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The Battle of Gamorr was the first battle of the Bothan War, between the Core Systems Alliance and the Bothan League. This was a preemptive strike, intended to deal a blow to the Bothan Fleet. The battle involved the CSA's 4th fleet-2nd battle group and the 2nd fleet of the Bothan League, based at Gamorr. The CSA military did not expect the massive fleet battle that occurred, but did expect a massive struggle on the ground to occur. Their "informants" had reported the presence of only 2 Bothawui-class destroyers. In reality, there were 4 of these destroyers, along with 2 Loor-class dreadnaughts. Their informants were actually double agents working for the Bothan League itself. When Admiral Liak Piett arrived, his fleet was outnumbered and overmatched, but gravity wells on the Loors-dreadnaughts prevented a retreat. Eventually, all that was left was Piett's flagship, the Kuat. Two daring strikes by the elite Falcon Squadron knocked out the gravity-well projectors and allowed Piett to retreat. The expected struggle on the ground never occurred.

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