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The Battle of Balgus Star was the final battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Wolf Raiders. This battle saw the end of the Wolf Raiders as a force.


For years, the Wolf Raiders had been raiding worlds from their base on Balgus Star, striking fear and terror into their victims. The ongoing Galactic Civil War had prevented any major faction from dealing with the raiders for some time; the Rebels had engaged in a series of low-key skirmishes against the raiders, but had never moved in force to wipe them out. (in fact, it is beloved that the Empire allowed them to continue to operate with impunity; the Wolf Raiders' W-Wing Starfighters resembled the Rebellion's X-Wings, causing anger against the Alliance from their victims).

Matters changed when the Wolf Raiders attacked a research facility in 7 ABY, killing a large number of civilians and Alliance dependents; amongst them was a woman who Ken believed to be his mother (She wasn't). Filled with anger about the death of this woman who wasn't his mother, Ken demanded an attack on the Wolf Raider's base of operations. Captain Joe agreed, using Ken's inside knowledge of the Wolf Raiders' defenses and operations as a part of the planning.

First StrikeEdit

A small rebel strike force, consisting of the Bacchus III and a squadron of X-Wings slipped into the Balgus Star system, approaching the planet. Using Ken's information, the Rebel forces slipped past the defenses, approaching Halcorn's castle undetected until it was too late. The X-Wings engaged in pinpoint strikes, eliminating the defensive installations before they could be activated. Then, both the X-Wings and the Bacchus III began a systematic bombardment of the grounded W-Wings, destroying most of them before they could take off.

Of the few that got airborne, one was piloted by Ken 35, one of the Wolf Raiders' best pilots. Managing to loose himself in the chaos of the fighting, he looped around to make a pass on the Bacchus III while the ship was unaware of his presence. Before could strike, however, he was intercepted by the Hawaiian shirt-wearing Rebel pilot. The two engaged in a tense dogfight, before a fluke hit disabled the Wolf Raiders' craft.


While this was going on, Ken infiltrated Halcorn's command center on foot, aiming to kill the Wolf Raiders' feared leader himself and take vengeance for Ken and Rita. Halcorn was ready for him, however, the two engaging in a protracted running battle through the command center. Ken's superior strength proved to be a match for Halcorn's Lightsaber and Force abilities, the two being equally matched.

Faced with the possibility of being defeated, Halcorn took the only option available to him; he ran away in fear, leaving his minions behind to deal with Ken. Effortlessly disposing of the wig-wearing henchmen, Ken followed him.

Final BattleEdit

Halcorn boarded one of the few surviving W-Wings, taking to the air to wreak his vengeance on the rebel forces. Moments later, Ken stole a second W-Wing, heading after Halcorn and engaging him. The two fought above the ruins of the fortress alone; the other Rebel Forces breaking off at Joe's orders. (As Joe put it "He needs to do this alone")

Much like Ken 35 had moments before, Ken used the smoke as cover to slip past Halcorn's vision. Confused, Halcorn used the force to find his foe; instead, however, he found the Hawaiian shirt-wearing Rebel pilot's ship. Thrown off by the appearance of this badly-dressed pilot, he was ambushed by Ken and shot down, his fighter crashing into the side of his castle and exploding.


The battle saw the end of the Wolf Raiders. Their headquarters were destroyed, their leader killed, the majority of their soldiers were dead and their fleet of fighters had been entirely wiped out. Curiously enough, Halcorn's own VT-49 Decimator didn't take part in the battle; there was no sign of the ship on the ground or in the air. The few remaining Wolf Raiders surrendered to the rebel forces rather than fight what was clearly a loosing battle.

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