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The Attack on the Might of the Sith was a battle that took place during the Clone Wars when Darth Verona infiltrated the ship Might of the Sith with her forces and attacked Dooku's Dark Acolytes under Gangru Morpir. At the same time, a team of Jedi led by Arthas Mentallis boarded the ship with the help of Verona's servant Sha'ala Doneeta and joined the battle. Many Dark Acolytes had joined Verona through the machanics of Doneeta and Morpir and his allies were almost overwhelmed by their opponents. Morpir managed to rally those loyal to him and he defeated Verona and her apprentice Arula Dru, who fled, Verona then attempted to destroyed the ship with her force powers but she was stabbed by Arthas and she disappeared in a blast of force energy. Her disappearance ended the battle and Arthas fled with his few remaining Jedi and the rest of the rebel Acolytes were killed including Sha'ala Doneeta, who was slain by Dark Acolyte Sabyrne Fen. It was later revealed to be the first move by Separatists led by Arlan Darlak to take control of the Separatists.

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