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The Battle of Eloque was a skirmish between the invading CIS and Eloquian forces.

In 20 BBY, the CIS attacked Eloque, and it was a marvelous attack. The CIS wanted Eloque for its starships, which they would be able to use against the Republic. Eloque also had a few droid factories, which the Confederacy would use to produce their battle droids.

The CIS ships jumped out of hyperspace close to Eloque. This was of advantage to both sides, first, the CIS, because they could almost immediately send out landing craft, and could attack Eloque's defenses. It was also good for Eloque, because their ground to space ion and turbolaser cannons would have a clear shot.

The CIS ships launched their invasion craft, all fully stocked with droids. In the meantime, ground to space weapons were beginning to fire away at the appearing ships.

When droids landed on the planet, they were met by clones and Eloquian. It wasn't a long fight, it took under an hour to destroy all of the 10,000 or more droids.

The space battle was quick as well. The Eloquian Destroyers easily pounded the CIS ships out of existence. Only one was left when they retreated.

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