Previous battle: Battle of the Ottiumigos Centrality
Next battle: Battle of Toola
Battle of Novus Kamino Prime
Conflict: Clone Rebellion
Date: 17 BBY
Place: Novus Kamino Prime
Outcome: Yuuzhan Vong defeat and withdrawal


  • Clones
  • Jedi

Yuuzhan Vong

  • Chazrach


Rabkca Krekk


44 Acclamators and light cruisers

  • Nathan's Fury

Large yorik-coral vessels (they were never identified as their real names, since the Kaminoans had no knowledge of them.)



Several thousand warriors

  • Hundreds of coralskippers
  • Very few large craft

The Battle of Novus Kamino Prime was fought between the renegade clones from Kamino and Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Hooley Krekk's fleet.

Clone Commander Alpha and rogue Jedi Knight, Nathaniel Kenobi, were off on a secret mission to the Ottiumigos Centrality, and had forgotten to leave instructions on an assault and the Novus Kamino Prime colony was taken by surprise.

Commander Rabkca Krekk led the assault whilst Hooley Krekk dealt with the commando squad that had infiltrated the Centrality. During the battle, acting Clone Commander Chris was told by Abigaile Jade to use a baradium missile, so that they could destroy the yammosk.

After the yammosk was destroyed and Rabkca surrendered, the Treaty of Novus Kamino Prime was forged and the Yuuzhan Vong were "exiled".


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