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He killed my wife, and I hate him for it. But his words make sense, so much that I cannot bear to listen. He will use these words to conquer you! He will use these words to destroy you! Do not listen to his lies! Instead attack and conquer! The Sith will never rule our Galaxy!
Nathaniel Kenobi Solo to Taun We and the members of the Colonies

The Battle of Novus Kamino Prime was the first battle of the Sith Crusade to take place during the "Third Campaign". It saw the utter destruction of the Ottiumigos Centrality.

The BeginningEdit

After the Battle of Dathomir and the death of his wife Jaina Solo Kenobi, Nathaniel Kenobi Solo, along with his three children, Ani, Jacen, and Mariz Kenobi Solo, fled to the hidden Jedi enclave on Novus Kamino Prime. Unfortunately, Nathan's past exploits there, had made the Colonies a major target.


Darth Micail came into the Ottiumigos Centrality first, slaughtering the remnants of the Ottiumigon race. Fortunately, a brave Ottiumigon Jedi managed to send a distress call, at the cost of his life.

The Colonies sent their entire fleet there to combat the threat, which is exactly what the Sith wanted. Nathan had warned Taun We not to do that, but over the years, she had come to enjoy the power of Prime Minister. She refused to listen to her old friend and the Sith came raining down on Novus Kamino Prime.

Brashus, realizing that the attack on Ottiumigos Prime was a distraction, recalled the fleet back home. Just in time to save Nathan, his family, and some of the Jedi stationed there.

The Sith were too enraptured in destroying their intended targets, that they didn't notice a Super Acclamator and a Kelakus-type Acclamator flee with the Jedi aboard, except for one thing: Nathan had ghosted onto the Sith's flagship to destroy them from within. Many a Sith Knight and Trooper fell to his two blades.

He made way to the bridge and the leader of the attack: Micail. The two Force-sensitives attacked with such ferocity, the ship started shaking from the internal pressure. Ever the optimist, Nathan attempted to bring Micail into the light. Realizing his opponent would not be stirred and that he was losing the strength he needed to fight him, Nathan fled the battle for another day.


The attack was an almost total Sith victory. The Ottiumigons became virtually extinct, although by the Refugee Era they had multiplied in number. The Kelakans began business with the Sith and supplied them with new battleships. Novus Kamino Prime and the outlying systems were controlled and all resistance crushed. Without the Jedi, it became a backwater system of no importance.

Nathan and his family continued to strike the Sith, until the fall of Coruscant, when they joined the Galactic Commonwealth.

Novus Kamino Prime would eventually return to its glory, that was, until the Vancita Alliance and Reavers had their say in the matter.

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