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This article is about the Battle of Coruscant in Darth Echo's Sith Crusade. You may be looking for other battles of Coruscant.

—Darth Echo

The Fifth Battle of Coruscant was the final battle in Darth Echo's Sith Crusade, a 700 year war that spawned from Darth Echo's personal quest to destroy the Jedi.


Four days before the battle there were reports of Sith Star Destroyers scouting the system near the planet. It was all unknown until the reports came in faster, and eventually all at once.

Invasion of CoruscantEdit

After the reconnaissance missions ended, hundreds of Sith capital ships exited hyperspace in the Coruscant system. The Restoration Alliance responded to this instantly, sending a fourth of their available ships to cut off the enemy invasion force at Ulabos before they entered Coruscant's orbit. But the plan failed when more Sith ships appeared behind Coruscant itself, catching the Restoration Alliance forces off guard. The spacecraft sent to Ulabos turned around to return to the threatened ecumenopolis, but were intercepted and destroyed by Darth Echo's massive flagship, the Advent.

Chaos on the groundEdit

On the planet itself, hundreds of Sith troopers poured out of landing carriers into the streets of Galactic City. Small urban skirmishes broke out all over the world, which lead to longer, more action packed battles in many places. On at least one occasion, thousands of Restoration Alliance troops managed to encircle the Sith, killing multiple enemies at a time and crushing them beneath massive walkers.

Buildings fell, shrapnel slammed into AT-AT walkers which caused them to lose balance and fall to the ground. The streets exploded as mines were set off causing dozens, if not hundreds, of troops on both sides to die by fire. Explosions caused tanks to become shrapnel-throwing death traps. Many aircraft and starfighters swerved in and out avoiding turbolasers large enough to disintegrate a building and all the poor souls inside it. Massive, burning capital ships from the battle in space crashed into the office buildings, homes, stores, and museums that lined the skies of Coruscant.

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