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The Battle of Sluis Van was the first battle of the Otherspace War, as a part of Operation Shadow Hunt. It was the first of many successes of the campaign, as it stopped a Charon ship attempting to sabotage the shipyards of Sluis Van. The ship was pulled out of hyperspace by the CSA fleet in the region. The attacking ship was disabled by ion cannon fire and would then be boarded. After the fighting on the vessel had ended, the boarding party reported that the majority of the crew had been Charon, while a few of its members had been Weequay. This led to suspicion that the Weequay Terror Army was involved in the enemy plot, despite a lack of evidence showing those on the ship had been part of the Army.

Aftermath Edit

The Battle of Sluis Van was the first use of successful tactics that would be seen throughout Operation Shadow Hunt; tactics the Charon could not easily counter. After other defeats throughout the galaxy, the Death Cult decided to move on to the next part of their plans, after finding it difficult to adapt to their enemy's new strategy.

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