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Beroutz, also called Drimou, was the fifth planet of the Thisspias system. It was orbited by the moon Hunder. In 8000 BBY, the Tirikkin of Hellenes Gracca built four sublight colony ships to colonize Beroutz. A collision with space debris resulted in destruction of all but one of the ships. The surviving vessel crashed on Beroutz. The people of Hellenes Gracca wrongly believed all four ships were destroyed, and the survivors of the crash failed to establish contact with their homeworld. They technologically regressed, resulting in a primitive lifestyle. They split into two main cultures, the Deriada, village dwelling hunters with a matriarchal culture, and the Mousa, an artistic people living in democratic city-states.

The people of Beroutz eventually forgot the rest of the galaxy, and did not realize the other inhabited planets of their system, Hellenes Gracca and Thisspias, joined the Republic in 5342 BBY. This blissful ignorance of the greater galaxy ended when the planet was subjugated by the Thayolen warlord Patrev in 1000 BBY. Patrev set up a shielded mountain citadel on Beroutz, which he called Apoltemis. Patrev brought with him a motley assortment of lackeys from many species, including a population of Miraluka, descendants of whom included Tivwec, born on Beroutz in 847 BBY..

In 820 BBY, Patrev forcibly married the Queen of the Deriada tribe. Their firstborn was their daughter G'ye, born 819 BBY. The next year, twins were born, Alabri and his sister Arpel.

In 802 BBY, Patrev left Beroutz to solidify control of neighboring Hellenes Gracca. What transpired next was unclear to historians. Patrev left his Deriada queen to rule in his place, and shortly after his departure she was assassinated. Some evidence indicates her assassins were revolutionists attempting to overthrow Patrev's rule, yet other evidence indicates she was murdered by Patrev's own lackeys. Whatever the case, the planet was thrown into a chaotic war (802-800 BBY) which left all parties concerned weakened save for Patrev's three children.

In 800 BBY Patrev mysteriously disappeared from the Thisspias system, along with his fleet. Hellenness Gracca and Thisspias then rejoined the Republic, although primitive Beroutz, which had never belonged to the Republic, was claimed by Patrev's children, victors of a bloody war.

Patrev's three children won the war through the use of their incredible dark side Force powers. As well as captivating charisma, backstabbing politics, and inspired strategy. They slew, enslaved, or brain-washed all who opposed them. Alabri created a huge harem, and through careful usage of the Pan-Species Gametes inherited from his father, sired an elite bodyguard of blindly loyal sons, programmed to obey his every command, and trained in the arts of war by his belligerent sister Arpel. Alabri and Arpel declared themselves the "god" and the "goddess," with their sister G'ye as their "Ora One" (seer and high priestess). The visions of G'ye allowed her siblings to win every battle. They established a theocracy known as the G'ye Cult to Galactic Republic theologists.

The G'ye Cult allied itself with Jantrek, a Sith alchemist, and with the Dark Jedi Yodatine. The former supplied them with monsters bred on Hellenes Gracca; the latter with advanced technology from the mainstream galactic community. Yodatine hoped to use the G'ye Cult to gain control of the entire Thisspias system.

An individual named Alkeri began a resistance against the G'ye Cult in 783 BBY. However, Alkeri was forced to hide in the Northern Wilderness, where he married fellow resistance leader Didama Deriada.

In 782 BBY, the G'ye Cult declared war on the neighboring planet of Thisspias, attacking with a warfleet of ships supplied by Yodatine. The Jedi Watchman of the sector, Veronica, south help from the Jedi Council. Her plea was answered by a team of Jedi including Yoda,Ambrose Ius, Zorith, and Zudu, who helped her take down the G'ye Cult and Jantrek's monsters with the help of Prince Algyd of Hellenes Gracca and Alkeri's resistance. Their mission resulted in rancor, implanted with a thermal detonator, infiltrating and blowing up Apoltemis, resulting in the deaths of G'ye, Arpel, and (apparently) Alabri. The Jedi also cleansed the system of alchemy-created monsters, and in the meantime, Zudu gathered a sample of Gorax spittle which proved essential to stopping the Gimer Virus Plague on Vithiraos.

Following the disaster, Beroutz initially chose to remain independent from the Republic, under the rule of Alkeri, who was made king. The world developed trade and diplomatic ties with Hellenes Gracca and Thisspias. In 774 BBY, Alkeri surrendered his throne to King Algyd of neighboring Hellenes Gracca, and Alkeri took Algyd's place as Senator of Thisspias Sector. From that point on Beroutz and Hellenes Gracca had a single, united government. The monarchy of Algyd's family became a constitutional monarchy under the influence of the democratic theories developed on Beroutz.

The planet had numerous climate zones, including many forests and vast rocky wildernesses. It had only a few small cities of Mousa farmers and scattered villages of Deriada hunters, until the founding of Apoltemis.


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