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Belia Darzu was a Shi'ido female who attempted to orchestrate the ruination of the Sith during the New Sith Wars. Born on the planet Lao-mon, Darzu lived as a hunter within the rainforests of her homeworld before leaving and wandering the fringes of the galaxy. While traveling through the Outer Rim Territories, she was captured by the forces of the Sith Dominion. Upon learning that she was Force-sensitive, the Sith Lords of the Dominion subjected Darzu to a ritual called the Rite of Binding, forcing her to serve them.

After being trained to harness the power of the dark side, Belia became the apprentice of a Sith Lord known as Wyvorn. While doing the bidding of her new master, the Rite of Binding caused Darzu to undergo periods of intense physical anguish. As a result, she harbored a murderous hatred towards Wyvorn, which eventually extended towards the Sith in general. After killing Wyvorn and freeing herself from the Rite of Binding, Darzu pursued a personal vendetta against the Sith with hopes of destroying them from the inside.

To fulfill her new ambitions, Darzu used the Dominion's resources to accumulate knowledge of dark side alchemy, allowing her to turn the Sith's own methods against them. With the techniques and creations gained from her research, she developed a network of spies throughout the Dominion, using them to provide her with information about the Sith leaders. After the sudden disappearance of the Dominion's supreme ruler, Darth Crucia, Darzu planned to overthrow his successor—Noctus—in a plot to fully destabilize the Sith.

While planning her sabotage, Darzu exploited Crucia's desperation to restore his rapidly decaying body by offering him a cure. In the process, the Shi'ido employed a Force technique that allowed her to exert control over Crucia's mind. She then used Crucia to conduct a violent coup against Noctus, resulting in the fragmentation of the Sith Dominion. To facilitate the complete destruction of the Dominion's remnants, Darzu used her influence over Crucia to indirectly bring his remaining forces under her control.

In a calculated effort to realize her objectives, Darzu served as Crucia's Shadow Hand in a new faction called the Sictis Imperium. By placing herself in a more subservient position, the Shi'ido sought to divert attention away from her activities. Hiding her true intentions, she worked under the false pretense of maintaining Crucia's dominance over the Sith. At the same time, Darzu operated behind the scenes, allowing her to manipulate Crucia into bringing about the destruction of the Sith in a conflict called the Sictis Wars.


Early lifeEdit


Darzu traveled the galaxy's fringes to uncover her Force potential.

Belia Darzu was a female Shi'ido who, like all members of her species, possessed the ability to shape-shift. She was raised in the thick rainforests of Lao-mon—a planet in the galaxy's Unknown Regions—where she lived by hunting for her own food. As Darzu grew older, she became more exhilarated by the perils she met within the forests. It was due to this that she came to be regarded as an aggressive savage by her fellow Shi'ido, who tended to live less primitively in comparison. At some point in her early life, Darzu discovered that she was Force-sensitive; the exhilaration she experienced was actually the call of the dark side, fueling her desire to hunt and kill.

Hoping to uncover her Force potential, Darzu ventured away from her homeworld and traveled into the Wild Space region of the galaxy. During her travels, the Shi'ido grew fascinated by the power she believed the Force could grant her. As such, Darzu pursued any sources that could offer her training, leading her into the Outer Rim Territories where she discovered an interstellar empire called the Sith Dominion. The turbulent reputation of the Dominion's rulers—dark side practitioners called Sith Lords—made Darzu hesitant about joining them. Regardless of her misgivings, the Shi'ido ultimately found herself captured by Sith forces while she attempted to scout their territory.



Darzu became an unwilling servant of the Sith Dominion.

Following her capture, Belia was incarcerated among several other prisoners whom the Sith intended to force into slavery. The Sith, however, remained unaware of the fact that Darzu was a shape-shifter, which she attempted to use to her advantage. Nonetheless, her connection to the Force was ultimately uncovered, which led to her being singled out among the prisoners. Afterwards, Darzu was taken away to be trained into a servant of the Dominion's Sith Lords. To ensure her obedience, the Sith subjected her to a ritual known as the Rite of Binding. Through the power of the Force, this ritual effectively bonded Darzu to her new Sith Masters within the Dominion.

The Rite of Binding was intended to prevent any form of insubordination, forcing Darzu to remain within a certain proximity of her masters, and also preventing her from attacking them. This ritual, however, did not work to its full potential, as she still maintained her own will. Nonetheless, to Darzu's great displeasure, acting outside of the Rite's effects caused her to experience intense pain, which had to potential to kill her if pushed too far. She was later inducted into an academy where she was taught to harness the power of the dark side. Over the course of her training, Darzu underwent a series of trials that tested her both physically and mentally. Despite the demands of the training, her previous combat experience allowed her to live up the expectations of her instructors. As such, she completed her training and graduated from the academy.

With her induction complete, Darzu became the apprentice of a Sith Lord by the name of Wyvorn. During her apprenticeship, she undertook a number of missions—typically on Wyvorn's behalf—to help further the Sith Dominion's campaign of conquest. Since these tasks forced Darzu away from her master, the effects of the Rite of Binding often caused her to experience intense pain. To mitigate the pain, Darzu was taught by Wyvorn to embrace her negative emotions as a way of fueling the power of the dark side within her. This method, however, did not work perfectly; it was merely intended to maintain Darzu's ability to complete her given tasks. As such, she was still forced to endure a portion of the pain while doing her master's bidding, serving as a constant reminder of her subjection under him.

As she endured the effects of the Rite of Binding, Darzu harbored intense resentment towards Wyvorn, though she was unable to directly act against him. While Darzu's performance impressed her master, Wyvorn took credit for her achievements in order to advance himself, adding to her indignation. During her forced servitude, the Shi'ido's resentment towards Wyvorn evolved into an abiding murderous hatred. As time went by, her hatred extended towards the Sith in general, causing her to blame them not only for her intermittent periods of agony, but also because she believed that they had stripped away her free will. Feeling trapped, Darzu began to consider suicide, believing that death was preferable to perpetual servitude. In time, however, Darzu's suicidal thoughts were pushed aside by her desire to kill her master.


Hoping to circumvent the Rite of Binding, Darzu sought for an opportunity to orchestrate Wyvorn's demise. During this time, the Shi'ido took an interest in her master's research into Sith alchemy. While she was unable to learn the details of this research, Wyvorn's attention was often diverted as he conducted dark side experiments. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to enact her vengeance, Darzu devised a plan to trap Wyvorn alone inside his pen of Sithspawn creatures, specifically the vicious Tuk'ata. After covertly releasing a pack of Tuk'ata from their pen, Darzu used her changeling talent to assume the form of the creatures, allowing her to lure the unsuspecting Wyvorn towards the Sithspawn. In the ensuing trap, she watched with satisfaction as her master was eviscerated by the Tuk'ata, his body ultimately mangled beyond recognition.

Through Wyvorn's death, Darzu severed her connection to the Rite of Binding, effectively freeing herself from the control of her Sith masters. Despite her new-found freedom, Darzu discovered—to her dismay—that the Rite of Binding had resulted in an unforeseen side-effect; her ability to shape-shift now caused her intense agony, making it more difficult for her to sustain. In light of this discovery, Darzu grew distressed and infuriated, believing that she had been crippled by the machinations of the Sith. This lingering hatred towards the Sith filled Darzu with a new desire to bring about their downfall. To achieve this new goal, she sought to accumulate as much knowledge as she could about the Sith, allowing her to use their own methods against them. By doing so, Darzu hoped to find a way of sabotaging the Sith from the inside.


To help further her new ambitions, Belia studied the research notes of her former master. From here, she gained insight into old forms of Sith magic and alchemy, learning of their potential to control the living and the inanimate. In time, she put the knowledge she had gained into practice, learning to infuse objects with the power of the Force. In her pursuit for knowledge, Darzu became familiar with mechu-deru, a technique that allowed her to sense the inner-structures of machinery and circuitry. Through her experimentation, Darzu found a way of using this technique on droids, modifying them to operate more effectively than their original designs allowed. As her research progressed, Darzu began investigating ways of employing the techniques she had learned on living beings.

To supply live subjects for her new experiments, Darzu abducted a number of prisoners and slaves who had been held by the Sith Dominion. As a result of these experiments, she was able to combine her knowledge of mechu-deru with Wyvorn's own research on the Rite of Binding, devising a new technique that she called mechu-deru vitae. This technique allowed her to exert control over organic beings who possessed cybernetic implants. Seeing this as a major breakthrough in her research, Darzu sought for a means of using this technique on a larger scale. This led to the development a virus capable of transmuting living tissue into mechanical cybernetics. Realizing the potential of this virus, Darzu intended to find a way of utilizing it to further her plans of subverting the Sith Dominion.


To take her plans to a new level, Belia aimed to monitor the Sith Dominion from the inside. To do so, she developed a network of spies to provide her with information about the Sith's activities. For a source of capable and reliable agents, Darzu returned to her homeworld, Lao-mon, where she began abducting fellow members of her own species from the planet. Following their abduction, Darzu implanted the Shi'ido with cybernetics which, through mechu-deru vitae, allowed her to gradually influence their minds, coercing them into serving her cause. Per Darzu's plan, these Shi'ido then infiltrated key sectors of the Sith Dominion, using their shape-shifting abilities to blend in.

While monitoring her network of spies, Darzu learned that Darth Crucia—a Dark Lord of the Sith and the Dominion's supreme leader—had been left physically weakened by his immersion in the dark side. In response, Darzu spread rumors throughout the Dominion regarding Crucia's diminishing strength. By doing this, she hoped to fuel doubts about his ability to lead the Sith, potentially sowing seeds for an insurgency. When the Dominion's other leading members, Darths Noctus and Rivan, became aware of Darzu's rumors, the pair ultimately ousted Crucia from his position, leading to his disappearance. With the Dominion's leadership hanging in the balance, Darzu hoped to turn Noctus and Rivan against one another. The deaths of these two, she believed, would create a power vacuum, ideally leaving the Sith in a state of chaos and infighting.

To commence her plan, Darzu exploited Noctus's power-hungry nature by leaking the location of Rivan's secret stronghold, hoping it would lead to open conflict between the pair. Instead, however, Noctus fed her information to the Republic, resulting in a surprise attack in which Rivan was declared dead. Following Rivan's presumed death, Darzu learned that Noctus planned on sending his assassins to eliminate Crucia on the planet Tund. Upon learning this, she immediately made her way to Tund with hopes of verifying Crucia's death in person. To her surprise, Crucia was still powerful enough to defeat most of his would-be assassins, though it left him grievously wounded. At this point, Darzu made a last-minute decision; rather than allow Crucia to die, she stepped in and aided the Dark Lord, slaying the remaining attackers.

In the aftermath of the attack, Darzu discovered that Crucia had been brought to the brink of death, effectively leaving the Dark Lord at the Shi'ido's mercy. As such, she had Crucia taken away in order to stabilize his condition, and to decide how best to make use of him. Having realized Crucia's desperation to find a cure for his decaying body, Darzu decided to give him one. With Darzu's aid, Crucia received a number of mechanical implants, successfully restoring the Dark Lord's body to full strength. By employing mechu-deru vitae, she was able to use these implants to exert control over Crucia's mind, influencing him into joining her campaign. With Crucia now working under her influence, Darzu had gained a new, powerful asset that she sought to use in her bid to destabilize the Sith Dominion.


In order to eliminate Darth Noctus, Belia sought to lure him into a trap. To achieve this, she used her shape-shifting ability to assume the identity of Jan'di, a servant of Noctus who perished during the assassination attempt against Crucia. By doing this, the Shi'ido aimed to exploit the trust Noctus held in his underling, allowing Darzu to draw him out and leave him exposed. Hoping to attract Noctus's attention, she took advantage of his attempts to consolidate support as a means of solidifying his power base within the Dominion. Using her spy network, Darzu created fabricated evidence implicating numerous Sith officials of attempting to undermine Noctus's leadership.

Under the guise of Jan'di, Darzu arrested these individuals for treason, and immediately after, she informed Noctus of her success. As a result, she was ordered to bring them aboard his personal flagship, the Hecatomb, to be tried and executed. Unknown to Noctus, Darzu had secretly infected these prisoners with her metacron virus. Once aboard the Hecatomb, as she intended, the prisoners were gradually transformed into Sithspawn creatures. After their transformation had reached its peak, Darzu signaled Crucia, now under the Shi'ido's influence, to commence his part of the trap. In conjunction with Darzu's outbreak, Crucia intercepted the Hecatomb with his own battleships.

The onslaught from Crucia triggered a bout of chaos on the Hecatomb, which Darzu used as a chance to free the infected prisoners from their cells. The prisoners, now transformed into metacrons, sprawled throughout the ship under her control, killing numerous personnel and infecting others with the virus. With Darzu's metacrons slaughtering the Hecatomb's crew, the rest of Noctus's forces were thrown into chaos, allowing them to be overwhelmed by Crucia's assault. Before she had the chance to kill Noctus himself, however, the Dark Lord managed to escape the bloodshed. In response, Darzu seized the Hecatomb, hoping to make use of it for her own purposes.

Sictis WarsEdit

As Belia predicted, the coup at Dathomir spurred chaos throughout the Sith Dominion, causing it to fragment into two separate factions; one of them remained loyal to Crucia, while Noctus maintained control of the other. Although she failed to kill Noctus, Darzu's machinations left the Dominion in a state of infighting, which she saw as an opportunity to wipe out the remaining Sith factions. To accomplish this, she used her influence over Crucia to indirectly control the forces that remained under his command. In the process, Darzu became the Shadow Hand of Crucia within his loyal faction, the Sictis Imperium. Despite this, she acted within a backseat role, giving the impression that Crucia was truly in charge. This was merely a smokescreen, however; a calculated sign of Darzu's cooperation that was intended to draw attention away from herself.

In her new position of power within the Sictis Imperium, Darzu was able to make use of their resources to fuel her secret campaign of sabotage. To hide her true intentions, she worked under the false pretense of maintaining Crucia's dominance over the Sith, beginning a conflict that became known as the Sictis Wars.

Personality and traitsEdit


As a shape-shifter, Darzu was capable of altering her physical form.

Throughout her life, Belia Darzu was highly cautious in her dealings with other beings. From a young age, she was taught by her fellow Shi'ido to remain suspicious about the agendas and motives of those outside of Lao-mon. After leaving her homeworld, Darzu avoided showing her true physical form, instead preferring to disguise herself as a member of a different species. By doing this, she hoped to blend in with the galaxy's inhabitants rather than stand out. In Darzu's mind, this gave her a certain amount of control over any individual she encountered. It was due to this mind-set that she enjoyed deceiving, manipulating and meddling in the affairs of others.

After her subjection to the Rite of Binding, Darzu developed a streak of bloodthirstiness and sadism as she was molded to serve the Sith Dominion. In particular, she was taught by her master, Wyvorn, to embrace her negative emotions as a means of fueling her dark side power; in turn, Darzu's inability to act against Wyvorn caused her to harbor bitter resentment towards him. Over time, this evolved into murderous hatred, causing Darzu to fantasize about killing him. To satisfy her repressed wrath, she relished the suffering of others, feeding off their pain and misery. When Darzu finally succeeded in orchestrating Wyvorn's murder, she derived great pleasure from watching him perish.

In the aftermath of Wyvorn's death, Darzu came to believe that her master and, by extension, the Sith, had stripped away any aspirations or dreams she may have once had. Although she had freed herself from the Sith's control, Darzu was unable to let go of the anger and hatred that Wyvorn had fostered within her. This, as well as the agony she experienced while shape-shifting, constantly reminded Belia of her past subjection under the Sith. As a result, she grew despondent over the realization that her years of forced servitude could never be undone. Driven by her disdain towards the Sith, Darzu pursued a personal vendetta against them, hoping to bring about their downfall.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


As a Shi'ido, Belia Darzu was capable of altering her physical form at will, allowing her to impersonate other living beings. In addition, she possessed a telepathic ability that allowed her to project false impressions onto the minds of those she encountered. Through this form of telepathy, Darzu could imitate minor details that would be impossible to mimic through shape-shifting alone. During her time with the Sith, she made extensive use of this ability to trick other Force-users by projecting a false presence, causing them to believe she was someone else entirely.

Using her shape-shifting ability, Darzu was capable of storing small items inside of her body. In lightsaber combat, she made use of this technique to perform unorthodox maneuvers against her opponents. By concealing multiple lightsaber hilts inside her body, the Shi'ido would often attempt to surprise her opponents by suddenly ejecting a spare blade. While she typically assumed the appearance of a humanoid, Darzu was also capable of morphing her body into non-humanoid shapes. In particular, she could shape her limbs into irregular forms, such as claws or tendrils, which could subsequently be used in combat.


Using her knowledge of Sith alchemy and mechu-deru, Belia constructed a suit of battle armor imbued with dark side powers, granting her enhanced physical strength and also invisibility.

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