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Asajj Ventress
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18 BBY

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1.8 meters

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Rise of the Empire


Jedi, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Sith, Dark Jedi

Asajj Ventress was a Rattataki Female Sith.


Post-Clone Wars, A New LifeEdit

After the Battle of Boz Pity during the Clone Wars, she was beaten by the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He spared her life and that shattered her beliefs. She went on a soul-searching trip. Her travels lead her to the planet of Tatooine.

An Old Face of War comes back and the AftermathEdit

Asajj isolated herself on Tatooine in hopes of starting over a new life. At Mos Espa spaceport she met A'Sharad Hett an old enemy during the Clone wars. the two set there differences aside and eventually planned to become husband and wife. They went into exile secretly prepared for there rise against the empire. the duo infiltrating TIE Fighter Construction Facility over Nar Shaddaa to kill Vader. They engaged in a saber battle. Vader mortally wounded Ventress, leaving her to die as he escaped. A'sharad was devastated as he held his future bride in his arms. He promised that he would avenge his wife and create an army to destroy the empire. Asajj told A'sharad to leave her body and destroy the facility. She gave him her Paired lightsabers telling him to start a New Sith Order. after her death and the destruction of the TIE Fighter Construction Facility A'sharad joined his old Tusken Raider clan becoming a warlord.


She appeared to Nathaniel Kenobi as a force ghost later when he was about to fight the Galactic Empire at the planet Toola. She told him that there were two possible futures. At the time, Nathaniel was being arrogant and took the harder choice, which eventually led to his wife's death.

She was later seen by Nathan's grandson, Nathaniel Kenobi Solo, during the Swarm War, after he had received almost fatal wounds from Welk. She, Nathan Sr., and Abigaile Jade, taught him more of the Force, making him become even closer to complete mastery.


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