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Ashen Celanos was a woman who existed during the Clone Wars. She was friends with Di'e Go Am'er'ez.


Early lifeEdit

Ashen was born to Kesarian parents on Tatooine in 56 ABY. Her parents were traders of Kessel spice, and as such had shady dealings in the underworld. Eventually, Jabba the Hutt got tired with their frequent speakings against them, and had them murdered. He then took Ashen and sold her to Obulla the Hutt, who was particularly notorious for participating in child prostitution. One day, she had finished a job with a very wealthy client, and as a result was given a deep purple crystal that appeared black. She coveted the jewel, and kept it secret from Obulla. In her mind, she was saving it for her "knight in shining armor" when he came. Eventually, she was freed by Di'e Go Am'er'ez and Ledos Mahan after they stormed his palace and arrested Obulla. She adored Di'e Go from the start, and gave him her jewel in gratitude. After this, she lived on the streets as a pickpocket, stealing whatever necessary to survive. She eventually got a job as a secretary for a small-time business. During the time she had this job, she grew into a beautiful young woman who had many male admirers. She dated many men, never settling down for one. She had one man on her mind: the famed Jedi Master Di'e Go Am'er'ez. She would obsess over him, collecting many pictures, articles, and other things about him to look at and admire, almost like pieces of jewelry.

As a politicianEdit

One day, she bought passage off planet to set out and meet Di'e Go. Her transport, however, was attacked by pirates and forced to land on Paros Prime. While the ship was being repaired, she met the Prime Minister of the planet, Dargan O'Jerek. He fell in love with her, and secretly stated in his will that she should be the next Prime Minister should he die. Unfortunately, Ashen heard this. Ashen had obsessed over Di'e Go for so long, that she was driven clinically insane. She knew that if Dargan died, she would be made Prime Minister, thus giving her an increased chance of meeting her long-time love interest. During the night, she sneaked into Dargan's room and slit his throat with a vibroblade. She, a barely sane alien, was now the most powerful person on the planet.

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy tried to convince her to join the war effort on their side. Of course, she had no intention of joining, but she feigned consideration to attract the Republic's attention. Predictably, they sent Di'e Go and his Clone Commander Halon to mediate. She would stay in the Republic on one condition: Di'e Go had to sleep with her. He agreed, but during the night he put her in a force trance, so she could do nothing. Angered and heartbroken, she made Halon sleep with her. Paros Prime was thus kept in the Republic.

Depression and deathEdit

After this incident, she grew depressed. She was angered that Di'e Go had not returned her attraction. She was also angered that she had to give birth to Halen, Halon's son. After giving birth, she became a spice addict and grew more and more depressed. Eventually, she was impeached from the position of Prime Minister, for reasons beyond her addiction. She then left the still young Halen in the care of her friend, Karolaan. She then wandered off into the cold desert of Paros Prime, never to be seen again. One man, however, claimed he saw her protecting a young child from a kel'aw. She killed the beast with a force blast. It can be noted that Di'e Go noticed latent force abilities in the young Ashen. The anonymous man said that she had probably done this selfless act as redemption for having a sinful life. It can rightfully be assumed that she died in the wilderness.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ashen is loosely based on Diego Amerez's second partner, who delivered a daughter to him. She was then killed soon after. The daughter's name is Jewel, so the black jewel is symbolic of her. She became a deadly warrior, hence the Darksaber.

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