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The Battle of the Dune Sea was a battle of the Tatooine Civil War between the Jawas, the Hutts, the Tusken Raiders, and the Abandoned Shock Troopers of the Imperial army.


A covert Tusken Raider unit snuck into a Jawa Battle Sandcrawler and sabotaged its engines. Unfortunately, it crashed into a Hutt Battle Sailbarge, causing damage to both and killing many on both sides. 165 Jawas died and 235 Hutts died due to the crash. The situation became worse for the Tusken Raiders as both sides formed a temporary alliance.


The Jawas and the Hutts opened fire on the Tusken Raiders. The Raiders didn't stand a chance; 100 were killed in the opening volley. They charged forward, however, even though they were outnumbered 3 to 2. The fighting escalated when the 70 Abandoned Shock Troopers arrived. The Tusken Raiders ran away.

The Hutts and the Jawas shot at the Shock Troopers. The Shock Troopers had lost 30% of their troops at Beggar's Canyon, and so they were down to 70 troops. Against the approximate amount of 500 Jawa and Hutt troops, they stood not much of a chance.

When the Tusken Raiders returned, the Imperials had suffered 60 casualties, 45 of them being kills. They decided that they had had enough, and so they fled. The Jawas and the Hutts killed even more Raiders. When the Raiders suffered 70% casualties, being 250 dead and 100 wounded, they fled to Mos Espa, which they took over.

The Hutts were given an order to fire on the Jawas, though it has not been discovered who gave the order. No Hutt, Jawa, or Raider commander claimed to have given any order. It was presumed to be Imperials.

The Hutts fired anyway, and so the Jawas, with 175 dead so far, outnumbered the Hutts and drove them out of the Dune Sea, to Mos Eisley. Each of the four factions had conquered a place: The Imperials had Beggar's Canyon, the Jawas had the Dune Sea, the Raiders had Mos Espa, and the Hutts took over Mos Eisley.

Imperial RetreatEdit

The Imperials believed they could not win the war with only 10 troops unharmed. The other 15 might have been able to battle again, but the Abandoned Shock Troopers did not want to take that chance. They asked the Emperor, Darth Krayt, for permission to join the fleet at Coruscant for the battle. They received their permission and rejoined the fleet.

One side had been defeated. Three sides remained.

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