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The Battle of Rhen Var, also known as the Destruction of Rhen Var, was the last battle of the Meridian campaign and the final defeat of the Meridian Confederation.


Following his defeat at the battle of Toola, General Prefance retreated to Rhen Var to lead the inevitable defence of the planet against the invading Sith forces. Once he arrived he was shocked to discover that the Jedi Order had sent 5 Jedi Knights, under the command of Kyle Katarn, to assist in the defence of the planet. This greatly raised the esteem of the Meridian defence force on the planet and provided a great morale booster. But it was short lived, for within hours the Sith fleet under Admiral Strasbourg had arrived.

The battleEdit

As soon as the Sith fleet jumped out of hyperspace it came under attack from the Rhen Vari orbital defence platforms. Admiral Strasbourg however was undeterred by these defences and simply obliterated them with his flagship's weapons arrays. He then procedded to land troops on the planets surface, while his two Sith bombarder warships decimated the planets cities and military installations.

Expecting the Galactic Alliance to have sent Jedi to help in the planet's defence, Darth Dimicatio ordered three of his Sith Knights to assist in the conquest of the planet. Once upon the planet's surface they engaged the Jedi and succeeded in killing two of them before Katarn ordered the defenders to fall back.

After much more fighting, and seeing that the battle was lost, Kyle Katarn ordered everyone to evacuate the planet. General Prefance refused, saying that he would die fighting. After most of the defenders had escaped something shocking happened. The Sith destroyed the planet itself.


Rhen Var, following the battle

Battles of the Meridian Campaign of the Sith Crusade
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