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The Beast Sith empire was a Sith empire that focused mainly on using beasts for combat. It was formed by an Mirok, a Sith who survived the destruction of the Sith Triumvirate. After Darth Bane found the Order on Duxn he told them to go in exile, they did and they remained silent for over thousand years. But soon after the end of the Clone wars. They came out of Hiding when the emperor wanted to take Onderon. They where defeated by Lord Vader himself, but vader had gone trough a lot of beast to finally kill the leader of the order.

History Edit

Background and foundingEdit

When the Sith where on Duxn, holding the beasts of Onderon and Duxn in their control, a single Sith named Mirok found the beast of the planets wonderful. But he also understood that the beasts could, if controlled cause much destruction. This exploration led him deeper into the jungle where he learned to use the Force power Beast trick. But he was so good with the power that he could transfer his spirit into a beast. This was the beginning of the Beast Sith empire.

A few months after the destruction of Malachor V by the Jedi exile, he visited Duxn again. He there took an abandoned Mandalorian outpost as his training ground. He began kidnapping force-sensitive children from Onderon and trained them on Duxn in the ways of the Dark side, and he learned them to use Beast trick. A few years after he had started the Order there where over 1500 Sith.

War with the RepublicEdit

after 10 years of building up their Sith empire they decided that it was time to attack the republic, they conquered Onderon with ease and afterward, moved on to Telos. The Republic was doomed to collapse once again.