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The Battle of Zuni occurred in 7 ABY, shortly after the Battle of Thyferra. It involved the Empire on one side, and a homegrown insurgency aided by Rogue and Black Claw Squadrons on the other. The battle ended with an insurgency victory, thanks in large part to Moff Ryba's wife killing him in a jealous rage and the intervention of Sair Yonka's fleet group in the space battle above the planet. Zuni joined the New Republic after the battle.

Ground Battle Edit

Seth Yorkin: “Who the snork is that?
Corran Horn: “That would be Rhysati Ynr. She's a Rogue.
Seth Yorkin: “I see. Is that why she's pulling a nerfheaded stunt like that, or is she just a natural blond?

Seth Yorkin and Corran Horn, taking time out from getting shot at to discuss Rhysati Ynr's stormtrooper-slaughtering headlong charge down a mountainside

The commando team that stormed Moff Ryba's palatial homestead, led personally by insurgency commander Seth Yorkin, was joined by elements of Rogue Squadron. Corran Horn, Ooryl Qrygg and Elscol Loro started the battle on the ground, and Rhysati Ynr joined them later after a damaged stabilizer forced her to make an emergency landing. Lija Ryba acted as the team's intelligence officer, in exchange for their promise that they would let her kill her husband herself.

The team was intercepted by stormtroopers and local law enforcement officials while attempting to sneak up on the Moff's house from the rear via a twisting mountain pass. If not for a surprise assault from Rhysati, the insurgents would have likely been wiped out during this first stage of the battle... she sowed enough confusion in the enemy's ranks with her unexpected, reckless charge that the insurgents could regroup and defeat the enemy, allowing them to go on to win the battle.

Ooryl, Elscol and Ovi'sah, the Twi'lek female who in addition to being the Yorkin family's personal cook was well-versed in many other things that could be done with a knife, were the first to set foot on Ryba's property, and got the drop on his security team. While the few survivors of the security team attempted to rally from the surprise attack, the other commandos stormed the house and overwhelmed them, eventually capturing or killing all of them.

Tenga used the rocket-launcher attachment on his heavy assault rifle to open up the house, and Lija went in and dealt with her husband while Corran, Rhysati and Seth covered her back in case additional security forces arrived. Shortly after Ryba's death, the remaining Imperial forces surrendered.

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