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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Star Wars: The New Frontier and the New Frontier trilogy. Caution is advised.


Rebellion of Lucen Solayr


New Jedi Purge

Battles for the Aranyan holocron

Fauthian devastation


1139 ABY, after Battle of Denon


1140 ABY, Battle of Hideaway

Major battles


If we can’t find [the holocron] before Fauth… well, the game’s up. Everything that we’ve fought for, all that we’ve sacrificed, it’ll all collapse and be for nought. And I think we can both agree that can’t be allowed to happen.
Rend Arcturius
By the year 1140 ABY, the pillaging of the galaxy had slowed down. Warlord Raixan Fauth turned his sights to consolidating his new territory, while also focusing on the acquisition of a legendary holocron, believed to hold the greatest secrets of the light. With the Triumvirate Subversive Intelligence Service attempting to stop him, a series of battles erupted across the galaxy.

Veteran padawan Anhri Claynes, of the New Jedi Order, believed that she had discovered the holocron's location: the Unknown Regions planet of Aranya. Receiving permission from both the SIS and the Council, she and her Master Rend Arcturius traveled to the planet. However, Fauth's forces had followed them, and they were captured. Arcturius allowed himself to be taken prisoner, allowing his apprentice time to reach the surface, where she allied with local Force-sensitive Calen Solayr, astromech droid Z1-X1, and hyperspace explorer Skyric Worrsayn


The battlesEdit

Attack on the Jedi shuttleEdit

Escaping AranyaEdit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Blockade of Aranya

Escape at Kal MasaEdit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Attack on Kal Masa

Rallying the SISEdit

Regrouping at HideawayEdit

The Final ConfrontationEdit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Battle of Hideaway

Drawing Out the WarlordEdit

Duels at the CoreEdit



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Behind the ScenesEdit

The Battles for the Aranyan holocron are depicted in and the main focus of the fan fiction novel Star Wars: The New Frontier.


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