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Belia Darzu was a female Shi'ido changeling who reigned as a Dark Lord of the Sith during the last quarter of the Draggulch Period. A servant of the dark side-worshipping Sith Empire, she partook in a campaign to destroy the Galactic Republic and its Jedi guardians. After a close call with death and a brief period of unity with the Force, Darzu came to see herself as a living conduit of the dark side, intending to spread its corruptive influence across the galaxy. Through a number of alchemical experiments, she learned to create subservient amalgamations of metal and flesh called metacrons.

Confident in her alchemical knowledge and creations, Darzu mounted a bid to become the new supreme leader of the Sith. To enact her plan, she formed a secret alliance with the Mecrosa Order, an underground assassin cult based in the Tapani sector. With the aid of the Mecrosa, Darzu orchestrated a coup against the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith and ruler of the Empire—Darth Crucia. The confrontation left Crucia on the brink of death, after which Darzu employed a dark side technique that allowed her to exert control over his mind, turning the Dark Lord into an obedient thrall.

Following her successful coup against Crucia, Darzu stripped the Dark Lord of his mantle and assumed it for herself, rallying the Sith behind her and becoming the new ruler of the Empire. Intent on spreading the destructive influence of the dark side, Darzu unleashed her legions of Sithspawn creatures upon the galaxy, laying waste to numerous worlds of the Galactic Republic in a period called the Sictis Wars. During her reign of terror, Darzu became infected and mutated by her own nanogene virus, forcing the Dark Lord into reclusion as she attempted to impede its potentially lethal effects.


Serving the EmpireEdit


Like all members of her species, Darzu possessed the ability to shape-shift.

A Force-sensitive female Shi'ido, Belia Darzu lived during the last quarter of the New Sith Wars. In this time, she became a servant of the Sith Empire, an interplanetary dominion controlled by the dark side-worshipping Sith Order. To this end, Darzu herself was taught to follow the ancient tenants of the Sith and trained to harness the power of the Force. Upon completing her training and becoming a Sith Marauder, she fought on the front lines of the Empire's bloody campaign against the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order. In this time, she garnered infamy for her devotion to the Sith, as well as her brutal methods against their sworn enemies.

While fighting for the Empire, Darzu—possessing a natural affinity for technology—utilized a Force technique known as mechu-deru to create a customized suit of powered battle armor. Hoping to ascend beyond the role of a simple warrior, she took the initiative to study Sith alchemy, learning techniques that allowed her to imbue the armor with the power of the dark side. The suit consisted of black chitinous plates and completely covered its bearer, imparting upon Darzu not only a demonic facet, but also a personal stealth generator and enhanced physical strength to supplement her combat abilities.

After earning the title of Sith Lord, Darzu led the Empire's crusade on the planet Balmorra, forming a plan to ambush Republic forces by using civilians as living bait. Unknown to Darzu, however, she was merely being used by her Sith peers as part of this bait, trapping the Shi'ido—along with her fellow warriors—in the crossfire of the Empire's ensuing orbital bombardment. While Republic soldiers, Jedi, civilians and Sith were massacred by the thousands, Darzu pulled herself from the brink of death by harnessing the power of the Force. Drawing upon the very pain and despair surrounding her, she immersed herself in the dark side and achieved a brief period of oneness with the Force.

Despite her presumed death after the massacre, Darzu managed to survive, though she had also become fixated on the sensation she endured in her near-death experience. During her temporary oneness with the Force, she felt an intoxicating rush of power while feeding from the very suffering of those around her, believing that their lives had existed solely to sustain her own. Developing an obsession with this phenomenon, Darzu convinced herself that the dark side had chosen her to spread its corruptive influence. To achieve this end, she sought to conduct more expansive alchemical research, seeking to dominate sentient beings through the dark side.

Ascension to powerEdit


Darzu used a hidden laboratory to house her experiments.

To conduct her research away from the eyes of her backstabbing peers, Darzu travelled outside of the Empire's territory, searching for locations that were both secluded and strong with the Force. In this time, she learned of the existence of Tython, a Deep Core planet harboring a potent Force nexus. Attracted by this abandoned world, she hoped to utilize it as a hidden sanctuary for her experiments. To safely reach Tython, Darzu stole a number of holocrons being held by the Jedi Order, among which contained hyperlane coordinates leading to the planet's location. After finally arriving, she oversaw the construction of a secret laboratory, renovating a dilapidated Jedi temple.

Inside her new facility of research, Darzu tested her alchemical knowledge on living subjects that she had secretly abducted, eventually devising a new technique—mechu-deru vitae—that allowed her to control organic beings through dark side-imbued cybernetics. Using a combination of Sith alchemy and nanogene technology, she created the nanogene spore, a virus capable of transforming its victims into Sithspawn mutants called metacrons. With the nanogene spore at her disposal, Darzu believed that it was the key to spreading the influence of the dark side throughout the galaxy, bringing the Shi'ido closer to her ultimate vision.

For a source of living templates to create an army of obedient living weapons, Darzu intended to use the many slaves and prisoners being held by the Sith Empire. Determined to fulfil this goal, she set her sights on becoming the new Dark Lord of the Sith, intent on usurping the reigning holder of the mantle—Darth Crucia. To aid her impending coup against the Dark Lord, Darzu came into contact with the Mecrosa Order, an underground cult of assassins based in the Tapani sector. Exploiting the Mecrosa's former Sith ties, Darzu offered them several holocrons containing secret practices from their early glory days, convincing them to pledge their loyalty to her.

Commencing her plan, Darzu tracked Crucia's movements to the remote world of Tund, hoping to swiftly catch the Dark Lord off-balance inside his personal palace. Alongside a team of Mecrosa assassins, she secretly infiltrated the palace and exposed its inhabitants to the nanogene spore, rapidly transforming them into Sithspawn mutants. Under the control of Darzu, the metacrons sprawled throughout the complex while seeking out and infecting other inhabitants, spawning more of the creatures as a result. Taking advantage of the ensuing chaos, Darzu and her assassins proceeded unopposed to the throne room of Darth Crucia.

Upon entering the throne room, Darzu confronted Lord Crucia alongside an elite cadre of his Chosen Legion bodyguards. Accompanied by the Mecrosa and a swarming crowd of metacrons, Darzu gained the upper hand by transforming the bodyguards themselves into metal-organic hybrids. While Crucia attempted to resist the nanogene spore after being infected, Darzu capitalized on his overwhelmed state, forcing the Dark Lord to submit to its effects through power of the Force. To this end, Crucia succumbed to the technovirus and was reshaped into a metacron himself, binding him to Darzu's will as an obedient thrall.

The dark sovereignEdit


Darzu created an army of Sithspawn mutants.

With Darth Crucia now transformed and enthralled under her control, Darzu openly announced her return to the Sith Empire that once served him. In doing so, she stripped the former Dark Lord of his mantle and finally assumed the position of power, though without bearing a Darth title herself. By using Crucia's fate as an example to her Sith underlings, Lord Darzu hoped to inspire reverential fear in her favor, ideally discouraging any thoughts of betrayal. To further keep her followers in line, Darzu made Crucia her Shadow Hand, using him as a personal agent to fulfil the Shi'ido's will throughout the Empire in her stead.

As supreme leader of the Sith Empire, Darzu used her new authority to create an army of metacrons. To enact this plan, she corralled many of the refugees who had been captured in the Empire's campaign, secretly transporting them to her laboratories on Tython. Having grown wary of her Sith peers, Lord Darzu ensured that the location the facility remained unknown to them. On Tython, the Dark Lord subjected her captives to the nanogene spore, transforming them into metacrons. Drawing upon the power of the Force permenting the planet, Darzu imbued the creatures with the dark side, binding them to her will.

Over time, the machinations of Lord Darzu corrupted the Force nexus of Tython, turning the planet itself into a barren wasteland and a bastion of dark side energy. Satisfied with this result and believing it to be to closest representation of her ultimate vision, Darzu expanded her laboratories into a fortress called the "Obsidian", making Tython her secret seat of power. After forming legions of metacrons under her command, Darzu began her campaign in earnest, dispatching the Sithspawn mutants onto the Empire's theater of conflict against the Galactic Republic. The period of Darzu's reign of destruction became known as the Sictis Wars.

Despite the initial success of her campaign, Darzu accidentally infected herself with the nanogene spore, causing the virus to painfully sprout metallic tumors on her body. In order to prevent the virus from lobotomizing her brain, she used the power of the Force to keep its effects at bay. In the face of Lord Darzu's near-life-threatening blunder, she used the Force nexus of Tython to ensure her continued survival. This solution came with a heavy price, however, as the spores continued to eat away at Darzu's living tissue while forming contorted cybernetic prostheses in its place, thereby forcing her to become more reclusive.

Personality and traitsEdit


Darzu's exposure to the nanogene spore heavily mutated her physical form.

A devout follower of the Sith Order, Darzu eagerly embraced the tenets of the dark side-worshipping cult. This devotion made her susceptible to betrayal from her fellow Sith, allowing them to mislead the Shi'ido into a suicide mission at the Balmorran Massacre. After her close call with death during the battle, Darzu developed an inflated sense of self-importance, viewing the casualties as sacrifices to ensure her continued existence. Driven to the brink of insanity by her brief period of unity with the Force, Darzu came to believe that the dark side itself had chosen her as its "conduit". In this self-appointed role, she adopted the mission to spread its corrupting, destructive influence to every corner of the galaxy.

Throughout her life, Darzu avoided showing her true physical form while in the presence of others. Instead, she preferred to blend with the galaxy's inhabitants by disguising herself as a member of a different species. Paranoid, delusional and distrustful after being used and double-crossed on Balmorra, Darzu made a conscious effort to catch others off-guard, ideally preventing herself from falling into such a trap. To this end, she alternated through different personas, deriving pleasure from misleading her peers and adversaries alike. By ensuring that no one possessed an accurate picture of her true physical and psychological self, Darzu believed that she could control any individual she desired.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Like all members of the Shi'ido race, Darzu was capable of altering her physical form at will, allowing her to impersonate a number of different species. While she typically assumed the appearance of a humanoid, Darzu was also capable of morphing her body into non-humanoid shapes. In addition, she possessed a form of telepathy that allowed her to project false impressions onto the minds of others, tricking other Force-users into believing she was someone—or something—else entirely.

As a combatant in the New Sith Wars, Darzu was trained to fight in the thick of combat, specializing in the role of the Sith Marauder. Wielding a single-bladed lightsaber with an extended hilt, she relied on the power of the dark side to amplify her combat prowess. For extra protection against multiple opponents, she wore a self-crafted battle armor suit that not only further supplemented her physical strength, but also harbored a personal cloaking device to catch her foes by surprise.

In addition to being a practitioner of Sith alchemy, Darzu possessed a natural aptitude as an applicator of mechu-deru, a technique granting her the ability to influence mechanical structures through the Force. While experimenting with this power, she devised an offshoot ritual called mechu-deru vitae, allowing her to bind living beings to her will through dark side-imbued cybernetics. Using this ritual, Darzu created a virus that transformed its victims into Sithspawn mutants.

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