includes Spectre.
    • The completion of the army section of the Yanibar Guard Sourcebook
    • A Yanibar Guard Sourcebook featurette called "The Road to Junro"

    It's a relatively meager offering, but I'll also be periodically updating and finishing EGTFE entries as well. I have another…

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