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This article is about Battle of Coruscant during the Sith Crusade. You may be looking for other battles of Coruscant.

The Battle of Coruscant was a battle in the year 74 ABY. Considered by many to be the final battle of the Sith Crusade. It saw the final defeat of the Galactic Alliance by the Sith Order of Decreto and the official dissolution of the Galactic Alliance.


In 65 ABY, following the Galactic Alliance's counterattack the Sith most many lives. Before long Darth Abeonis had realized that it would be many years before the Sith regained the strength to take the remaining Alliance worlds.

Neither the Alliance nor the Sith had the strength to exploit any advantage they could make; and so a cold war of sorts. For the next eight years both sides slowly rebuilt their strength until, eventually, the Alliance felt it was strong enough to end the cold war once and for all.

Deciding upon Coruscant to be the starting point for their campaign, over 8,000,000 Alliance troopers were stationed on Coruscant's surface, with another 6,000,000 on their way. But before these troops could arrive, the Sith struck. It seemed that the Sith had been ready for war for a very long time.

The battle beginsEdit

As soon as the Sith fleet jumped out of hyperspace they began bombarding the surface, decimating thousands of buildings within seconds.

Almost half a million Alliance troopers died in the initial bombardment, and many more were injured. After another hour of bombardment the Sith then began to land their troops on the planet's surface, quickly taking the numerous buildings still standing. Before long, over three quarters of the ecumenopolis was in Sith hands, and the SpecOps under the command of Commander 001 were taking the rest at a shocking speed.

Destruction of Coruscant

The Sith bombard Coruscant's surface

Determined to hold the planet Admiral Ema, the Supreme Commander of all Alliance forces ordered all Jedi available to "strike hard" against the Sith.

Despite the shock of the initial Sith attack the Jedi slowly managed to regain territory, until eventually, pure weight of numbers succeeded for the Sith. Many Jedi and many Sith fell in the battle and before long, both sides knew that a defeat would mean the end of the power.

Should Coruscant fall, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances would cease to exist, likely never to be reformed. Should Coruscant stand, the number of Sith that had died would have decimated the Decreton Empire's ranks to uch an extent that civil war, or even the Alliance would cause its collapse.

The space battleEdit


The Alliance fleet confronts the invading Sith armada

While the battle below raged, the Alliance fleet that was set to carry the would-be invasion force was engaged in a heated battle with the Sith armada in the space above.

The exact number of Alliance fleet warships is unknown, but it was close to the 12,000 Sith warships that they were battling.

Much destruction occurred and many warships were destroyed. Many millions of tonnes of space debris fell upon the planets surface, and many more filled the space around the battlefield.

Admiral Ema, aboard his flagship, The Defender lead the defense of the planet and prevented much destruction of the planet, but he knew from the start the battle was lost. All he was doing was "taking as many of them with us as we can".

768px-Battle Debris

The Alliance armarda

The endEdit

After the battle, Ema, Supreme Commander of all Alliance Forces was brought before Darth Abeonis, the new overlord of Coruscant. This was the first, and last time the two had meet.

Although the meeting was brief, the repercussions it had on the galaxy were enormous. Ema was allowed to live and placed in command of Coruscant. He was granted the title of Commander of the Home Fleet (no-one had held the title since the death of Darth Adsec during the Sith crusade) and ordered to "defend the Empire" with his life.

Coruscant had fallen, the Sith had emerged victorious.

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