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This article is about the original Nagai to have the name. You may be looking for the title inherited by his descendants.

Astariax Drago, nicknamed "the Killing Corpse" and "the Ghost of Nar Shaddaa", was a bounty hunter, mercenary, and assassin who dwelt on Nar Shaddaa and was a frequent retainer of Arba the Hutt. He was also among the very few friends of the Sith Lord Tak Sakaros, although the exact nature and origin of their association was known only to the two; it was Sakaros who recommended Drago to Arba, and the two assassins had clearly already known each other before entering the Hutt's service.


Cora and DragoEdit

During the Separatist Crisis, Drago went to the Koda Space Station on Arba's behalf to retrieve a package from the Mirialan smuggler Nicora Otsana. The two were ambushed by assassins and Cora's ship, the Bane, was destroyed. During the fight, Cora saved Drago's life by shooting an assassin sneaking up behind him. Drago flew the two of them from Koda with his own ship, the Cutting Edge, returning them to Nar Shaddaa. Cora accused Arba of plotting to have her killed and bargained for a higher fee and a loan to replace her ship; the Hutt stayed his wrath when Tak discovered that the assassins actually had been Arba's men, operating on someone else's orders. Drago was prepared to kill Cora if Arba commanded it, but found the prospect distasteful.

Cora remained with Arba as his "guest" briefly, becoming Tak's lover in the process, but eventually procured a new ship, the Starsong. Tak remained with Arba to root out the treacherous elements in his organization, but Drago went with Cora, feeling honor-bound to repay her for saving his life. He also felt drawn to her; though he found her reckless, she shared his perspective of only feeling truly alive when in danger, and Drago felt he would have many opportunities to exercise his talents in her company.

On one of their trips, Cora and Drago took the Starsong to deliver medicine to Taris. While making their way through the Lower City, they were attacked; Drago managed to kill of most of the assailants, but Cora and one of her attackers fell into the Undercity. Drago descended by climbing down a pipe into the mechanical wilderness to rescue her. On their way back to the Starsong, they had a brief encounter with Keeri Thorod; Drago's distaste for the "Gentleman Hunter"'s methods was apparent, but the incident ended without conflict.

In 23 BBY, Drago and Cora ran guns for Arba into what turned out to be an ambush, orchestrated by Thorod himself. The Pau'an bounty hunter was attempting to collect on the Republic bounties for both Cora and Drago, but after a gun battle through the hangar of the ship he was using, Drago gunned Thorod down in a quickdraw duel.

Life and deathEdit

In 22 BBY, Cora and Drago conceived a son. The day after Cora discovered she was pregnant, she and Drago ran a mission to Balmorra; Drago exfiltrated successfully, but Cora was captured. Searching her belongings, he discovered she was pregnant and began orchestrating her escape. Drago persuaded Arba to help fund the mission and loan him the Trandoshan enforcer Nakossk. Drago also asked Tak for his help. The three successfully staged the Tiniyan Prison break and got Cora out amidst the ensuing riot.

Cora and Drago named their son Caliban. They parted ways after the eruption of the Clone Wars, and Tak and Drago fought side-by-side in several conflicts. Drago fought in the Battle of Umbara, using his stealth abilities to kill from the darkness. Eventually, Drago was killed in battle at Ord Radama. Tak, who was present elsewhere on the planet during the battle, managed to evade the Republic troops long enough to recover his friend's body and escape Ord Radama.


Caliban became Tak's ward, and the Sith trained the young hybrid in combat. When Caliban became a mercenary himself, he adopted his father's name and pretended to be the same Astariax Drago, capitalizing on his father's reputation to both secure himself employment and to protect himself from people who might challenge him; though he had not been seen in decades, Drago's name still commanded fear in the Outer Rim. Caliban's ploy was the beginning of a family tradition of handing down the name "Astariax Drago" through the generations.

Skills, abilities, and armamentEdit

Unlike his comrade-in-arms Tak, Drago was not Force-sensitive and thus relied on conventional weapons. He carried a vibrostaff at all times, along with a custom-built blaster pistol. During the Clone Wars, Tak managed to procure an electrostaff for his friend, though the electrical discharge made it oddly weighted and Drago usually carried the weapon only for distinct and pre-planned purposes. The assassin openly wore a bandoleer of tehk'la blades across his chest and a set of longer ones on his belt, all of which he was capable of using to deadly effect. Most of his weapons were, like him, thin and lithe, though on occasion he carried a disruptor as well.

Armored enough to protect against light attack but not enough to inhibit movement, Drago was a close-quarters fighter when the opportunity presented itself. Aside from his skill with knives, the Nagai was also a hand-to-hand fighter rivaled on Nar Shaddaa only by Tak Sakaros himself; conflicting rumors among the underworld posited that one had taught the other, or that some incredible master had taught both. However, due to his light build, Drago preferred deflecting moves and strikes from the side rather than direct engagement. Drago was also highly skilled at throwing his tehk'las from a distance, and practiced routinely.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Dressed in black, dark navy, and deliberately dulled gray, Astariax Drago could blend into any poorly lit background, and as such he often stayed in the shadows of Arba the Hutt's throne room. Many potential assassins came for the gangster, never seeing Drago until they were already doomed. Like all Nagai, Drago was thin, giving the appearance of a living corpse, especially given what many beings described as a "dead" look in his gray eyes. His species was known only to Sakaros, Arba, Cora, and a handful of others; almost without exception, Drago wore a helmet and face mask in public, along with full (though light) body armor and fingerless gloves, leaving only his eyes and fingertips exposed. It was commonly said that only Sakaros had seen his face, a rumor encouraged by both men to add to Drago's mystique and aura of fear.

Drago was chilling even to most hardened criminals. He spoke very rarely in public—and then only when necessary—and almost never showed any signs of emotion, publicly or privately. He had a cold and calculating mind, and was not hesitant about killing. However, he took very seriously what few close associations he had. Though the particulars of his friendship with Tak Sakaros were unknown, associates of Sakaros remarked that either could count on the other at any time, should he but ask. Drago believed in honor in combat, like most Nagai, although he was more willing than most to kill when it was convenient, even if not necessary. Like his contemporary Montross, he was not regarded as a particular good choice of bounty hunters if the employer wanted the target returned alive.

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