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Arula Dru

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Arula Dru was a young Human female who became the apprentice to Dark Jedi Darth Verona.


She went on many missions for her master, travelling to Coruscant to murder Senator Renald Fey and steal the Key of Varus. When she arrived she got Fey to give her the key but as she was about to leave, the fallen Jedi Gangru Morpir arrived to steal the key. Fey and Morpir battled as Arula watched from the shadows but Morpir ggained the upper hand, cutting off Fey's legs. Dru was forced to act, killing Fey with a poisoned dart before he could reveal who she was but she was too late to stop Morpir discovering her. She fled from Morpir across the city and was forced to give him the key so she could escape with her life.

She later travelled to the Xeros Asteroids, and temporarily joined forces with Gangru Morpir to battle the Jedi over the Glove of XoXaan. Although she was defeated by the ancient Jedi Master Nin, she bought enough for her master to arrive. Nin also managed to defeat Verona but was betrayed and killed by the fallen Jedi Knight Deva Padj, allowing Arula and her master to escape with both gloves of XoXaan.

With the help of fellow apprentice Sha'ala Doneeta, she would infiltrate the Sith ship Might of the Sith and she ended up battling Gangru Morpir with her master, but she was grievously wounded and fled the ship after her master's disappearance. Following this defeat, she joined Doneeta's ally Arlan Darlak and together they planned to overthrow Count Dooku and his Sith Master. Arula met Darlak's allies on Abelone where they signed a treaty to ally against Dooku, she signed on behalf of her master who she believed was still alive. After the signing of the treaty she found Dark Acolytes Asajj Ventress and Sabyrne Fen, who had witnessed the meeting and were on their way to kill Darlak. She held them off long enough for Darlak to escape before fleeing herself.

A year later, after Darlak's forces had been hiding in the Maw all that time, Arula's master persuaded Darlak to attack and his forces moved forward. At that point, the Jedi Arthas Mentallis, now under her master's control, destroyed the Might of the Sith, giving Darlak's fleet the advantage. A gigantic space battle erupted but Dark Acolytes Gangru Morpir and Sabyrne Fen boarded the ship and confronted her and her master. She battled Fen, but she was outmatched and cut down and her master's plans were later overthrown.

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