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Arali Olan (Aralio'lan) was a female Tyrian (purple) Twi'lek diplomat, politician and statesperson who served as the galactic senator of the Ryloth System since 27 ABY and the Gaulus Sector in the Galactic Alliance Senate between 29 ABY and 40 ABY. Similarly like previous Twi'leki senators of note, she also differed from the normal Twi'lek in that she had four lekku (head-tails) instead of the normal two — in Twi'lek culture this may have been seen as a sign of power — her lower extra lekku were vestigial however.

Next to her chief duty of representation she emphasized the importance of Ryloth to the Galaxy, which she justified by her pharmaceutical business initiatives and through legally centralizing ryll extraction and processing for twi’lek-owned corporations, and contracting other pharmaceutical enterprises with those. After her office, she still remained a diplomat and an active lobbyist up to the time of the Galactic Alliance Remnant.


Arali had purple skin, golden eyes and silvery and later electrum hued, punctuated body paint or tattoo along her lekku. She rarely if ever painted eyebrows on herself. She never wore headpieces of the kind that tried to fashion the Twi’lek head to exact human qualities, rather she left her scalp often uncovered giving display to the bases of her four lekku protruding, she most likely has been proud of.

This was much a passive protest against human-high-culture-assimilation and against Twi’lek slave trade where females were only regarded as colorful prostitutes with two tails attached to their heads instead of hair. Arali intended to show that those are not attachments, but are integral parts of a Twi’lek beign.

Her own additional pair of lekku was half the size as opposed to the general ones. Twi'lek males with four lekku — as a rarity — were always seen as a persons of great promise, power, or virility. This physical trait was even less common among females, however it was seen as a boon to the society gifted with such a member nevertheless. Usually the third and fourth lekku, if ever appeared, was the same size as the ordinary two. Arali’s additional lekku were vestigial, but many believed, since anatomical literature lacked instance and account, it may appear on females this very way. In the time of her youth, her clan regarded her exceptional appearance as a potential threat making her very likely an easy victim of slave trade,and they advocated the hiding of her smaller lekku outside of family holdings, as they knew well, many other clans were themselves operating or working with slave trade cartels for personal financial gain. Once as she established a relatively safe living on Coruscant later in her life, and continually after that, she did little to hide her lekku anymore. As a diplomat and especially during her long senatorial term she was famous of “wearing” her lekku in elaborate styles. For example one large lek and the opposing small one often twisted around her neck, while the other large lek let loose on her back and the small one tucked forward to deck her décolletage.

During the later terms and after her senatorial service she was often seen — especially outdoors, and while traveling — wearing a very characteristic mask like hadpiece, believed to be made of transparisteel and adorned with a single violet gem encased. It was barely translucent form the outside, but gave a clear, and possibly enhanced sight from the inside. Evidently, it could be adapted to function as a space helmet and breather as well.

Arali olan 2

Senator Arali Olan wearing her characteristic headpiece during a holocam record by HO5.

She often avoided displaying much flesh, as she half-humorously and half-sternly said: "I won’t encourage anyone to see the famously shapely Twi’lek body as a pleasing object alone. However beautiful the package may be, everyone is better to be more interested with the content."

Arali possessed a handsome face and her relatively large golden eyes gleamed with an intellectual serenity. Her features became sharper with age, especially when reaching over 140 years, but she showed no traditionally expected signs of age, like deep wrinkles, loosened skin, or any significant change in posture. She was very lean built, especially when she became old, much in contrast with the corpulent Twi’lek senators of the late Galactic Republic.


Early lifeEdit

She was born 9 BBY in Lessu, one of the two capitals of Ryloth and was a junior member of the prominent Olan clan. The clan leadership favored her for her odd yet practical talents with the Force. Though it seemed originally not much extraordinary (compared to the power of an actual Jedi), Arali possessed psychokinetic or telekinetic, telepathic and perception-altering abilities. Due to her knack at discerning other people's motives she was introduced to business and political negotiations at a relatively young age.

As slave trade were the day and life of Ryloth in the era of her childhood[1]. It was so prominent actually it counted as currency[2]. Her elders decided Arali is to escape the planet in a smuggling cargo ship by the Zann Consortium, what was based on Ryloth at that time, in order to prevent a hostile slaver brigade capturing her sooner or later. The elders thought this to be the best, as they could not bear if Arali were sold as someone’s slave, and on the other hand they trusted her in that she will contact the clan later on. Finally in 11 ABY Arali was literally smuggled to Coruscant. During the journey and the following months when she could only rely only on herself hardened her enough to be mentally tough. She later admitted with some shame that in order to survive she stole food and even valuables, often utilizing psychokinesis and illusions. Eventually these practices evaluated these talenets of her to solidly reliable abilities. For months she lived in refugee camps, shelters, and later in worker's hostels.

Learning and early career and trainingEdit

In the galactic capital Arali sought to find distant relatives, friends as her elders recommended that she possibly should. Finally she found the Schaum/Yfarg/Welbig/Fabrico and Associates advertising agency and public relations firm. The company was owned by Twi'leki interests and operated out of both Ryloth and Coruscant[3]. The Olan clan rejoiced that their daughter found a secure place to be on Coruscant. She worked at the client service department first as an assistant and used up much of her salary to pay rent as she by then lived near the corporate headquarters that was located in the Calocour Heights on Coruscant. She was proud that she made a living in the Calcour Heights, even if she rented only a larger room in an apartment owned by a female gamorrean physician in retirement. She became relatively fast a key account manager for Cybot Galactica as the agency became aware of her enhanced negotiating skills (wich were supported by not infrequent use of minor mind tricks which ones manifested themselves in her with due course) proven to be useful luring back the important client after ShaumAssoc's infamously disastrous Blaster Proof advertising campaign. Next to her more rewarding job she could afford the tuition fee to study galactic history and politology and psychology at the University of Coruscant at that time.

When Arali needed professional practice for the university 14 ABY she left Coruscant as a trainee of the Council on Security and Intelligence, or CSI, was a closed, secretive council of the New Republic Senate New Republic Intelligence Service, or NRI for one year experience at the relatively newly formed Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4. Arali first was taksed to retieve intelligence data from the by that time already obsolete Senate Planetary Intelligence Network, or SPIN intelligence service some years ago originally headquatered at the nearby village of Vornez and send data back to the NRI. She also studied history and diplomacy from the Jedi masters but the New Jedi Order also let her train her telekinetic and mind-influencing abilities which ones she performed very well but displayed not too often. She was sent largely on missons only to aid others by gathering intelligence or those of peaceful negotiation. At one time she was also appointed to supervise a Jedi classified intelligence data clearing following the actions of Kyle Katarn by Luke Skywalker[4]. Her political ambitions firmly barred her from any direct involvment with the Jedi Order.

On returning to Coruscant Arali faced with the unofficial suspicion that ShaumAssoc is a credit laudering company for slavers. Arali suspended her employee status at the agency and soon joined an investigation committee answering to the New Republic Senate Commerce Council. Although she along with her colleagues unveiled a number of laudering companies and slaver groups, ShaumAssoc was eventually never found guilty in the case, thus neither did it shadow Arali's past.

Revolutions on RylothEdit

After she graduated at the University of Coruscant she started her political career as being a trainee in the Senate and also an advisor of the Twi'lek Clan Council on Ryloth up to 24 ABY. Females actually were not acceptable as council members, though her suggestions were always welcome. Shortly after that, the Twi'lek Noola Tarkona engineered a revolution that overthrew the ruling clans of Ryloth. She then assumed control of Ryloth and founded the Anti-Human Diversity Alliance[5][6]. Arali along with many clan leaders and councilors was expected to go then to the planet’s lethally arid Bright Lands to meet their deaths. Arali instead of going there sent an illusory image of herself and as much Twi’lek she could figment a duplicate of with her concentration. Then she hid the survivors at her clan’s holdings in Lessu. When Nolaa Tarkona found her eventually alive, Arali persuaded her to let her live and told her that she supports the Diversity Alliance in getting rid of the slavers who are all employed by humans. These statements held not much thruth, however Arali was in truth sick and tired of the anti-human terrorist group and in secret she continually provided informations about the organization to the New Republic Senate and even the Jedi through her previous professional connections. These connections were the reason why Tarkona didn't question her word and competence. Arali secretly cooperated with the Twi'Lek statesman Kur all along. Some time later both of them accompanied a New Republic inspection team to Ryloth to investigate reports of the Diversity Alliance keeping Human slave miners and stocking up weapons to wage war on the republic. The inspection quickly escalated into a firefight, yet Kur stepped forward and convinced everyone to lay down their arms. Following the mission, the people of Ryloth appointed Kur as head of government. As one of his first acts in office, Kur sent two delegates to the New Republic Senate, one male Twi'lek, Cola Quis and one female Twi'lek, Arali Olan[7].

Galactic Alliance SenateEdit

She was the diplomatic aide of Senator Quis right from his inauguration in 24 ABY. Shortly after that the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy broke out[8]. After the Fall of Coruscant, Quis managed to reach Mon Calamari, where the New Republic regrouped. Due to the death of the Chief of State, Borsk Fey'lya , a new campaign to choose a Chief of State began. Quis dropped out of the race when the Alderaan Senator, Cal Omas promised to name him as the chairman of the Commerce Council and give midlevel ministry jobs to several of his friends, and an office of the Institute of Galactic History Kellmer Institute of Galactic History for Ryloth[9]. Since that Arali was a proponent of the establishment and continual operation of the institute.

She became galactic senator in 30 ABY after the Galactic Alliance and the Yuuzhan Vong then signed a peace treaty 29 ABY and the galactic government was transferred to the newly rebuilt Coruscant from Denon.

She acted as senator of the Ryloth System since 27 ABY replacing Senatoe Quis as his duties requried him presiding over the Commerce Council.

Senatorial serviceEdit

Her primary arrangements were the slave trade lockdown on Ryloth what she ensured by the raising of thecnology import to the Ryloth System and the increase of researches by diplomatic agreements with the Thyferran Vratix and a host of other pharmaceutical, medical and gene-therapy companies, with the solid backing of her senate predecessor, the actual chairman of Commerce Council. Senator Olan also persuaded and convinced the Galactic Alliance and even the New Jedi Order to support and aid Ryloth in wiping out slavers from the planet’s star docks such as the Slavers Camp in Kala’un, she utilized among others, the argument that no proper office of Kellmer Institute can take place in a conniption and crime infested world. Another important deed of her was that she fostered by lawful and lesser lawful ways the Twi’lek overtaking of the whole ryll-business by enhancing the species self-protecting yet militant organizations and by acquiring legal rights for the planet’s own resources. Senator Arali Olan always watched on what is or will be for the benefit of her people. She acquired legal rights to create an organized utilization of ryll, strictly for medical purposes. This was her greatest achievement and her greatest campaign. She worked and negotiated henceforth often with Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals, Merisee Prime Pharmaceutical, the Bacta Cartel and probably with other pharmaceutical and medical companies as well. She agitated major investments involving the ryll researches, what resulted the founding of the Pharmaryll Corporation consisting of Pharmaryll Systems (distribution), MediRyll Pharmaceuticals (drug industry), and Rylltech Incorporated (medical research). Her grown influence on this field earn her some control over medical research on a galactic political level, at the apex of her influence becoming Secretary of Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency at the Science and Technology Council in 34 ABY.

Her senatorial office ended only in 41 ABY with the fragmentation of Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. After that she held the credentials of the Ambassador at Large of Ryloth and played an unchanged role in the galactic flux of ryll pharmaceuticals. In 43 ABY she participated at the Unification Summit representing the Gaulus Sector and of course the Ryloth System, while also being invested with the trust of all those who wished the galaxy-wide slave revolts to come in to the most favorable outcome[10].

Rylltech exploitsEdit

Or Tuma was the outermost planet orbiting the star Ryloth in the Ryloth system. A frozen terrestrial world, barely habitable by conventional definitions was only inhabited by a few Twil'lec colonists that decided to escape the extremities of Ryloth's weather conditions. The investors of Rylltech Inc. built remote hot labs in isolated locations across the planet's surface. These facilities were used for research too dangerous or controversial to be performed elsewhere, all legalized while the system's senator, Arali Olan coincidentally held the Secretary seat of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency of the Science and Technology Council, providing thus a unique status to the world where galactic regulations and customs laws are relaxed in order to pusue advanced scientific and medical research.

Certain experiments conducted in Rylltech Inc. laboratories resuled developing a ryll-based compound that as per introduced to nervous tissue in a certain form of treatment — initially tested on short-lived non sentient species — raised the Midi-chlorian count of those subjects, which in turn positively contributed to overall health and even provided an extended lifespan while developing an addiction to the compound — somewhat expected as most kinds of ryll-drugs usually did so. Failing to meet the demand of the substance for a subject that developed the addiction resulted substantial Midi-chlorian count drop in short notice followed by overral numbness and mental enervation inflicted by the nervous system's self-reconditioning. The symptoms faded only slowly with time in context with the amount and extent of treatment. Introducing more than the required amount of the substace caused mental disorders, and nerve system burnouts. The so called 'right amount' was an ever-incresing portion of the ryll compound. Careful administration of doses provided a lasting benefit on one's health and of course Force-sensitivity, but the production of the substance was very expensive.

Under Secretary of Sate on Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation, Arali Olan, ordered the experiments to be discontinued with the permission to evaluate its final results to a safe level. Officially the researsh was abolished with the nonsentient test subjects eventually died of old age and natural causes, while sapient patients succesfully went through withdrawal treatment. Notes and evidences were classified. Unofficially the compound was used to enhance Ryloth's homeworld defence military personnel and also used by the clergy and in the planet's internal medicine.

Later lifeEdit

Senator Arali lived for a rather impressive lifespan. Even in 138 ABY when the Second Imperial Civil War draw to its end with the formation of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, and even for several centuries to come Arali's signature was prominent on the credentials of the nevly delgated diplomats and the senator of the Ryloth System to the new Galactic Senate what suggest that she maintined a lasting presence in her homeworld's galactic policy. Pharmaryll contracts were still often signed personally by her even though after she retired from public service and public life. Her exceptional longevity might be attributed to either her Force-sensitivity and/or to the extended usage of some of the resulting products of the more clandestine experiments performed by Rylltech medical research.

She never ceased to root out slaving wherever it showed up on Ryloth and it is safe to say that during the course of one century after her rise in politcal power she changed her homeworld's main export from Twi'lek slaves and prostiutes to that of legally mined, processed, and distributed ryll-products. Despite the shifting galactic political climate of the 120s and 130s, Ryloth and its newfound pharmaceutical interests were not damaged in any significant sense.

Arali took on a spiritual lifestile in her late years deepening her faith in the benevolent Twi'Lek goddess of the universe, Kika'Lekki.


Arali Olan was a well-mannered and generally soft-spoken woman, but if it was needed she could be quite ruthless. She was a pragmatic person and sometimes she relayed on her strong suggestive powers, but she never turned out to be a selfish manipulator despite she was the mastermind behind the Pharmaryll and its ryll monopoly, what finally resulted a handsome profit and constant source of credits for her home world.

Senator Arali Olan disdained the lifestile of her former predecessors the decadent Chom Frey Kaa and Orn free Taa. Most of all the fact they paraded with Twi’lek females similarly as did any slaving crime lord. Of course Senator Arali did not so, but even if she was a male she wouldn’t did that. She believed her older predecessors were the very display of what was rotten within the Old Republic. She personally founded a School and Institute of Performed Arts at Kala’uun Starport in place of the Slaver’s Camp what was wiped out by her machinations. She was a stern antagonist of slave trade, especially wich ones involved Twi’leks, and spoke out and did as much as she could against it. She insisted Twi’leks outside their home world must be businessmen, politicians and professional entertainers (according to her belief for astronomical fees) instead of being slaves to anyone. Also a great deal of Pharmaryll's products were well usable to treat posttraumatic stress disordes or were psychologically rehabilitizing supplements.

Arali had strong opinions and never really hid what was on her mind, wich gave her a number of allies and enemies as well. Slaver organisations went even so far hiring sniper hitmen to shoot and kill her with a recently outlawed (with her vote included) disruptor riffle aimed at her forehead. Only her alertness and presence of mind saved her, thumbling away from the disruprion ray with unnatural speed. After that she was often wearing her later characterisic headpiece or helmet, with its encased violet gem rumored to be some sort of a spiritual charm.

Senator Olan was a patron of the arts. Tyrian Twi'leks are naturally draw towards aethetics and possess artistic sense and pursuits. Not unlike that, Arali enjoyed attending concertos, theater, musical and dance performances. She was great admirer and collector of fine art as well. She insisted to incorporate performed arts in to every eduacation curriculum on Ryloth, with the goal building excessively cultured youth who can become professional entertainers and/or artisans themselves, and during her term as senator continually arranged means of cultural exchange, scholarships and programs for the people of Ryloth to nearly every possible desination of woth throughout the galaxy, inciting Art-tourism on a galactic level.

She was sometimes called Aola ("flower") by close friends - AraliO'LAn - as capitals show here, a condensed version of her original name.

Relatives and AssociatesEdit


Siolo Valla, galactic lawyer, with Senator Olan in background

  • The Olan clan was her extended family on Ryloth, mostly based in the capital, Lessu. It was an influential and wealthy clan with ties to ryll mining and performed arts. Since the clan itself was largely composed of Tyrian and Darian Twi'lek — also described as music and stone Twi'lek, respectively, both being aboveworld polulace (or sub-race) — artistic expression was just as significantly present than mining operation and geoscience in the Olans' daily life. The clan had charismatic persons who were natural in synchronizing others’ agendas and wise to offer refreshment events to keep up the high standards in productivity.
  • Cazne Olan was the actual clan leader during her youth.
  • Cola Quis was her senatorial predecessor and employer as diplomatic aide, later colleagues at the Galactic Alliance Senate.
  • Senator Olan had a diplomatic aide, a male Rutian Twi’lek, Siolo Valla, who was a galactic lawyer. Rumor said theirs was not just a professional relationship.

Notable assetsEdit

Arali did not however dismiss the luxury usually entitled to a galactic senator, but generally she tried to live moderately.

  • Senator Arali Olan had an apartment in the Ambassadorial Sector in the Senate District of Coruscant, actually where the late Senate Apartmet Complex and 500 Republica used to be before the Yuuzhan Wong terraformation of the planet and the following rebuilding of Galactic City. The apartment was accessed via a turbolift on the exterior of the building, rising up to a small reception room. From here, visitors were welcomed into the main room sporting immense transparisteel windows and a central lounge area. It was crossed by a passage which at one end led in to the study and work rooms and the other led to Arali’s private quarters. An open-air veranda was also available and which provided a small docking area for speeders. The senatorial suite was tastily decorated. It displayed many of the oddly beautiful luminescent crystalline plant life of the Nightlands of Ryloth.
  • In her elderly years she lived at a botanic villa in a hot dome in the Nightlands area at some proximity to the capital, Lessu.
  • She purchased a customized, shaplely white and electrum ornamented XJ-2 airspeeder from the Narglatch AirTech (similarly as did once Senator Bail Organa, she also registered the speeder under an alias name Liara Noalle —the anagram of her name— to deflect attention).
  • Her personal consular space-vessel was Nubia Star Drives Incorporated built yacht. Once she earned a hefty sum of money from the pharmaceutical business contracts, she ordered Twi’lek artists and designers to oversee the evocation of the class of the old Nubian yachts in the design of her new ship which was built by the successor of the original factory. The result was the Twilight class Nubian Yacht named Ayy’lekki ("Starry leks").
  • She planned and ordered a unique, spherical diplomatic mediation and protocol droid from the Cybot Galactica, of which company she was a key account at the Schaum Assoc. many years ago. OH5 was programmed much like protocol droids and had a masculine programming (with 1+1 photo-uv-heat sensor, audio sensor and olfactory sensor, translator unit, audio recorder unit, multiple holocam projectors, and one holocam recorder unit as well, following with vocabulator, SytheTech AA-1 Verbobrain combined with the fabulous TranLang III Communications module allowing over six million forms of communication, and finnally restraining bolt module.) He was not anthropomorphic, instead he had levitating spherical body equipped with five repulsorlifts, golden exterior with a bright violet sensor in the middle. His body could split in to a head, two torso-parts, and two hands, each five parts having a dedicated repulsorlift support. (Hence the number 5 in his name) This modularity allowed him to project and take on every shape he needed to, and literally took on any holographic form, wich feat was very useful in cross-species metacommunication. OH5 could also provide legal advices as that was also part of his programming, often supporting or sometimes substituting Arali's lawyer aide as well.

Force powersEdit

Arali Olan was reported to use and presumed to possess the following Force abilities. It must be noted that her abilities rooted from mental origin and did not invested her with the agility and physical prowess of the Jedi or the Sith. She either needed keen concentration of will, strong presence of mind or clear meditation to manifest a power. On the other hand she was reportedly resistant to Force powers, especially to those of mental origin. She preferred not to display her unusual abilities in public, for she knew, that being a politician with telepathic abilities usually can easly make her viewed as being morally and/or ethically questionable.

Behind the scenesEdit

Arali's protective space/travel helmet was much inspired by the looks of Elesh Norn [1] from the Magic the Gathering collectable card game set, New Phyrexia.

It is safe to say that her character is almost the anti-thesis of the corpulent and hedonistic male Twi'lek senators.


Senator of Ryloth
Cola Quis 27 ABY40 ABY Unknown
Under Secretary of State on Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation at the Science and Technology Council
Unknown 34 ABY40 ABY Unknown


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