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The Arle' were a primitive race native to the crowded Outer Rim planet of Caltive.

Culture Edit

The culture of the Arle' was centered on war. The closest thing they had to a government was a high council and fractured city-states. Popularity was decided on how many generals answered to one's authority, then by how many subjects one had in their armies, then weapons, and so on. Their war-like culture lead to their near-extinction on several occasions. Realizing that there extinction was too near, they had a law of war, and a high king of the savages, advised by the high priests of Menaka. Menaka, being their patron god, was also the god of war.

The law of war stated that casualties of war could not exceed 100,000 and only two wars could be going on at one time. Many believe that they were primitive and warlike through-and-through, but that is a misunderstanding. They may have been primitive in appearance and technology, but they were by no means primitive in code of law of culture.

Biology Edit

The Arle' appeared strikingly similar to Humans, but were much different. They had elevated testosterone levels in men and women, leading to blue varicose veins popping up in random areas. They had been known to have a very short temper, resulting in wars.

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