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Belia Darzu was a female Shi'ido changeling who became a Dark Lord of the Sith during the last quarter of the New Sith Wars. Born on the planet Lao-mon, Darzu lived as a hunter before leaving her homeworld and wandering the fringes of the galaxy. Hoping to unravel her potential with the Force, she travelled into the province of the Sith Dominion and became a servant of the Jen'taral—a cult of Sith devotees—after being trained to harness the power of the dark side.

Following the completion of her Sith training, Darzu partook in the Dominion's campaign to destroy the Galactic Republic and its Jedi guardians. Specializing in the combat role of the Ravager, she earned a reputation as a bloodthirsty warrior of the Sith. After witnessing the power of the Rite of Binding, a dark side ritual capable of enthralling its victims, Darzu followed an alternative path—the way of the Channeler—in an effort to expand her understanding of the Force.

During her pursuit for knowledge, Darzu became a practitioner of Sith alchemy, learning techniques that allowed her to augment and control both the living and the inanimate. As a Sith Lord, Darzu's alchemical creations earned her widespread acclaim throughout the Jen'taral. A rivalry ensued amongst those who sought to exploit Darzu's work or eliminate her as a threat, prompting the Shi'ido to fake her own death and avoid the scrutiny of her power-hungry peers.

In her self-imposed exile, Darzu mounted a bid to become the new supreme leader of the Sith. To enact her plan, she infiltrated the "Ensanguined", a group who wished to overthrow the reigning Dark Lord, Darth Crucia. While participating in an attempt to kill the Dark Lord, Darzu betrayed her accomplices and sabotaged the mission, leaving Crucia on the brink of death. With Crucia at her mercy, the Shi'ido employed a technique that allowed her to exert control over his mind.

Using her influence over Crucia, Darzu inspired reverential fear in her favor amongst the Sith, stripping the Dark Lord of his mantle and assuming it for herself. In addition, she took control of Crucia's empire, rechristening it the Sictis Imperium and declaring herself the Empress. Having successfully orchestrated her own rise to power, Darzu initiated a new campaign—the Sictis Wars—against the enemies of the Sith, intent on succeeding where she believed the former Dark Lord had failed.


Early lifeEdit


Darzu often masqueraded as a Human while travelling the fringes of the galaxy.

Belia Darzu was a Force-sensitive female Shi'ido who—like all members of her species—possessed the ability to shape-shift. Born on the planet Lao-mon, Darzu lived as a hunter within the rainforests of her homeworld, separated from the communities of her species.

While she initially remained oblivious to the nature of her connection to the Force, Darzu was indirectly influenced by its power throughout her early life. In particular, she often experienced a sense of exhilaration from the perils she met within the forests, as well as the satisfaction from slaying her prey. Unknown to Darzu, these sensations were actually manifestations of the dark side, fueling her desire to hunt and kill.

As she grew older, Darzu aspired to explore other parts of the galaxy in a search for greater challenges. After venturing away from her homeworld, she encountered the Blazing Chain, a wandering group of Force-wielding raiders operating in the Unknown Regions. The group accepted Darzu into their ranks after discovering that she was strong with the Force.

Following her recruitment into the Blazing Chain, Darzu eagerly embraced the ethos of the nomadic group, enjoying the thrill of plundering and terrorizing settlements on the fringes of the galaxy. During this time, the Shi'ido was also trained to harness her potential with the Force, learning new abilities that aided her role even further.

Although Darzu had lived primitively compared to many of her fellow raiders, she possessed a natural affinity for technology, having little trouble adapting to new equipment and machinery. Unknown to Darzu, this was yet another manifestation of her Force-sensitivity, specifically in the form of a technique called mechu-deru. Despite being unaware of the true nature behind this talent, Darzu unknowingly used it while stripping down different types of gear, upgrading them to accommodate her needs and preferences.

Path of the SithEdit

During her time with the Blazing Chain, Darzu uncovered more about group's history, particularly their former association with the Sith, an ancient cult of dark side practitioners. While learning as much as she could about the Sith, the Shi'ido grew fascinated by their fearsome reputation. Inspired by what she had learned, Darzu chose to leave the Blazing Chain in a search for any vestiges of the Sith, hoping to follow a path beyond simple banditry and thievery.

After travelling into the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, Belia discovered the province of the Sith Dominion, an interplanetary empire backed by a group of devotees known as the Jen'taral. Having decided her destiny to pursue the way of the Sith, Darzu infiltrated one of the secret academies of the Jen'taral. As an Acolyte of the academy, Darzu was trained to harness the power of the dark side and taught to follow the ancient tenants of the Sith.

Throughout the later stages of her Sith training, Darzu—like many of her fellow Acolytes—came to specialize as a Ravager, a combat-focused role that emphasized aggressive lightsaber techniques and the use of heavy armor. After finally completing her training and graduating as a Knight, Darzu participated in the Dominion Wars, supporting the Sith's campaign of conquest against their sworn enemies, the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order.

As a member of the Jen'taral, Belia was called forth to fight for the Dominion on the front lines of the conflict, acting mainly as a shock-trooper and an enforcer. The missions that she participated in often sent her directly into the thick of combat. Despite the dangers of her role, Darzu managed to survive the carnage she partook in, earning distinction for her battle feats. As she continued fighting for the Dominion, Darzu gained enough recognition to become a Sith Lord, a title reserved only for the Jen'taral's most highly regarded servants.

Dark researchEdit

During her time with the Jen'taral, Darzu came to witness the power of the Rite of Binding, a dark side ritual capable of enthralling non-Force-sensitive victims. Despite not knowing the full details of this ritual, the potency of its effects left a profound impact on Darzu, prompting the Shi'ido to consider if she could ever wield such power herself. Unlike most Ravagers of the Jen'taral, she became instilled with a desire to explore the deeper aspects of the Force.

To help fulfill her new desire, Darzu pursued an alternative path that focused on the cerebral aspects of the dark side—the way of the Channeler. In her pursuit for knowledge, she studied the histories of numerous ancient Sith legends. Among these figures, she grew fascinated by the feats of Vaedra, a sorceress who subjugated the inhabitants of an entire planet for over a century. Additionally, Darzu came to marvel at the work of King Dathka Graush, who summoned the very corpses of his fallen foes to fight on his behalf.

Inspired by the works and reputations of these Sith figures, Darzu hoped to not only attain the level of power they wielded, but to surpass it. As a Sith Lord, Belia had gained access to a greater range of privileges and resources within the Jen'taral. Eager to continue expanding her understanding of the dark side, Darzu used her position to conduct more expansive research. In particular, she planned to investigate ways of dominating other sentient beings through the power of the dark side.

To supply live test subjects for her experiments, Darzu seized a number of slaves who had once been held by the Dominion. While many of her subjects died from these experiments, Darzu gained new insight into Sith alchemy, leading to the discovery of a technique known as mechu-deru vitae. This technique allowed her to augment and exert control over living beings through dark side-imbued cybernetics.

Using her newfound dark side knowledge, the Shi'ido initiated a project to create the Scathers, a unit of Sithspawn cyborgs that were brainwashed into serving the Dominion as warriors and assassins. For a source of capable subjects, she chose to use captured Jedi who refused to willingly join the Sith, as well as failed Acolytes from the Jen'taral's academies. From these victims, Darzu created a legion of Scathers, indoctrinating them to fight on her behalf.



Darzu constructed a secret laboratory on the planet Tython to house her alchemical experiments.

With the Scathers under her command, Belia continued engaging Republic forces, garnering a reputation as one of the Jen'taral's premier dark side practitioners. This attracted the attention of her fellow Sith Lords; some wished to use the Shi'ido's knowledge and creations for their own purposes, while others conspired to eliminate her as a threat. In particular, members of the "Ensanguined"—a clandestine Sith faction who sought to usurp control of the Dominion—saw Darzu as a potential obstruction of their plans.

After discovering the existence of the Ensaguined, as well as their intention to eliminate her, Darzu eventually chose to fake her own death and evade their notice completely. Following her disappearance from the Jen'taral, she made plans to travel outside of the Dominion's territory in a search for a new haven to conduct her research. In particular, she hoped to discover locations that were both secluded and strong with the Force, allowing the Shi'ido to continue her work away from the scrutiny of her power-hungry peers.

During her expedition, Belia discovered hyperlane coordinates leading into the Deep Core, a former powerhouse of the Republic. While the Republic had long-since abandoned much of the Deep Core, Darzu learned of the existence of Tython, a planet that—having once served as a Jedi headquarters—harbored an immense amount of strength with the Force. Attracted by this secluded planet, she hoped to utilize it as a hidden sanctuary to house her experiments. After travelling to Tython, Darzu oversaw the construction of a secret laboratory using her indoctrinated slaves, renovating an abandoned temple of the Jedi Order.

Within her new laboratory, Darzu searched for means of employing her powers on a much larger and faster scale, hoping to somehow emulate the necromantic abilities of King Graush. Through a combination of Sith alchemy and nanogene technology, Darzu created a virus capable of transmuting living tissue into mechanical prostheses. This virus transformed its victims into Sithspawn mutants called metacrons, ultimately lobotomizing their brains and making them completely susceptible to Darzu's control. Upon realizing the potential of her new dark side breakthroughs, Darzu intended to use them in a bid to destroy her biggest rivals, allowing her to ascend as the new supreme leader of the Sith.


CollectorME2 2

Darth Crucia served as the catalyst for Darzu's rise to power.

After returning to the Jen'taral from her self-imposed exile, Darzu learned that the Sith Dominion's campaign of conquest had entered a period of decline. In response to the string of heavy Sith losses, the secretive "Ensanguined" initiated their plan to overthrow Darth Crucia, the Dark Lord of the Sith and ruler of the Dominion. Using her shape-shifting ability, Darzu infiltrated the Ensanguined, intent on manipulating them without exposing her true identity.

While spying on Crucia's activities, the Ensanguined learned that he had been left weakened by his own immersion in the dark side. Realizing that Dark Lord was no longer fit to lead the Sith, Darzu and her fellow schemers instigated a plan to assassinate him. Despite cooperating with the traitorous Sith, Darzu was merely using the situation to enact her own scheme. Rather than simply killing Crucia, her goal was to capture the Dark Lord alive, allowing the Shi'ido to control him using her alchemical techniques. With Crucia under her control, Darzu believed she could use the Dark Lord as leverage to support her upcoming bid to power.

To help facilitate her ultimate objective, Darzu secretly infected members of the Ensanguined with a controlled sample of the metacron virus. In anticipation of an impending confrontation with the Dark Lord, she kept the effects of the virus dormant through her own dark side sorcery. By doing so, the Shi'ido intended to use the virus as a trump card, allowing her to immobilize the conspirators and prevent from killing Crucia at the opportune moment, simultaneously eliminating the Ensanguined.

Following the sudden death of Crucia's second-in-command, Darzu and the conspirators enacted their plot to end the Dark Lord's life once and for all. After tracking Crucia's movements to the remote world of Tund, the collaborators bombarded his position using a hijacked Abyssal destroyer, the Hecatomb. The bombardment was intended to not only weaken the Dark Lord, but to also wipe out his team of Chosen Legion guards, allowing the conspirators to swiftly overwhelm Crucia with superior numbers while he was vulnerable.

As planned, the surprise attack—combined with the preceding orbital barrage—left Crucia on the brink of death, which Darzu saw as the perfect opportunity to initiate her own plan. With her fellow Sith focusing their attention on Crucia, Darzu activated the dormant sample of her metacron virus, rapidly transforming the conspirators into Sithspawn mutants. The Sith were left completely susceptible to Darzu's control, allowing her to drive them into a rabid frenzy against one another, resulting in their deaths.

In the aftermath of the massacre, Darzu discovered that Crucia—while alive—had been grievously wounded. With the Dark Lord effectively at her mercy, Darzu took him away on a nearby shuttle. Through the ship's medical facilities and her own alchemical skill, Belia stabilized Crucia's condition and kept him incapacitated while traveling to her laboratory on Tython. Once there, Darzu implanted the Dark Lord with a number of cybernetics, successfully restoring him to full strength. By employing her own dark side magic, Darzu was able to use these implants to gradually exert her influence over Crucia's mind.

Personality and traitsEdit


As a Shi'ido, Darzu was capable of altering her physical form.

After venturing away from her homeworld, Belia avoided showing her true physical form while in the presence of others. Instead, she preferred to disguise herself as a member of a different species, usually a Human due to their abundance throughout the galaxy. By blending in with the galaxy's inhabitants rather than standing out, Darzu believed that she could control any individual she encountered. It was because of this mentality that she enjoyed deceiving, manipulating and meddling in the affairs of others.

Having spent much of her early life as a hunter, Darzu became instilled with a bloodthirsty, predatory instinct. As such, she willingly embraced the role of a nomadic raider, enjoying the thrill of pursuing and slaying her prey, and taking pride in her ability to do so. After being molded into a servant of the Jen'taral, Darzu developed a streak of sadism while fulfilling the role of a Ravager. As a warrior of the Sith, she reveled in carnage and derived pleasure from the suffering of others, feeding off their pain and misery.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a Shi'ido, Belia was capable of altering her physical form at will, allowing her to impersonate other living beings. While she typically assumed the appearance of a humanoid, she was also capable of morphing her body into non-humanoid shapes.

During her time with the Jen'taral, Darzu initially specialized in the combat-focused role of the Ravager. Wielding a single-bladed lightsaber, she developed a fighting style with a heavy emphasis on brute force and raw aggression. To help amplify her combat prowess, she relied on the power of the dark side by embracing her innermost hatred and anger.

Throughout her life, Darzu possessed a natural aptitude as an applicator of mechu-deru. This granted her an intuitive awareness of how mechanical structures—no matter how simple or complex—fit together and operated. Through this talent, Darzu often dissembled and upgraded different types of technology to perform beyond their original functions.

After becoming a Sith Lord, Darzu used her own initiative to experiment with the dark side of the Force. In the process, she devised a ritual known as mechu-deru vitae. This technique allowed her to augment and control living beings through alchemically enhanced cybernetics.

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