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The battle of Chandrila was a battle fought between the Union and the Republic in 4,021 BBY, after the Battle of Kuat. Chandrila was a planet which had a complete population that supported the Republic. Its citizens were loyal to it and believed with galactic support the war could be won. The world's leaders kept lobbying for the Republic and often convinced newly declared neutral systems to rejoin the Republic cause. Darth Admer encountered this as a threat to the continuation of the war, and, immediately after he retreated from Kuat sent his forces to take Chandrila, thus ripe much of the Republic's support from it.

Prelude Edit

Soon after finishing the Battle of Kuat, Darth Admer directed his Mandalorian allies to assault and take the Republic-aligned system of Chandrila, and do whatever it takes to clear all resistance from the planet. Mandalore the Deceived, took whatever ships he could get his hands on and leave immediately to Chandrila.

The battle Edit

Space battleEdit

Imperial forces were made of 254 capital ships, 1,142 corvettes, 324 support ships and 6,540 fighters. Republic forces were made of 158 capital ships and 1,532 corvettes, along with 8,562 fighter crafts. Immediately after dropping out of hyperspace the Imperial ships began to close in on republic positions, causing major casualties to Republic forces. The space battle took four days, and after it ended the land battle began.

Land battleEdit

Imperial troops counted 2,051,000 men, and 14,360 vehicles. Republic troops counted 2,420,000 men, approximately 16,000 vehicles and 85 Jedi warriors. The Imperial troopers began to land and assault the Chandrilan capital of Hanna City, and continuing to push the Republic defense positions back to the outskirts of the city. Republic forces fought to the death to protect every inch of ground in the capital, but in vein. The capital fell and soon after it, other major cities surrendered, seeing no chance in continuing to fight the evil Empire. Chandrila has fallen.

Casualties Edit

Land Casualties Edit

The battle was concluded in the destruction of all Republic land troops, as well as the destruction of all Jedi presence in the planet. After the battle, the population showed no resistance to the Empire, seeing what happened to Hannah City, which resisted to its destruction. Mandalorian casualties are estimated 800,000 men, as well as 2,450 land vehicles.

Space casualties Edit

In space, all Republic forces were either destroyed or seized. Mandalorain space casualties numbered approximately 200 capital ships, 623 corvettes, 302 support ships and 6,000 fighters.

Aftermath Edit

After the battle, all of Chandrila's population had to face continuous executions of all Republic loyalists, and were forced to live in intimidation until the end of Imperial rule on the planet. This battle marked the beginning of the collapse of the Republic, since its galactic support was dramatically decreased.

The Core Worlds Campaign continued and several systems were taken by the Empire, and this made the Jedi understand that continuing to fight was only to prolong the inevitable, and many decided to run into exile. Some joined the Mandalorians, and some continued to fight.

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