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The Automated livewire administration system, commonly known as Alas or Alice; was the main operating system of the Galactic Alliance following the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Not wanting to show any bias towards a certain species, Alas was chosen to be representated by a simple three-line wavelength, which would alternate in length and speed according to Alas current attitude. Alas was also given a female persona. Alas, being a semi-sentient being, also had the ability to change the color of her wavelengths to represent her different mods, or the gravity of whatever situation she was in.


Created in 33 ABY by GFFA computer scientists, Alas was designed to operate the entire GFFA home administration system, but was quickly adopted by the Galactic Alliance Defense Force for use aboard their warships during the Swarm War. Proving a massive success, Alas central mainframe was moved to an orbital space-station around Coruscant Prime where she was able to use the entire energy output of the star to operate to her full potential.

So powerful was this output, that Alas could operate fully aboard The Soiyo even during its voyage into the Unknown Regions. When Alas reported that it had lost contact with The Soiyo, the GFFA declared the vessel lost. It was not for several years that the GFFA discovered that The Soiyo, and her captain had survived.

During the following war, Alas found herself combating a similarly powerful computer entity known as Cabal which would turn out to be none other than a mutated copy of Alas herself, simply more powerful.

Alas, despite her growing sentient ability knew that the amalgamated computing personality that Cabal possessed would lead Cabal to want to destroy Alas, and so her self-preservation programming kicked in. Alas would do everything in her power to survive, even if it meant destroying Cabal.

And in 76 ABY, she got her chance.

The Livewire WarEdit

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The war began when Cabal sent a private transmission too the Dark Lord, Darth Abeonis, stating his intent too destroy Alas, and requesting his assistance. Abeonis refused, saying that Cabal was not within his powers to start another war with the GFFA. Enraged, Cabal declared his independence from the Sith and assumed complete control over his warships.

Engaging those warships that he had not taking over, Cabal cause immense damage too the Sith fleets, effectively crippling them. But instead of taking advantage of this situation, Cabal fell to his only flaw, his determination to be unique.

Turning his attention too Alas, Cabal struck out at the remnant of the GFFA fleet, currently under the control of Gafap. Alas, seeing the threat Cabal posed, assumed command of the fleet and order all personel on the ships to abandon ship. Now in complete control of their respective fleets, Alas and Cabal brought their forces to bear at the little known space station of Tesas I.

Battle of Tesas IEdit

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The battle began with Cabal launching a full scale assault on Alas' forces, causing horrific amounts of damage and destroying a third of the fleet. But Alas struck back, emitting a computer virus from her flagship, that instantly caused havoc with Cabal's systems.



Cabal, suffering serious damage from Alas' virus knew that his only hope for survival was a temporary shift from his computer base, whilst his defense systems kicked in and killed the virus. But there was no other computer systems that Cabal could move into, that would not also be infected. But then Cabal realized, although he could not escape the virus in another computer system, a human body could easily allow him to escape.

Turning too one of his captive Sith soldiers, Cabal tricked the soldier into interfacing with the ships system, and quickly began too override the captives vital systems. Taking complete control of the captive, Cabal then managed to trick "his fellow captives" into taking control of the Sith warships, and fleeing from Alas' forces.


Cabal fled further into Sith territory, hoping that the Sith would assist him. But they did not, instead, the gave Alas leave to pursue Cabal into the Sith Empire, and too destroy him. Alas gratefully accepted, and pursued Cabal too the Sung nebula. Arriving at Sung, Cabal knew that his short-lived time was at an end, but he was determined to wipe out Alas no matter the cost.

Cabal arranged half of his fleet in a standard defenseive formation, and hid the remaining half inside the Sung nebula, knowing that the nebula would interfere with the GFFA ships systems. When Alas' fleet finally arrived, Cabal sprung his trap, encircling the GFFA fleet and bombarding it.

But Cabal, in his determination to destroy Alas' fleet, had blinded himself too the most fact that even if he destroyed Alas' fleet, Alas system would survive, and she would still be in control of the remainder of the GFFA's warships. But despite this, Alas knew that a prolonged conflict would not be in the best interest of anyone, and she was set on ending the war there and then.


Cabl in his last moments

Focusing all of her warships fire on Cabal's flagship, Alas launched volley after volley at Cabal, devastating the Cabalian flagship. Cabal, knowing that he had been defeated was infuriated.

Holding his hand in his head, Cabal was incinerated by the explosions on board the ship. Following the battle, the Sith recaptured the remainder of their warships, and Abeonis allowed Alas' vessels to depart from Sith space unhindered.

Personality and traitsEdit

Alas was given a female personality by her creators in order to procure better communication between Alas, and those that she was in control off. Designed with multiple safeguards and justification systems, it was nearly impossible for Alas to do something considered fundamentally immoral.

By the time of the Sith Crusade, Alas had evolved to such a degree that many in the Jedi Order considered her a living entity.

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