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The Battle of the Namelesennian Sea took place 4 ABY. It begun with two Namelesennian Security Forces ships coming up against a secret Forces of Darkness laboratorium. Tikkes, who was the leaded of the base, killed all the scientists in the name of security. Then he left the base in his armed Sub-Transport. The transport was attacked by the NSF ships, but destroyed one of them and could easily take the weak hits from the other one. The transport was then picked up by an assault ship, that destroyed the NSF ship.


Deep within the Namelesennian Sea, at the northern pole of Namelesennia, the Forces of Darkness had in secret built an illegal laboratorium. There, the strategists and scientists of the Forces of Darkness worked with secret and advanced plans for the war.

Eventually, some deep sea fishers from the city Namelesennia discovered a mysterious light from their sub-marine. As soon as they returned to Namelesennia, they contacted Lord Namelesennius about what they had discovered. Namelesennius immideately sent two Bubble-class ships to discover the truth.


The battle even before the NSF ships arrived. Seeing the approaching ship on the radar, the scientists of the Forces of Darkness suggested surrender. The leader of the laboratorium, an ex-Separatist named Tikkes, refused and decided to shut down the lab and leave the scientists to die, since it would be risk they would reveal everything to the NSF.

The scientist, however, teamed up to stop Tikkes. Since Tikkes had two Quarren bodyguards, however, the scientist did not stand a chance. With all the scientists killed, Tikkes deactivated the entire base and left with his two guards in an armed Sub-Transport.


After downloading all valuable data and deactivating the base, Tikkes left in his Sub-Transport. However, he was attacked by two NSF ships almost at once. However, the Darkness ship managed to shoot and destroy one of the ships. The second one desperately tried to destroy the Sub-Transport, but its laser could not do any damage on the transport. However, the pilot was smart enough to stay away from the laser cannons of the transport.

The battle between the two ships continued until they had reached the surface, where an Acclamator had landed on the water and waited for the Sub-Transport. As the assault ship took of with the Sub-Transport on board, the Acclamator gave fire against the water, destroying the remaining NSF ship.

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