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—Echo 419

The Aurora-class Dropship was the most used troop transport in the Mandalorian Sith War. Heavily armed and armored it was capable of acting as both a Transport and a Gunship. Many times after dropping its troop or cargo load it would fly off to a different part of the battle to aid in enemy suppression.

Cargo HaulerEdit

The Original reason MandalTech created the Aurora was to transport single vehicles to and from planetary surfaces and to move them rapidly across the battlefield. It was designed to fit either the Canderous Main Battle Tank and most Land Speeders. Midway through the design phase the compatibility for a Mandalorian Troop Drop pod, and Mandalorian Equipment Drop pods/Survival Kits (contents of the pod included: (1) Nirvana Combo Rifle with 12,000 rounds of ammo, (1) Westar M1911 with 900 rounds of ammo, 3 weeks of rations, short range emergency beacon, and a collapsible tent.)

Troop TransportEdit

Towards the end of the Design phase, MandalTech realized that the Aurora had a large vacant area behind the cockpit. two weeks were spent debating the use of the space, for the instillation of a hyperdrive, Troop/Cargo Hold, or complete removal of the excess area to allow for more vehicles to be moved. They decided on options one and two, they converted the are into a Troop/Cargo hold to fit 12 fully armed Mandalorian Elite Warriors. Located directly under the floor of the hold is a class 6 Emergency Hyperdrive Motivator, granting the Aurora limited hyperdrive abilities.

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