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She is a troubled girl, my friend. Her visions poison her mind, forcing her to live in constant fear of what might happen in the future. I don't think that she will ever find peace among the living.
Rodon Wenn, discussing his apprentice with Vandar Tokare.

Anya Ser was a Human female Jedi Knight during the Jedi Civil War. Born on Chandrilla in 3,980 BBY, she was taken into the Jedi Order at a young age. She spent most of her childhood on Coruscant, during which time she often experienced visions which took a toll on her due to their content. Ten years after being brought into the Jedi Order, she became the Padawan of Rodon Wenn.

In 3,965 BBY, the Mandalorian Wars broke out. As a reward for her actions during the Battle of Vanquo, in which her master perished, Anya was knighted by the Jedi High Council. In 3,959 BBY, during the early stages of the Jedi Civil War, Anya was slain by the former Jedi Revan, who, along with his friend and fellow Jedi Knight Alek Squinquargesimus, had assumed the title Dark Lord of the Sith.


Early lifeEdit

Anya Ser was born in 3,980 BBY on the agricultural world of Chandrila. She was the daughter of two farmers, Rheim Ser and Cila Ser. When she was two years old, Anya's Force-sensitivity was discovered by a group of visiting Jedi, who eventually took her with them to their temple on Coruscant. Her parents were initially reluctant to let them take her, but later agreed.

Her early years among the Jedi were troubled, as she began to experience visions granted to her by the Force, a metaphysical energy field binding all living things together, at an early age. An incident during her time as a youngling caused her to fear the visions. She told one of the minders about her soon-to-come death, which caused the elderly woman to suffer from a stroke, killing her.

At the age of twelve, Anya was assigned as a Padawan to the Ithorian Jedi Knight Rodon Wenn. Like many other Padawans, she followed her master on his travels across the galaxy, visiting planets such as Taris, Malastare and Dorin.

Incident on IthorEdit

After three years of apprenticeship, Anya and her master arrived on one of the large spacecraft used by the Ithorians as cities, known as herdships. These ships were orbiting Ithor, Wenn's homeworld, located in the Outer Rim.

This was the first time her master had visited the planet in over a decade, due to being disowned by his people for breaking the Law of Life, the core principle of Ithorian culture.

They had been called there by the High Priest of Ithor, who had sensed the presence of hostile beings on the planet's surface. The Ithorians viewed Ithor as sacred, which meant that even the possibility of someone hurting the planet's lush flora and fauna was sacrilegious.


The vision Anya received on Ithor.

In secret, the High Priest gave them permission to visit the suspected area in order to investigate. Upon arrival, they discovered the remains of several dead nature priests. As they prepared to leave, Anya experienced the strongest vision she had ever received, showing her a masked warrior, walking through the ruins of a large city. Rodon immediately notified the Jedi Council of this incident, but it was not until several months later that the vision was fully explained.

The Mandalorian WarsEdit

In 3,965 BBY, several Republic convoys came under attack by an unknown force, which previously had been engaging in a secret conquest of the Unknown Regions and various Outer Rim worlds. They were the Mandalorians, a warlike group of clans who believed that one earned honor through battle. Led by Mandalore the Ultimate, they began a large-scale invasion of the Galactic Republic.

The Jedi Order chose to stay neutral, although a group of more militant Jedi known as the Revanchists joined the war. In 3,963 BBY, Anya and Rodon were stationed on the planet of Vanquo when the Mandalorians invaded. During the long battle that ensued, the two Jedi helped local miners evacuate their camps.

During the later stages of the engagement, they were attacked by a Mandalorian platoon. In an attempt to give the group of civilians accompanying them enough time to escape, they rushed towards the Mandalorians, trying to distract them.

The battle lasted two minutes. When it was over, most of the hostile force had been slain and the rest had fled. The Jedi had also suffered casualties: Wenn had been killed by a stray blaster bolt during the final moments and Anya had received several wounds. She was soon found by a group of Republic soldiers who brought her with them to their ship, ready to evacuate the planet. The battle had been lost.

After her eventual recovery back at Coruscant, she found that Rodon had been posthumously awarded the title of Jedi Master, and that the Council had been awaiting the day that she was healthy enough to be named a Jedi Knight, as a reward for her actions on Vanquo.


One of Anya's visions, foretelling the Jedi Civil War.

She spent the rest of the Mandalorian Wars at Coruscant, meditating the death of her master. During this time, her visions returned, stronger than before. From them, she gathered that something of importance would happen. Several years later, she realized that the Force had been trying to warn her about what was to come; The Jedi Civil War.

Jedi Civil WarEdit

In 3,959 BBY, the Jedi known as Revan, who along with his friend and fellow knight Alek Squinquargesimus had led the Revanchists and eventually the entire Republic military, returned after disappearing into the unknown. He had become a Sith, the ancient sect dedicated to the dark side of the Force, and soon began to wage a war against the Republic and the Jedi Order.


One of Anya's visions, showing her a large, unknown object, later revealed to be the Star Forge.

Anya was soon stationed on the Zabrak homeworld of Iridonia, as a part of the Jedi group assigned to protect the planet. Three days after information about the bombing of Telos IV, a battle during which millions of Telosian civilians died, reached the Republic, Iridonia was attacked by Revan's new Sith Empire.

The invasion force was led by Darth Revan. After bombarding the planet for several days, the Sith Lord and his army reached Iridonia's capital.

The Republic garrison held out for several days, but its defenses were eventually breached. The few remaining soldiers, along with the Jedi, withdrew further and further into the building complex, eventually coming to a dead end. Cornered as they were, they decided to make a last stand. The fight lasted for hours, and it was only when the enraged Revan arrived, determined to crush all opposition, that it came to an end.

At this point, only the Jedi were left. Dueling the Sith Lord among the corpses of a dozen soldiers, they were killed one by one. Merely minutes after his arrival, Revan was left alone with Anya, who had survived only due to her skills in Battle Precognition.

The battle was even, becoming somewhat of a standstill. Anya, with help from her precognition, sensed a weakness in the Sith lord's defense. Overwhelmed by her hate for the man and the grief the deaths of the Jedi he had caused, prepared to strike him down. Just as she was about to execute the sai cha maneuver, a move used to behead an enemy, she received what would become her final vision.


Anya's final vision.

She saw Revan, standing over the body of his apprentice, wielding the lightsaber of a Jedi. This was only the first image of a sequence, showing the Sith Lord's redemption and what eventually became of him. She realized that if she struck him down, the Galaxy would be doomed, as Revan one day would become the only thing protecting it from an unknown threat.

Lowering her lightsaber, she allowed the confused and enraged Revan to strike her down.


Years later, the events that Anya had seen in her vision came true. As the memories of the amnesiac and now redeemed Revan began to return, one specifically stood out: that of Anya's sacrifice. He realized that she must have seen that he would accomplish that which he initially thought impossible. And so, he set out, into the Unknown Regions.

What then happened to him is unknown.

Personality and traitsEdit

Aiding those in need are the foremost responsibility of a Jedi, master.
—Anya Ser, after being questioned by Rodon Wenn during her apprenticeship to him.

Anya was originally considered an open person, sharing her thoughts with everyone around her. After the incident in her youth, which had been caused by her visions, however, her entire personality changed. She became reclusive, actively avoiding interaction with anyone except for Rodon Wenn, who she subconsciously viewed as a father-figure.

She believed that helping others was the only way to "repent" for unintentionally killing a fellow Jedi, and did so as often as she could.

As it was her visions that led to the old minder's death, as they often contained for her frightening messages, Anya lived in fear of her own ability, despite the constant assurances of her master.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Anya's lightsaber.

Prior to her death, the Jedi Order determined that Anya had a stronger connection to the Force than that of the average Jedi, but she had difficulties in actively channeling the power. Instead, it came to her as overwhelming visions, which were a subconscious use of Force Sense. Her skills in precognition were considered by the Order to be higher than those of most Force-users

Her skills in lightsaber combat were, on a technical level, inferior to those of other Jedi. However, because her precognition made her sense almost every move an opponent would make, she was able to pose a challenge to her opponents. Wielding a simple lightsaber with a green hilt, she utilized Soresu, the third lightsaber form.

Anya spoke several languages fluently, including her native language, Galactic Basic Standard, as well Bocce and that of her master, Ithorese.

Behind the scenesEdit

Well.. what can I say.. Cheesy and poorly-written in one language means awesome and superbly-written in another. Kind of.
Antonstaen, doing a Wuher.

A Star Wars: The Old Republic forum avatar which inspired the author to use Bultar Swan as a model for Anya.

Anya Ser was created by Antonstaen in September 2009, and was his first "serious" article on the Star Wars fanon wiki.

The author was inspired to write the article by a multitude of things, mainly his deep fascination for dreams and what might happen in the future. Anya herself was inspired by the Jedi Bultar Swan, with whom she shares her appearance.

Her name was decided after the author discovered that Anya means "eye" in the Igbo language. Her surname was chosen due to the fact that it means "sees" in Swedish, and because it was similar to the word "seer".

During the time the article was being developed several key details changed. Among them, Anya's species. The author was originally going to make her a Kallidahin, most commonly known as Polis Massans, but then discovered that the species lacked a mouth, which would have made everything rather complicated, in the author's opinion. Another thing that the constantly changed was her age, as the author wanted her to be fairly young at the time of the Mandalorian Wars but not as much during the Jedi Civil War.

Originally, all locations, events and people except for Rodon Wenn and Anya herself were going to be canon, with just "minor" things added. However, this proved impossible, as it turned out that the Republic already knew about the Mandalorian threat long before 3,965 BBY and that Ithor was actually located in the Mid Rim, and not in the Outer. Thus, several canon facts had to be changed, which eventually influenced her entire later life.

The image used to show Anya's final vision is actually a vision experienced by Duron Qel-Droma.

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