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The Astragon Empire was a massive galactic power that had a unique culture, military, and government. The fleet was massive, being led by the Death Star Destroyer Chaos Bringer. A popular custom was to send elite spies in to infiltrate enemy governments, and steal as many ship design blueprints as possible. The culture was based on the fact that Astragon was a massive, 6.8 earth-mass, rainforest world. The government was partially democratic, partially monocratic.

Culture Edit

The Astragon Empire was surprisingly kind toward its subjects. Except for a small tax paid to the government, all conquered territories were allowed to keep their own customs and culture. Many of the conquered worlds were used as bases, with either an orbiting base or one on the surface. Shipyards were also quite common on conquered planets. Other structures, such as orbiting defense stations, could be found on most planets. Back home, the small tax amounted to a lot of money. This tax was put to good use. Troops lived in orbiting Prefabricated Garrison Bases, while farmers and other non-military personnel lived on Astragon's surface. One product of this tax was building more homes for non-military residents, which were simple but effective.

Salaries were paid not weekly but all at once annually. Typical citizens who served in the militia would be paid two aurodium ingots, while normal non-militia would get one. A single, planet-wide bank managed all savings deposits, and there was no stock market. Only once did the government ever ask the people to buy gov't bonds to finance itself before re-paying every Nova Crystal to its subjects.

Government Edit

The government of Astragon was a bit peculiar and strict but unusually effective. Ckasaron, its original founder, was the leader, and each military had its own separate sub-leader. A heavily modified Lucrehulk-class core ship, heavily modified with a hyperdrive and several ion drives in an equatorial band, served as the Astragonian senate. Internally, it resembled the Republic/Imperial Senate (before the latter was formally dissolved). If Astragon ever came under attack, the senate core ship could make a hasty getaway and return once things have calmed down.

Unlike in the real United States government, full citizens vote regularly, but not on just who to elect to their separate areas. The popular vote determines what course of action will be taken on issues that greatly concern the welfare of Astragon citizens. In fact, voting ballots for issues of varying importance to the people arrive by "mail" monthly.

Senators get paid a salary of 10 aurodium ingots (equal to three and a half billion credits) per year. To just spend small amounts at a time, these valuable ingots are traded for cheaper currency, Nova Crystals, which are used for trading with the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. The Republic/Imperial Credit, which has inflated so severely that Ckasaron, who makes the decision on matters of national currency, refused to accept it for fear that it would ruin the economy. He even asked the people via voting ballots, and only 2.5%, former Republic citizens, wanted to use the credit.

Military Edit

Astragon's military was made of five factions, each with different troops, weapons, and tactics. Each division is part of the Astragon Navy and the Astragon Army.

The first division was the "regular" army. This faction was composed largely of militia troops, who were recruited from the poor and the homeless to reduce the possibility of crime and epidemic. The troops were well trained, but in some situations they were not enough to service the whole empire. In such instances, clone soldiers were used to supplement the militia. The first division navy used the dagger and sword-shaped designs for most of its fleet, primarily Star Destroyers or smaller ships of similar shape.

The second division, the storm commandos, were also militia, but received 1 1/2 times the training that regular troops do. Also being recruited from the poor, commandos were sent on harder missions than most troops. Generally, they used smaller ships, such as escort carriers, and faster, leaner fighters.

The third division utilized battle droids heavily upgraded from the Separatist versions used in the Clone Wars, with brains using nanotechnology. Several problems had been corrected, with battle droid heads being fully solid, while the original versions only had a signal receiver and empty space. The droids were also trained in similar programs to those of regular troops. Most of this army and navy are composed of battle droids but were led by sentient commanders and admirals.

The fourth division, the Mandalorian Supercommandos, utilized modernized versions of older designs, such as Aurek tactical strikefighters, among other genuine designs from the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. The army was even more highly trained than Storm Commandos, and thus they rarely failed.

The final division was made almost exclusively of biotechnology; ship designs taken from the Yuuzhan Vong, as well as getting them to divulge the information and how to make unusual ships, such as the Koros-Strohna worldship that served as the backbone of the Vong Fleet. The army was made of people using Vong weapons and fighting styles, the only difference being that Chazrach were not brainwashed but kept intelligent and trained, while the army and navy added Force-sensitives to the factions.

History Edit

This empire, no matter how secretive, formed from a Separatist Holdout in the Outer Rim. A powerful force-sensitive named Ckasaron stumbled upon an entire deactivated droid fleet, reactivating it and making one assault on a tiny, out-of-the-way base.

Several years later, in 13 BBY, this fleet resurfaced during the new Galactic Empire's assault on Mustafar to wipe out Gizor Dellso. It was a single Imperator-class Star Destroyer versus several Providence-class carrier/destroyers, two Munificent-class star frigates, and two Lucrehulk-class battleships. Astragon's small fleet at the time turned the tide on the Imperials, and only Darth Vader and one mortified 501st stormtrooper who disobeyed orders survived. While he was there, Ckasaron met the Clone Wars veteran Unit 1337 in his ship, the Prosperous. Ckasaron made Unit 1337 the new supreme commander of Astragon's Droid Army, and he upgraded the droid's intelligence again with nanotechnology.

Now that the mission on Mustafar was foiled, Ckasaron headed towards Kamino, of all places. After learning about a batch of clones from Kamino taking up arms against the Empire, it would give them a chance of winning if they would be reinforced. They got reinforced and the ground fight was won, but the second space battle over the planet would have been lost or fought to a standstill if it were not for the arrival of a Rebel Alliance Fleet.

By now, a new signal beacon to re-activate the redundant Droid Armies and fleets hidden throughout the Galaxy was completed by Gizor Dellso. He activated it, contacted all CIS fleets, told them to go to Mustafar, and once they all arrived, he destroyed it so no one signal could de-activate the whole army.

The Empire, however, had other ideas with Ckasaron's fleet. They wanted revenge for all their lost ships and men, so they sent a very large fleet consisting of Venators, Acclamator Assault Ships, and Victory SDs to greet him on the Galactic Rim.

The two fleets clashed deep in the outer rim, with massive casualties on both sides. The Imperial fleet lost almost half of the task force, while the Holdout Fleet lost three valuable Lucrehulk-class battleships, many destroyers, frigates, and other light ships. The last known record of this fleet in the galaxy mentioned "They were heading in the direction of the satellite galaxy Firefist. They did not return any communication attempts, and they shot down anyone who got too close or in their way."

A few years later, a small covert mission later confirmed to be orchestrated by Astragon stole the 60% complete Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Mk. II from the massive KDY shipyards. Using the massive civilian workforce on Astragon, it was not just finished, but tremendously upgraded into the Chaos Bringer, an 1800 km behemoth of a ship that quickly became Astragon's Flagship. The original designs were kept from the prototype, however, which would eventually add normal Executor Mk IIs to Astragon's massive fleet. A modified set of the plans became the Destiny-class Super Star Destroyer

About five years later, the Galactic Empire finally pinned responsibility of stealing the Executor MK II to Astragon, but they were in the satellite galaxy Firefist. While it took several ingenious hyperspace routes to ge there, eventually a massive Imperial Fleet appeared just outside the Astragon system, near the cometary cloud.

Yet, they were expected to arrive soon, so Astragon had affixed several dozen planetary turbolaser cannons and planetary ion cannons to the largest planetoids, which opened fire on the unsuspecting Imperial Fleet. After taking multiple casualties, they broke through the screen to find many srmed space stations and gravity mines.

By the time they broke through the cannons and space stations, they suffered massive casualties, losing a quarter of their assault force. After making a brief hyperspace jump to Astragon orbit, they came face-to-face with the 65% complete Chaos Bringer, which, just like the second Death Star, had a fully working superlaser with which it immediately opened fire on the Imperial Fleet, taking out three Super Star Destroyers in just one shot.

Astragon soon learned of the fight ensuing over their capital, and it didn't take too long for a fully upgraded fleet of Clone-Wars era CIS capital ships to arrive, which promptly engaged the Imperial Fleet. The battle was long and very heavy with three-quarters of the 300-ship force being wiped out, ten being damaged beyond repair and five crippled. Not one ship escaped completely unscathed. It was a catastrophic loss for the Empire, and it began the First Astragon War, which the rival empire would use as a morale-booster of sorts.

The war simply increased speed of ship production on Astragon once the damage was fixed, and the Chaos Bringer was completed in the next five years, with another year to place any final adjustments or inspections.

Meanwhile, the Galactic Empire forcibly employed as many systems as possible to rebuild and expand the fleet to almost a billion warships by 8 BBY. While initially outnumbering Astragon's fleet, the addition of biotechnology from the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong eventually made this meaningless.

The main difference between the civilians of either power was that Astragon's worked willingly, while Imperials were forced to; they supplemented this workforce with legions of slaves. In order to sway galactic inhabitants, Astragon posed as liberators.

Astragon's battle droid fleet was numbering in the millions by now, and they invaded Geonosis to make a capital for one of their fleets. Since Geonosis was unimportant to the Empire, only a few ships with rather lax crews were in orbit; most of these ships were annihilated instantly. One Acclamator II assault ship managed to relay a communication to Coruscant saying,"Astragon has returned! Geonosis is under heavy attack by millions of confederate warships! Do not send...................", as it took too much enemy fire and was destroyed. The resulting ground fight was not as easy, though, and it took two months for Astragon to capture Geonosis. Truthfully, they went to Geonosis from Mustafar, not Astragon, as it was too far.

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