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The Arrain Makila was a short-lived political party and underground dissident movement on the planet Eriadu that was led by Casei Solus. Solus had been asked to help form the party in order to coalesce the long-running pro-Republic factions into one entity. The rise of B'Rhea and the subsequent Mint Revolution, which included the dissolution of parliament, doomed the political party, however. Those who had led the party and were active civilian members quickly formed an underground dissident movement that performed acts a few acts of espionage and made plans to strike a counter-revolution against B'Rhea's despotic regime. Solus and the majority of its other leaders were executed 705 BBY. A suspected member of the Arrain Makila, Thes'hee Imconon, initially escaped capture during hours leading up to the execution of Solus.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name of the political movement was inspired by the Star Wars Fanon Administrator Solus and the story of her IRC handle involving fish sticks. Arrain makila in Basque means "fish stick."


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