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The Battle of Yaga Minor took place in 130 ABY between the forces of Grand Commander Antonio de Borgia and the Sith-Imperial Outer Rim forces of Grand Admiral Morlish Veed, lead by the Sith Lords Darth Stryfe and Darth Kruhl. Unlike many other of the battles of the war, this was more a campaign of maneuver than actual fighting.


After having declared his independence from Darth Krayt’s Empire, in 130 ABY, Borgia turned his attention to the Sith-Imperial forces in the northern territories of the Outer Rim. On his way to Yaga Minor, Borgia was delayed when the hub world of Muunilinst rebelled under Admiral Corka Zarvold. Leaving the siege of Muunilinst to be conducted by Commander Molif Archway, with Captain Jay Cyneus commanding the naval blockade forces, Borgia moved on to Yaga Minor to reinforce the three units he had sent there as an advance guard under Tenka Kutprin.

The Yaga Minor CampaignEdit

When he arrived on the surface of Yaga Minor, Borgia was able to seize the Seeneryp passes from the Sith-Imperials and marched toward the enemy encampment. Near the former Ubiqtorate base, the Sith-Imperials made camp on a hill and Borgia camped on another near by lower hill with the only thing separating the two armies being the river Sirocis. Borgia caused his troops to dig a huge trench in order to force on the one path to the huge hill between them and the former Ubiqtorate base. By daylight both armies raced towards the hill and the Sith-Imperials occupied it first as they had the shorter distance to travel. As they occupied the most strategic position of the area, this put Borgia’s army under pressure, to relieve this pressure Borgia dispatched the his armor units to fall on the Sith-Imperials at the other side. Both sides pulled back and a stalemate appeared.

The mid-year storms and the melting snow from the mountains then caused flooding, which particularly affected the lower situated Eriaduans whose camp was flooded. When the flood of the river Sirocis finally withdrew, the Eriaduans built a bridge over it and caused Kruhl and Stryfe to abandon their camp and the Ubiqtorate base and a retreat towards a second Sith-Imperial army under Major General Parek Drytrayn was started.

Borgia ordered a pursuit which overtook the retreating rear guard of the Sith-Imperial army and he was able to block the route on which the Sith-Imperials were retreating. The two armies again camped close to each other. The Sith-Imperials again retreated towards the Ubiqtorate base, only to become besieged by the Eriaduans in their new camp. It wasn’t long before Borgia had completely surrounded Stryfe and Kruhl’s army. The following month, the Sith-Imperial army, 5 battlegroups strong, on Yaga Minor surrendered to Borgia.


After the surrender of the Sith-Imperial main army on Yaga Minor, Borgia then moved towards Drytrayn in the former Ubiqtorate base, who at once without a fight submitted to him and surrendered another two battlegroups. After this Borgia left his commander Suicul Cassio Sunignol in command of Yaga Minor with four divisions and returned with the rest of his army to Muunilinst and its siege.