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Regardless what you say about him, about his appearance being more human than Sith, he is more Sith than many in this Empire. He is the epitome of what it is to be Sith!
Simus to a group of neutral Sith on Apeiron.

Apeiron (pronounced: Ape-I-Ron) was an unnamed male who became a Dark Lord of the Sith and a Sith Sorcerer adviser loyal to Marka Ragnos, up until Ragnos' death Apeiron played a major part in Ragnos' power-base and after the funeral claimed much of Ragnos' allies as his own, Apeiron was feared among the Sith due to the fact that even through he aged he would inevitably return to being young again and at one point he finally stopped this cycle and remained young indefinitely however there was more to the cycle than meets the eye.

Apeiron was also a well accomplished Sith Warrior due to his age and field of training even surpassing that of Ragnos himself whom became too wrapped up in the governing of the Sith Empire, Apeiron found a fascination in the concept of Sith Lightsabers and designed to even facilitate either the production or acquirement of them as a trial in Sith Acolyte training, since far over a hundred of years since being born Apeiron took more interest in the internal expansion and evolution of the Sith Empire within their Stygian Caldera boundaries rather than external expansion into the larger galaxy.

Apeiron was known often as Lord Apeiron by many common folk and soldiers, or simply Master Apeiron, by his students.


Pre-Empire AscendantEdit

Youth and ApprenticeshipEdit

Apeiron was a Sith-Human Hybrid born around the same time as Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos, Apeiron was trained by an unnamed Sith master and gained a brief friendship with fellow apprentice Marka Ragnos as they both wanted to strive to surpass their masters and start out on their own, while Ragnos took interest in the governorship of Sith and manipulating them it was instead Apeiron's interest in Sorcery and combat that made their young alliance so powerful.

The two of them did great things together as they trod around within the Stygian Caldera either leading armies to invade recently discovered worlds or gaining access to unique relics and texts that could be of usage to them, eventually they became so powerful that the two of them working together defeated both of their masters and gained control of great power-bases, slowly and with talent they worked themselves up through the Sith hierarchy from very young ages to take places among the great ones.

Difference in opinionEdit

From what the records say, Marka Ragnos wanted to have power and rule the Sith, Apeiron was a unique type though... he found more interest and power in gaining knowledge - of learning the deepest secrets of the Dark side.
—An unnamed Sith Historian.

Sometime in their late teens, the two Hybrids got into an argument over the course of action that they should take and Apeiron was insistent on withdrawing from any desires of ruling the Sith, thereby neutralizing himself as a threat within the eyes of many Sith rivals despite his large power-base which he sought to withdraw into seclusion.

For many years he toiled away on a space station and experimented on lifeforms with Sith alchemy to gain what he called "Immortality", he managed to create a unique human-like Hybrid whom he trained and allowed to create a family while enchanting the wife with a spell that would allow the genetic code from the father to be dominant every generation and would eventually reform to create a replica, that done Apeiron Memory rubbed the wife to forget the father before transferring his essence through the usage of his personally crafted Sith Sword into the body of the Human-like Sith-Human Hybrid.

Every Generation or two, Apeiron would use his sentient key-like Sith Sword to unlock the ties between he and his old Vessel before sending it into a new Vessel thereby sacrificing the old one to darkness in the process, after each transfer it become quicker to gain full control of his Vessels and the more he trained his Vessels up prior the more of his power he could use sooner straight after the transfer. For over a hundred years he continued this method and many Sith came to see him as an incarnation of a Sith God that liked to play with his age, some of the more intelligent were likewise baffled by these attempts of youth and came to believe Apeiron too powerful a Sith to be challenged and therefore his reason for withdrawing from direct plays for power was that he saw it as a waste of his power and efforts.

When Marka Ragnos became Dark Lord of the Sith it was Apeiron who remained the believed strongest Dark Lord however he had no interest in challenging Ragnos while instead advising him whilst Ragnos sent other Sith rivals against each other. Apeiron served Ragnos faithfully for many years, up until 5000 BBY, when the leader of the Sith finally gave into old age and died.

Shifting DarknessEdit

Conflicts ariseEdit

Three men die and a hundred more pay the price.
—Apeiron commenting on the outbreak of Civil War.

In 5000 BBY, the Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos finally died of old age despite how much he had used the Dark side to extend his life,

Personality and traitsEdit

Apeiron was described as two words: dominating and manipulative, despite his withdrawal from the power-plays of the Empire he enjoyed the prospect that his mysterious strength made any potential rivals fear him enough so that they didn't step up to steal power from his own power-base, when one field of income or research was pressed upon that another Sith had invested in they came to a shared agreement in the project as well as confidentiality between the two parties.

Apeiron was a heavy reformer and sought to bring the Sith Empire into a new technological and philosophical dawn that would allow them to survive and even defeat challenges presented to them outside of the Stygian Caldera but unlike Naga Sadow he had no interest in gaining control of the Empire nor rushing the Empire into war with an equal rival like the Galactic Republic, his loyal Sith Warriors and Sorcerers became known as his "Pack" by Sith looking in from the outside, and he became known as the "Dominant Alpha" of that pack whom had complete loyalty from his followers - a rare trait compared to Sith of the modern day.

Those of served him became great assets of Apeiron and in turn he was a great asset to them as he gave them direction and was their figurehead, generations after generations of these loyal companions regardless of being Force sensitive or not and alien or human came to serve Apeiron, sometime after the Great Sith Civil War this power-base was given autonomous authority and immunity to all laws within the Empire that acted as the private protectors of the Empire and its Head of State: the Emperor, the Empress and their family. They became known as the Empire's Fist, and the "Immortal" Apeiron still led them, their bond unbreakable throughout countless generations of loyalty.

From time-to-time Apeiron slipped into sullenness and temperamental although it lasted only briefly, he has moments of trickery despite being a man of his word and has been shown to be rebellious when it comes to something he really doesn't like, he was also shown scenes of violent and a pessimistic attitude especially when riled up by something especially the time he argued with Marka Ragnos in their youth. Overall he was positively very friendly, playful, carefree and caring to the people around him especially those he cares about, serves alongside or member of his "Pack" who he saw as adopted family that he must eventually keep at an arm's length. However in an overall negative light, he was also shown to be somewhat sarcastic, obnoxious and childish, and had a bad temper as well as being hostile at first to those he didn't trust even if they were necessary to his success.

He never felt a close attachment to anyone however beside his friendship with Marka Ragnos, ironically he only ever fell in love with his apprentice Dinami after seeing him for the first time after Ragnos' death, he went through a massive plot to turn Dinami's hateful feelings of him around and came to believe that a Sith could love a fellow Force sensitive so long as they were strong thereby their passions would only make them stronger still.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In his original body, Apeiron was a red skinned Sith species hybrid and had a rather rich Sith blood, he had face tentacles and bone spurs. His eyes were a sulfur yellow color and uniquely for his species he had hair which was pitch black, he always wore robes with armor on them, a rarity in the robe wearing members of the Sith community.

After transferring into a more human-like Hybrid body, his new avatar regained the ebony black hair of his original body but now he had brown eyes that turned red whenever he called upon the power of the Dark side, his skin had lightened into a russet color which made him stand out in the upper hierarchy of the Sith Empire. Unlike his prior body, he began to wear more human-like clothes and armor, his humanoid Vessel was also more physically adorned than his past Sith body which allowed him not to participate in close-range combat.

An interesting trait he gained from being in a Hybrid body with more human traits, was his nudist/semi-nudist actions when in private and most especially when sleeping, but whether this was for his benefit or Dinami's was never concluded.


Apeiron's Sith LightsaberEdit

Apeiron's primary Lightsaber weapon and was crafted for the single purpose of bringing evolution to the Sith, the Lightsaber was soon replicated by other Sith and it became a common in the Sith Empire for a Sith to wield a crimson-bladed Lightsaber proudly.

Apeiron's off-hand Sith LightsaberEdit

After retiring the usage of his Sith Sword as a weapon and instead using it as a powerful Sith artifact that could be used to unlock the Darkness within people, Apeiron built an off-hand Lightsaber to continue using his Niman and Jar'Kai whenever he desired such a form of combat.

Apeiron's Sith SwordEdit

A powerful and sentient Relic that Apeiron crafted, enchanted and imbedded part of his soul into, the sword has many Force abilities that can be used and it can even stir up the Dark side within people.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Apeiron was extremely powerful in the Force from a young age and sought ways to increase his powers both personally and politically, to that end he used his powers to forge a mighty power-base and then cause fear in potential rivals so that they wouldn't poach on his territory, once his political power-base was secure he delved deep into Forbidden Dark Arts in search of ultimate Sith power.

Personal AbilitiesEdit

  • Force Sensitivity - Apeiron had great levels of Force sensitivity to the extent that he felt one with the Force, able to feel the flows and bends in it and able to guess what had happened when there was a giant flux in the Force, Apeiron built up his own philosophy that the Force was an incredible power that was wild as a river and therefore needed to be respected.
  • Personal Force reservoir - Apeiron has a massive Personal Force reservoir and can do many abilities at once without much exhaustion, he can draw on massive amounts of the Force to carry out ends without fatigue interfering, he was rarely ever seen reaching his limits.
  • Telepathy - Apeiron was a very powerful natural Telepath and could reach from anywhere in Sith space to talk to anyone on Yavin IV, Apeiron could construct extremely powerful mental shields which could keep even the most voracious Telepath out of his mind even after days of starvation and weeks of torture, his telepathy was so strong that he had little difficulty of beating through mental barriers of even some of the higher Sith Lords in the Empire. Another aspect of his Telepathy, was that Apeiron could easily dominate the minds of his Vessels, a useful trait for when he took over their bodies.
  • Telekinesis - One of Apeiron's greatest and most well known abilities was Telekinesis, considered a master of the Art he could pull a Star Ship the size of an Centurion-class battlecruiser from the sky with some minor difficulty, Apeiron always considered Telekinesis to be a new category of muscle, that with practice could only become stronger still. Apeiron could easily use neutral Telekinetic abilities to move objects, use Force Pull, Force Push, Force Whirlwind, Force Wave, Force Repulse and Force Throw. As a Sith there was no doubt he would use Darker telekinetic abilities like rending a person in two, Force Wound, Force Kill, Force Choke, Force Grip and Force Crush. Apeiron often used Lightsaber throw in combat and was known to use brief amounts of Levitation and Force Flight, he could even use Projected Fighting to fight an enemy with his mind instead, or create an artificial Force wind with Telekinesis.
  • Eternally Young and Healthy - After casting the Ritual of Invigoration, Apeiron became eternally young and resistant to all diseases and infections which included long-term Dark side corruption, even though it also gave him an increased healing factor also it didn't mean that he was incapable of dying in combat.
  • Increased Physicality - Apeiron had specifically designed all his Vessels to be physically stronger, faster, more agile and durable that either a normal Sith or human, he also used the force to further enhance these factors.

Basic Sith abilitiesEdit

  • Drain Knowledge - The most common ability that Apeiron uses during his search for dark knowledge, he could drain the knowledge of people, animals or even Force ghosts that he came across.
  • Force Destruction - It was claimed by many of Apeiron's apprentices, that Apeiron could use this deadly Dark side ability, destroy objects or people within the path of the Force energy he summoned.
  • Force drain - Apeiron was capable of draining people, regardless of their Force sensitivity or the lacking of, of their life and presence in the Force thereby killing them whilst increasing his own power.
  • Sith mind tricks - Empowered by the Dark side, Apeiron could easily cast powerful illusions, corrupt a person to follow his will or simply dominate and control a person's mind with little effort.
  • Force lightning - Like most Dark Lords of the Sith, Apeiron was easily capable of being a master of Force lightning, he could Chain Lightning to strike multiple enemies, Force shock enemies to stun them and cause a storm of Force Lightning that rains down on his enemies head.
  • Force Maelstrom - Apeiron was easily capable of using this ability as devastating combination of the powers Protection bubble, Telekinesis, and Force lightning to surprise and devastate enemies.
  • Force Rage - Apeiron was capable of using Force Rage to temporarily increase his physical parameters, he could couple it with Force scream as he leaped over a great distance to attack his enemies in close range combat.
  • Force scream - Like most trained to be a Sith Warrior, Apeiron could release a roar of Force energy, in a scream of pure rage and anger.
  • Spear of midnight black - Apeiron could summon a massive spear of pure Dark side energy, before throwing it and impaling his enemies with it.
    • Dark Volley - Apeiron can use a variant of the Spear of midnight black, launching dagger-length beams of Dark side energy at opponents, he could either launch it from his hand or the tip of his Sith Sword.
  • Memory Walk - Although it wouldn't officially be named for many millenniums to come, Apeiron was capable of using the memories and thoughts of a person to inflict harm on them mentally.

Sith Sorcerer AbilitiesEdit

  • Force blast - Apeiron was capable of causing a blast of pure Dark side energy, thus destroying anything or anyone
  • Static Barrier - Apeiron was able to cast the powerful Static Barrier which he used to protect allies and enemies alike, although the shield doesn't last permanently it was able to take impact from even a Turbolaser shot.
  • Dark side tendrils - Apeiron easily used the power of the Dark side tendrils to overpower and harm enemies, trapping them with the full power of the dark side, and wearing away anything it touched.
  • Ritual of Invigoration - Apeiron invented a powerful Sith spell that would allow him and others to become "Immortal", it stopped all aging and countered the chance of sickness or disease, this too included even Dark side corruption.

Close Quarters AbilitiesEdit

He is feared for his Swordsmanship, he is a superb Warrior, notable in his skill comparable to Tulak Hord.
—An unnamed Sith commenting on Apeiron.
  • Seven Lightsaber forms - Apeiron was a master of all


Behind the ScenesEdit

The word, "Apeiron" was a Greek word meaning unlimited, infinite or indefinite. He was named this because of the fact that he was one of the only Sith to gain a sense of immortality, being immune to age and disease which included long-term Darkside corruption, an ironic trait is that Apeiron wants to guide the Empire in the right direction and instigate evolution within the Empire but has no personal goals of gaining the position of Emperor despite being an "immortal" Sith and therefore best for the job.