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The Battle of Kessel was the first battle of the Droid Wars. It was an Imperial victory.

Playout Edit

At 0600 standard time, 23 Scythe-Class Star Destroyers surrounded Kessel. The New Republic immediately sent their own ships to engage the Empire. The Jedi assigned as General Was Tooneka. Dark Jedi Jerolee was the Imperial General. The Republic arrived to find even more ships waiting for them. The Republic, realizing the trap, sent Comet Squadron, Maroon Squadron, and Cyan Squadron into battle in space, while sending Ant Droids and B-5 War Droids to fight on the surface. Tooneka then engaged Jerolee in the F'jah Spice Mine, where she and Jerolee had a fierce Lightsaber duel. Eventually, the Hutt wore out Tooneka and beheaded her. By this time the Republic was losing, and without a General, the Republic's forces retreated, earning an Imperial victory.

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