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Battle of the Ottiumigos Centrality
Conflict: Clone Rebellion
Date: 17 BBY
Place: Ottiumigos Centrality
Outcome: Inconclusive
  • Yuuzhan Vong
  • Chazrach

  • 12 Acclamtors
  • Several light cruisers
  • ARC-170s
  • V-wing bombers

Unspecified (the Kaminoans had no knowledge of the Yuuzhan Vong vessels, so they could not give their approximate names, but we do know that one was a yammosk carrier.)

  • 2 light cruisers
  • Minimal fighters

Barely any, Kaminoan reports gave one as a very large ship, but nowhere near holos we have of Yuuzhan Vong large cruisers)

The Battle of the Ottiumigos Centrality was a conflict between rogue, refugee clones and Kaminoans, against the Yuuzhan Vong Commander, Hooley Krekk's personal fleet.

After receiving a distress call from the Ottiumigos Centrality, renegade Jedi, Nathaniel Kenobi, his wife, Abigaile Jade, and Clone Commander, Alpha, sent a battlefleet to investigate.

They arrived to find the pacifistic Ottiumigons under attack from gigantic "asteroids". After receiving any surviving Ottiumigon ships, they dueled with the advancing ships.

On board Alpha's personal Acclamator, the Ottiumigon leader, Gzeldff Hufhm, explained that they had been attacked by the ships after the minefield they had erected to prevent an attack on their world, was engulfed by "black holes" and "tentacles".

After suffering structural damage, Nathan and his Ghottalphib apprentice, Pandraxon, went to seal it.

Abigaile, Draethos apprentice Logh-Urr, and Gzeldff found several Ottiumigon men and women acting strangely and she noticed that she could no longer feel them in the Force! After an "interrogation", the aliens removed "masks" that had hidden their true appearances from the people they had betrayed. Unknown to Abigaile, they were Yuuzhan Vong with masquers. After a short lightsaber and amphistaff battle, only one remained and the two Jedi knocked him out.

They retreated after suffering more losses than they could handle and returned to Novus Kamino Prime.


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