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This article is about the Battle of Kamino of 12 BBY. You may be looking for battle during the War of Secession.

The Battle of Kamino was a struggle between the clone rebellion on Kamino and the Empire. The taskforce was controlled by Darth Vader and Wilhuff Tarkin.

Before the battle, the cloners managed to ship some of the Clones to small Anti-Imperial Factions, including the Jedi Resistance, several growing clones were being taken away to transport ships by the rogue Jedi Knight, Nathaniel Kenobi's special power, ghosting. In the process, only a pittance of the usual Acclamator defense force surrounded Kamino and an Imperial fleet of fifty-two ships came out of hyperspace. The two groups brawled, until the Jedi on the surface were rescued by the clone Commander, Alpha.


When Nathan and his wife, Abigaile Jade, were recuperating in bacta tanks, Nathan asked Doc of the casualties. Six of the ships had been damaged or destroyed, thousands of Kaminoan and clones had died on the surface or had been captured for slave labor. And several of Nathan's Jedi apprentices had been killed in the assault.

After the battle, the surviving members fled to the Outer Rim, near the planet of Toola. They started the colony of Novus Kamino Prime.


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