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Belia Darzu
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1,230 BBY, Tython

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Old Republic era


Belia Darzu was a female Shi'ido who became the Dark Lord of the Sith during the later stages of the New Sith Wars. After discovering her Force-sensitivity, she left her homeworld of Lao-mon and eventually joined a Sith faction called the Tal'sinya. During this time, Belia became a Sith Warrior and earned renown for her abilities as a field commander, eventually being granted the title of Sith Lord. In 1,250 BBY, Belia overthrew Jin Vo'tai and replaced him as the leader of the Tal'sinya, reforming the faction into the Sictis Dominion.

Declaring herself the Dark Lord of the Sith, Belia sought to destabilize the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order, instigating the Sictis Wars. The key to Belia's plan was a virus that transformed organic beings into Sithspawn called metanecrons. By spreading this virus on Republic-held worlds, hordes of these creatures wreaked havoc under Belia's control, allowing her Sith forces to invade with ease. Despite the progress she made, Belia's campaign ended after she was assassinated at the behest of her own followers in 1,230 BBY.


Early lifeEdit

Belia Darzu was a female Shi'ido who, like all members of her species, possessed the ability to shape-shift. She was raised in the thick rainforests of Lao-mon, a planet in the Unknown Regions, where she lived by hunting for her own food. As Belia grew older, she became more exhilarated by the perils she met within the forests. It was due to this that she came to be regarded as a highly aggressive being by her fellow Shi'ido, who tended to have a more passive attitude in comparison. Eventually, Belia discovered that she was Force-sensitive; the exhilaration she experienced was in fact the call of the dark side, fuelling her desire to hunt and kill.

In time, Belia aspired to explore other parts of the galaxy, hoping to discover more about her Force potential. Rather than staying isolated on Lao-mon, Belia ventured away from her homeworld and traveled into the Wild Space region of the galaxy. While roaming from planet to planet, Belia used her shape-shifting ability as a means of blending in, disguising herself as a member of the native species. Despite her attempt to integrate peacefully, Belia eventually succumbed to her natural hunter's instinct. Yearning to continue her life of chasing down and killing prey, Belia sought out any activities that allowed her to engage in combat, selling her abilities to whoever would pay for them.

Throughout her years of wandering, Belia continued searching for information about her Force-sensitivity. As she learned more, Belia became fascinated by the power she felt it could grant her. Despite this, the Shi'ido had a limited understanding of the Force, and as such, she had no means of actually harnessing its power. Determined to tap into her potential, Belia pursued any sources that might offer her training. This led her into the Outer Rim Territories where she discovered a Sith faction called the Tal'sinya. While their turbulent reputation made her hesitant to join, Belia decided it would be worth the risk, hoping to use the Sith to fully realize her potential with the Force.

Rise to powerEdit

In 1,265 BBY, Belia enrolled at a one of the Tal'sinya's academies where she became an adherent of the Sith Order, learning to harness the power of the dark side. Like most students of the academy, Belia was trained to become a lethal force in battle, effectively being molded into a Sith Warrior. Despite the late discovery of her Force-sensitivity, Belia's years of fighting experience allowed her to live up to the expectations of her instructors. While being introduced to the Sith doctrines, Belia also gained an interest in Sith alchemy, becoming fascinated by its potential to alter both the living and inanimate. Despite her interest, the academy forbade Belia from delving into this ancient art.

After graduating, Belia took part in the Tal'sinya's campaign to assimilate other Sith factions throughout the Outer Rim. In addition, Belia fought in numerous engagements against the Galactic Republic, eventually earning a leadership role. As a field commander, Belia's tactics involved cutting off enemy supplies, assassinating high-ranking personnel, and even capturing civilians and using them as hostages. These tactics were intended by Belia to demoralize the Republic forces, keeping them stuck in drawn-out bouts of attrition. These tactics, while slow, often allowed Belia to engage enemy forces that outnumbered her own. It was because of this that Belia was viewed as a cunning and patient strategist by her superiors, and by 1,255 BBY, the Shi'ido had earned the title of Sith Lord, further increasing her prominence within the Tal'sinya.

As a Sith Lord, Belia was given access to new resources, allowing her to continue her Sith alchemy research. During her studies, she discovered a way of controlling organic beings by transmuting their tissue into metallic machinery. Seeing this as a remarkable breakthrough, Belia eventually devised a means of spreading its effects in the form of a nanogene virus, transforming organic beings into Sithspawn called metanecrons. Having realized the potential of such a virus, Belia continuously modified it, hoping to improve the potency of its effects. At the same time, Belia kept the existence of this virus a secret, hoping to use it as a contingency plan in case her power was ever threatened.

Despite Belia's growing power and influence, or perhaps because of it, she earned the enmity of Jin Vo'tai, a male Twi'lek and the leader of the Tal'sinya. This hostility escalated when Belia entered a disagreement with Jin over the strategy of the Tal'sinya. While Belia believed it was time to focus on engaging the Republic's powerbase, Jin wished to continue expanding throughout the Outer Rim. Hoping to take advantage of the growing tension, Belia planned on eliminating Jin and ascending as the new leader of the Sith. To achieve her goal, Belia conspired with several other Sith Lords who supported her views, successfully persuading them to collaborate with her. As such, a secret alliance called the Sictis Coalition was established between Belia and her new allies, who began forming their plan to overthrow Jin Vo'tai.

In order to kill Jin without resorting to civil war, Belia sought to lure him into a secluded area. At the same time, she coordinated a plan to have Jin's most fervent supporters executed. To fulfill her plan, Belia covertly assassinated Jin's daughter, Lyna Vo'tai, and afterwards, she used her shape-shifting ability to assume Lyna's appearance. By doing this, Belia deceived Jin by exploiting the trust he held in his daughter, allowing her to easily kill him. Immediately afterwards, Belia disguised herself as Jin in order to lure his most loyal followers into a trap. Having done so, Belia commanded her allies to undertake their part of the plan, resulting in the deaths of Jin's unsuspecting followers.

The Sictis WarsEdit

Following the death of Jin and his cohorts, Belia was accepted by the remaining Sith Lords as their new leader. As such, in 1,250 BBY, Belia declared herself the Dark Lord of the Sith, and to signify the Tal'sinya's change in leadership, it was rechristened the Sictis Dominion. In addition, Belia made the Sictis Coalition the primary ruling body of the Dominion; while Belia dictated the Dominion's actions, the Coalition undertook its day-to-day operations. From this point, Belia set into motion her plan to debilitate the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order, beginning a conflict called the Sictis Wars. The key to this campaign, Belia envisioned, was the metanecron virus that she had developed years ago. Having finally perfected the virus, Belia instructed her own agents to infiltrate Republic-held worlds, spreading it among highly populated regions.

As Belia intended, the virus altered a living being's genetic structure, transforming them into Sithspawn creatures. Once the effects of the virus reached a certain stage, the victim's brain was lobotomized, making them susceptible to Belia's commands. With the virus spread on a large scale, the result was a horde of metanecrons which Belia herself commanded through the Force. Under Belia's control, these hordes would swarm across the planets, continuously affecting even more citizens. Once Belia's virus had caused enough chaos, the military forces of the Sictis Dominion invaded; easily overwhelming whatever remained of the Republic's forces.

To continue her Sith alchemy experiments, Belia established a stronghold to serve as a personal sanctuary. After discovering lost hyperlane charts for the Deep Core world of Tython, Belia oversaw the construction of her fortress on the planet's surface. Tython's Force nexus amplified Belia's perceptions, allowing the Dark Lord to issue commands to her metanecrons in different regions of the galaxy. As Belia spent more time secluded in her fortress, members of the Sictis Coalition grew exasperated by her reclusiveness, leading them to believe that she was hiding something from them. Unknown to Belia, the Coalition began to investigate her doings in secret.

In the years that followed, Belia's strategy allowed the Sictis Dominion to push through the Inner Rim and Colonies regions, and by 1,233 BBY, it came close to entering the Core Worlds. Before progressing further, Belia sought to conquer the shipyards of Fondor, ideally disrupting the Republic's supply of starships. To accomplish this, Belia orchestrated a terror attack against the planet of Procopia, hoping to intimidate the Tapani Federation into surrendering the Fondor shipyards to the Dominion. Though the attack was successful, Belia's incursion into the Tapani sector had unforeseen consequences, earning the ire of the Mecrosa Order.


Even with the success of Belia's campaign, the Sictis Coalition grew impatient with her plan, especially as the Dominion drew ever closer to the Core Worlds. While Belia sought to slowly bleed the Republic dry, the Coalition hoped for a quicker, more direct approach. With no desire to see her campaign disrupted, Belia punished any who questioned her orders by infecting them with the metanecron virus. While Belia sought to command her followers through fear, these punishments, as well as the Shi'ido's refusal to alter her tactics, further exacerbated the animosity held towards her. As a result, having grown weary of Belia's leadership, the Sictis Coalition planned to assassinate the Dark Lord.

In secret, Belia's dissenting followers collaborated with the Mecrosa Order, who sought to kill the Shi'ido for her unwanted invasion of their territory. In 1,230 BBY, the Mecrosa Order dispatched a team of their own assassins to infiltrate Belia's fortress on Tython. Unaware of these assassins, who had cloaked their presence through the Force, Belia was caught completely off guard as they flooded her stronghold with synox, a deadly toxin. Before the synox could kill Belia, however, her enhanced perceptions allowed her to sense the poison seeping into her body. In response, she immediately used the Force to temporarily subdue its lethality, ideally buying her enough time to purge it.

Before she could heal herself, Belia was ambushed by the Mecrosa assassins, and after realizing their intentions, she attempted to use her metanecrons as a distraction. This failed, however, and in a last-ditch effort, she went purely on the offensive, attempting to slay as many of her would-be killers as quickly as possible. This attempt backfired on Belia, causing the effects of the synox to grow more potent. As a result, the poison rapidly took its toll on Belia's strength, causing her to be overpowered by the assassins, who had been trained to resist its effects. With Belia's strength failing her completely, the Dark Lord died as the synox overwhelmed her body.


Belia Darzu's death immediately disrupted her telepathic connection with her metanecrons. As a result, the Sithspawn were sent into a blind frenzy, forcing the Sictis Dominion to destroy them and discontinue their use, effectively bringing an end to the Sictis Wars.

Dark Lord of the Sith
Eventually Darth Rivan 1,250 BBY1,230 BBY Eventually Kaan

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