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Chiss era
Anx Space Campaign

Second Imperial Civil War


132 ABY


132 ABY


Raioballo sector


Fel Empire victory.

Major battles

Fel Empire


The Anx Space campaign was an operation initiated by Krayt's loyalist Empire against the Fel Empire in the Raioballo sector. Under lead of admiral of the Outer Rim Seventh Fleet, Saul Talon, the Fel Empire managed to remain in control of the sector.


The Anx Space campaign fired in 132 ABY when Grand Moff Kray Darven, a Krayt loyalist, invaded the Anx Minor. While he was victorious over Anx Minor, Saul Talon defeated him over Sinsang, and he was even pushed back during the battle of Gravlex Med, leading him to abandon his task of pacifying the Raioballo sector.

Following the withdrawal of the Grand Moff, Saul Talon moved in to retake Anx Minor from Krayt's Empire. Shortly after the campaign, Wolf Talon called upon Saul just prior to the battle of Infamous Fallen.


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