The Battle of Toola was fought between the Galactic Empire and the clone rebels of Novus Kamino Prime.

Clone Commander Alpha and renegade Jedi Knight, Nathaniel Kenobi, engaged an Imperial occupation force that surrounded the planet Toola.

Wilhuff Tarkin was in charge of the Imperials and had originally sixteen Star Destroyers and one Interdictor with him. Whilst Nathan and Alpha had thirty-four Acclamators and one communications jamming ship.

The two combatants fought like angry Saccorian grain flies. Ensign Gilad Pellaeon found that the clones were jamming any out system transmissions and relayed this message to private Ozzel, who in turn gave it to Tarkin. Pleased Tarkin sent the orders to destroy it.

Nathan and his starfighter squadron, Slag Squadron, tried to save the ship, but to no avail.

The native Whiphids later had to face a new threat in another battle.


Nathan's wife, Abigaile Jade, and their child, Abigaile Kenobi, had left him after the head clone physician, Doc, gave the news of Nathan's "betrayal".

He went to search for them and eventually did, but did not return everything he had lost because of the battle.


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