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Belia Darzu
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Belia Darzu was a Shi'ido who lived during the last quarter of the New Sith Wars. After leaving her homeworld of Lao-mon at a young age, Belia was enslaved in the Outer Rim Territories. She later escaped captivity and fled to the planet of Darkknell where she lived in seclusion. During this time, Belia worked as a freelance contract killer, using this role to improve her natural shape-shifting ability. Realizing that she was Force-sensitive, Belia enrolled at a Sith academy on Ryloth. Though she underperformed in her training and faced scorn from her fellow students, Belia eventually became the apprentice of a Sith Lord named Valara Erith.


Early lifeEdit

Belia Darzu was a female Shi'ido who, like all members of her species, possessed the ability to shape-shift. She was raised in the thick rainforests of Lao-mon, a planet in the Unknown Regions. There, Belia lived by hunting for her own food while also contending with the native predators. As she grew older, Belia became more exhilarated by the perils she faced within the jungle. She came to be regarded as a highly aggressive being by her fellow Shi'ido, who tended to have a more passive attitude in comparison. Unknown to Belia, she was Force-sensitive, and the exhilaration she experienced was actually the call of the dark side, fuelling her desire to hunt and kill. In time, Belia developed an aspiration to explore other parts of the galaxy, hoping to train and test her abilities.

Rather than staying isolated on Lao-mon like most of her fellow Shi'ido, Belia ventured away from her homeworld, making her way to the Outer Rim world of Merisee. There, Belia disguised herself as a member of the native Teltior species in order to blend in. She later attempted to infiltrate an assassin cult known as the Loag, hoping to use their expertise to sharpen her combat skills. This attempt failed, however, and as a consequence, Belia was apprehended by the cult and exposed as a changeling. After being captured, Belia spent nearly a year undertaking menial labor as a slave, also being fitted with a shock collar to stop her from resisting.

An escape opportunity for Belia arose when a group of Jedi Knights arrived on Merisee. These Jedi were intent on ousting the Loag from the planet, ending their growing oppression over the native populace. Refusing to yield to demands of the Jedi, the Loag reacted with violence. In the ensuing skirmish, many Loag were killed by the Jedi Knights, forcing the cult to scatter itself. With her captors diverted, Belia took the chance to remove her shock collar. She then used her shape-shifting talent to disguise herself, allowing her to find safe passage off Merisee.

Assassin careerEdit

Following the end of her imprisonment on Merisee, Belia made her way to the planet Darkknell. Having grown distrustful after her failed attempt to infiltrate the Loag, Belia secluded herself in the lower reaches of the planet's capital city, Xakrea, hoping to maintain a low profile. Initially, Belia lived by scavenging and stealing whatever food and supplies she could find. At the same time, she avoided direct contact with society, believing she would draw unwanted attention to herself. Eventually, however, Belia succumbed to her natural hunter’s instincts and yearned to continue her life of chasing down and killing prey. As such, feeling that her life would otherwise have no purpose, she became an assassin.

Belia found most of her assassin work within Darkknel's criminal underground, doing jobs for local crime lords. Wishing to avoid a repeat of her blunder on Merisee, Belia spent time refining her changeling talent to make her disguises more convincing. When undertaking her contracts, Belia studied each of her marks intently to learn about their mannerisms. After killing her targets, Belia would use her shape-shifting ability to assume the victim's identity. She then maintained this ruse for as long as she could before abandoning it, collecting her payment and moving on to another job. In time, Belia's shape-shifting became more potent, and she earned a considerable profit by employing this skill during jobs.

At some point in her assassin career, Belia discovered her Force-sensitivity, and after conducting some research, became fascinated by the power she felt it could grant her. Despite this, the Shi'ido had a limited understanding of the Force, and as such, she had no means of actually harnessing its power. Determined to learn more, Belia began to seek out any sources that might offer her training. Belia's search led her to the New Sith Empire, though she was reluctant to take sides with them in their conflict with the Galactic Republic and its Jedi protectors. Nevertheless, Belia ultimately chose to join the Sith, hoping to use them to fully realize her potential with the Force.

Sith trainingEdit

Belia enrolled at one of the Sith Empire's academies on planet of Ryloth. In order to conceal her species, she assumed the false identity of a male Twi’lek under the name of Gar Rek. During her time at the academy, Belia was trained in the doctrines of the Sith Order, learning to harness the power of the dark side. Due to the late discovery of her Force-sensitivity, Belia lagged behind her fellow Acolytes, a lot of who had trained since childhood. Even after months of rigorous physical and mental exercises, Belia was still considered below the academy’s standard. Belia’s underperformance made it more difficult for the Shi’ido to blend in like she had done in the past. The competitive attitude among Belia’s fellow students led them to perceive her as fainthearted and cowardly. In particular, Belia was held in low regard by Kraton Pareja, the lieutenant of the academy’s Headmaster, Avan Signa.

As time went by, Belia grew increasingly frustrated by her own underperformance, as well as the constant scorning from Kraton Pareja. On one occasion, Belia was defeated in a lightsaber practice duel by one of her main rivals, Evasa Ra. At the end of the fight, Kraton began to taunt Belia once again, causing her to swell up with anger. In a fit of rage, Belia unsheathed a hidden vibrodagger and lunged at Kraton. Though Belia failed to kill Kraton, she still managed to leave a large gash across his face, blinding him in his right eye. After her assault, Belia was momentarily stunned as her anger subsided, allowing her to be disarmed and apprehended at the behest of Avan Signa.

In response to her act of defiance, Avan exiled Belia into the Bright Lands of Ryloth where she would presumably die. After wandering through the dry, rocky desert for some time, the extreme heat took its toll on Belia, leading her to contemplate suicide. Despite this, Belia began to feel as though she was experiencing hallucinations, specifically in the form of visions and voices. When these became more prevalent, however, Belia began to see them as the call of dark side instead of mere hallucinations. As such, she focused on the visions, trusting that they would guide her through the wastelands towards civilization. The visions allowed Belia to safely navigate the Bright Lands while also avoiding the deadly heat storms. Unknown to Belia at the time, these visions were being generated by Valara Erith, a Sith Lord who had been observing Belia’s progress at the academy.

As Belia became more physically weakened in her travels, she began to rely on the power of the dark side simply to stay alive. After finally managing to reach a city known as Kala'din, Belia was able to recover herself both physically and mentally. To her dismay, however, Belia discovered that her earlier dependence on the dark side had unforeseen consequences; her ability to shape-shift had been weakened, since the process now caused her a significant amount of pain. Deeply angered, Belia planned on returning to the Sith academy to kill Kraton Pareja and Avan Signa, feeling that they were responsible for her fate.

After making her way into the academy with stealth, Belia discovered that Avan Signa had already been killed and overthrown by Kraton Pareja. As such, Belia devised a plan to lure Kraton alone into one of the combat training rooms, allowing her to kill him quickly and silently. To do this, Belia killed and then assumed the appearance of Evasa Ra after learning that she and Kraton had become lovers. By masquerading as Kraton’s lover, Belia successfully lured him into the training room where she ultimately managed to kill him, slitting his throat with her vibrodagger. Despite this success, in the midst of Belia’s escape attempt, the doors to the room malfunctioned and locked, trapping her inside. Due to the physical pain caused by her shape-shifting, Belia was also forced to end her guise

Following the assassination, the doors of the training room were reopened by several other students. Despite the fact that Belia had murdered Kraton, most members of the academy viewed the Headmaster with contempt, seeing his death as inevitable. As such, Belia was simply imprisoned by the leading Sith instructors, who were more concerned with filling the power vacuum rather than dealing with her. While imprisoned, Belia was approached by an Umbaran Sith Lord who introduced herself as Valara Erith. During their conversation, Belia realised that Valara’s voice was same one that she had heard during her time in the Bright Lands, and that it was also Valara who conveyed the visions that guided the Shi’ido, allowing her to survive. Despite her initial wariness of the Sith Lord, Belia was surprised after being offered the chance to become Valara’s Sith apprentice, an offer which she accepted.

Personality and traitsEdit

Throughout her life, Belia was highly cautious in her dealings with other beings. After escaping captivity on Merisee, Belia became suspicious about the possible agendas and motives of those she encountered. As such, she avoided showing her true physical form as a Shi'ido, instead preferring to disguise herself as a member of a different species. By doing this, Belia hoped to blend in with the galaxy's inhabitants rather than stand out. In Belia’s eyes, this gave her a certain amount of control over those she encountered. It was due to this mind-set that Belia enjoyed manipulating and meddling in the affairs of others.

Belia developed a ruthless streak after her time with the Loag assassins. As a contract killer, Belia willingly murdered other beings in cold blood, both as a means of earning money and learning how to mimic their species. A bloodthirsty individual, Belia was passionate about her role as an assassin. This passion stemmed from her early life as a hunter, during which she greatly enjoyed the thrill she experienced when chasing down and slaying the native fauna. She became eager at the prospect of hunting down her next targets, and grew agitated when not undertaking contracts.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


As a Shi'ido, Belia Darzu could alter her physical form at will, allowing her to impersonate other beings. As an infiltrator, Belia frequently used this ability as a tool of deception, allowing her to get close to her targets while hiding in plain sight.

Following her physically gruelling experience in the Ryloth Bright Lands, Belia’s shape-shifting began to cause her much physical pain. In order to marginalize this pain, Belia relied on the power of the dark side, channelling the pain into raw hate and anger. This allowed Belia to sustain her shape-shifting ability for extended periods despite the pain. Such heavy reliance on the dark side proved useful in the short-term, though it would have long-term consequences for Belia, causing her body to gradually become weaker.

Other abilitiesEdit

As a hunter, Belia often employed surprise, secrecy and deception as a means of eliminating her targets. As a result, she became highly practised in subterfuge and espionage. In her early life on Lao-mon, Belia spent much time hunting down some of the native creatures, silently stalking and then slaying them with a surprise attack. Later on during her assassin career, Belia observed each of her targets in secret while also studying their movements.

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