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Wipe them out! All of them.
Jasca Ducato

The Battle of Nerezza was a conflict during the Decreto Campaign. Having discovered the Sith Temple on Nerezza Jedi Master Jasca Ducato ordered his expedition force to enter the temple, and exterminate its inhabitants.

The BattleEdit

Ordering the assault the Jedi charged the Grand Entrance of the Sith Temple and swamped the Sith followers guarding the path. From the prisoners the Jedi learned that the Dark Lord of the Sith had recently arrived at the Temple and had predicted the attack from the Jedi— preparations had been made for the assault.

Undeterred the Jedi pressed onwards and before long began to encounter increasing Sith resistance but continued to charge forward. During a particularly brutal engagement the Jedi found themselves being separated from one-another down separate pathways within the maze of corridors. The Sith used this to their advantage and began to strike down many of the Jedi, including several Jedi Masters.

Soon the Jedi onslaught which had, until now, seemed unstoppable, began to waiver and was soon halted complete. Many of the Jedi sensing no need to carry on the fight surrendered, the rest had to be ordered to surrender by their Masters. Jasca Ducato too had been fought to a standstill, although none of the Sith had bested him in lightsaber combat he could see that he would eventually be defeated through sheer weight of number and as such surrendered. The one condition of his surrender was that he be brought before the Dark Lord.

Meeting the Dark LordEdit

I will never betray the Alliance—again.
—Jasca Ducato to Lord Guerreiro

As per his terms of surrender Jasca Ducato was brought before the Dark Lord of the temple, Lord Guerreiro. The introductions were short because Lord Guerreiro was determined to discover the reason behind the Jedi presence of Nerezza. Jasca Ducato refused to tell he Dark Lord of the Jedi mission to Nerezza or of the archaeological expedition that was taking place on the planets ruins. Undoubtedly they crew upon The Soiyo had sensed the Jedi defeat and had removed the archaeological team from the planet's surface.

For his refusal to tell Lord Guerreiro anything Jasca Ducato and the Jedi assault force was imprisoned in the Sith Temples cells.