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The Battle over En'rg-ch begun with Namelesennius, Lord of the Namelesennia system, going to En'rg-ch to negotiate the freedom of Wonderous. Eventually, he was captured and taken to a Dreadnaught. There, he killed everyone onboard and tried to leave the ship by deactivating the main reactor. However, the ship was destroyed by a battleship, whose Captain hoped to kill Namelesennius. Namelesennius was barely able to escape alive, and called for reinforcements. Soon, it stood clear that the Namelesennian Security Forces would be victorious. Then, the Forces of Darkness sent in a stolen Immobilizer who protected the Darkness fleet until it could jump to Hyperspace. As soon as the Darkness fleet had left, the Immobilizer followed them.


As soon as Namelesennius arrived in orbit around En'rg-ch, his ship was captured in the tractor beams of a Dreadnaught. He was forced to land in the cruiser's hangar. When he then left his ship, he was attacked by mercenaries and a spider droid. Eventually, he managed to kill the soldiers and destroy the droid. With no choice, he fought his way to the bridge. Finally, he killed the Captain of the ship.

Taking control of the ship, he deactivated the main reactor to disable the tractor beam. However, the lack of energy also deactivated the shield generator. A giant battleship arrived from Hyperspace, escorted by a frigate. With hope of killing Namelesennius, the two ships gave fire on the Dreadnaught. Namelesennius was barely able to escape in the Traclyde.


Namelesennius called for reinforcements, and within half a minute the new flagship of the NSF - a MC80 Star Cruiser - arrived, escorted by one frigates and one Venator-class Star Destroyer. Namelesennius led two X-wing Squadrons from the Traclyde

During the battle that followed, a well-placed missile destroyed a big part of the Acclamator. In the chaos that followed on board the assault ship, nobody from the Forces of Darkness noticed that their hostage, Wonderous, escaped on board a shuttle and returned to Namelesennia.

Soon, it was clear that the NSF would be victorious. Thought the Darkness flagship had an energy shield that could block practically any laser or blaster shot, it couldn't resist the missiles that Namelesennius had modified his Venator with. When it was clear the Forces of Darkness would loose, however, Kaxs - who himself was on board the battleship - unleashed his newest weapon; a stolen Immobilizer 418 cruiser.

The Immobilizer jumped out of lightspeed and moved into position in front of the Lucrehulk-class battleship. While the Lucrehulk and the Acclamator I-class frigate prepared to leave the orbit, the Immobilizer used its gravity well projectors to protect the ships from missiles. As soon as the Lucrehulk and the Acclamator left the battle, also the Immobilizer calculated the coordinates and left.

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