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The Battle of Endor was a battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, where the Empire emerged victorious. The battle was on the moon of Endor, and in orbit around it.

The battleEdit

The Rebels attacked the front of the bunker, only to be ambushed by Imperials. Soon, they were taken prisoners, but one of them grabbed a blaster from a storm trooper and started blasting. Soon, the others did the same. After a short time, the Rebels were out numbered and all killed.


Most Rebels on Endor were killed, but there were survivors. Dagger 6, his real name is unknown, crash landed on the surface and lived in an Ewok village. Commando Kivini lived on his own in the wreckage of an AT-ST a few kilometers from the Imperial bunker.

The Imperial bunker got a designation, which was Bright Tree Base.


Notable Imperials:

Notable Rebels: