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Assassination of King Daniel IV

Rise of the Empire era


28 BBY


Parliament Square, Zarkan City, Zarkan Kingdom, Earth

  • Death of Daniel IV
  • Jane Zarkan is crowned Queen Jane I
  • Start of the souring of Zarkanian-Union relations
Affiliations involved
  • Zarkanian Royal Family
Oh my goodness! Someone has killed the king! Quickly, somebody stop him!
—A bystander after witnessing the assassination

The Assassination of King Daniel IV was an event which happened in 28 BBY on the planet Earth. The King of the Zarkan Kingdom and the Emperor of the Zarkan Empire, Daniel IV, was assassinated in Parliament Square, located in Zarkan City, the capital of the Zarkan Kingdom, whilst he was on his way to witness a session of the Zarkanian Parliament.

Whilst he was walking through Parliament Square a lone gunman came up behind him and shot him in the back multiple times, the gunman was Samuel Sutton, he was insane and delusional, he had been let out of the asylum on day release. Believing himself to be the "Liberator of the Colonies" he decided to assassinate the king in order to give the colonies the courage to begin an uprising, knowing of Daniel IV's route and routine he went to a gun shop and bought himself a gun before walking to Parliament Square.

After he got there he noticed the king leisurely strolling through the gardens, the Royal Guard were slightly complacent, no danger had directly threatened a monarch of the Zarkan Kingdom for centuries, taking advantage of the situation Sutton came up behind the king and shot him four times in the back whilst shouting "Freedom for the Colonies!".

Sutton attempted to escape, but was swiftly subdued, the witnesses wanted to lynch him but they were stopped by the Royal Guard, he took him away for imprisonment.

The king hadn't been killed immediately, he survived a further two days before dying of his wounds. Samuel Sutton was charged with regicide and high treason, and was publically hung in Parliament Square, his last words were "I did what I had to do for liberty!".

Following the assassination the security of the royal family was greatly increased. For the next week the nation mourned for Daniel IV, after the week of mourning ended Daniel IV's daughter, Jane Zarkan, had her coronation and was crowned Queen Jane I.

The Senate of the Union of Earth States, of which the Zarkan Kingdom was a member, expressed its displeasure at the public execution of Samuel Sutton, particularly due to the fact that Sutton had attempted to claim Prisoner of War status prior to his execution, which Jane Zarkan had turned down without a second thought, to the Union's expression of displeasure Jane Zarkan politely demanded that the Union not get involved in the affairs of the Zarkan Kingdom, and added that Sutton was a terrorist, a murderer and a traitor, nothing more.

The people of the Zarkan Kingdom felt that the Union cared more about Samuel Sutton than of the murdered Daniel IV, and was trying to get involved in affairs not concerning them, and began to lose faith in the Union, setting the stage for a near decade long loss of faith and support for the Union which would culminate in 21 BBY with the secession of the Zarkan Kingdom and 58 other nations to form the Confederate States of Earth.