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Andoorni Kwadwo was a Rodian female. She was the wife of Neebo Kwadwo and mother of Eniki Kwadwo. Andoorni's first name was common for Rodian females and meant "adventurous" or "heedless of danger." She lived in a small, isolated village deep within the jungles of Rodia with her husband and two sons, Mujo and Gupta, the eldest of which, Mujo, suffered from a moderate developmental disability. Such a mental handicap was not well-understood in their village and blame was placed on the parents for their son's strange behavior. When Eniki was born and found to be Force-sensitive, her parents relinquished custody of the infant to the Jedi in hopes that she would not be exposed to her older brother's disability and the insensitivities of the villagers. Unfortunately, Andoorni's daughter suffered from the same disability, only with more severity.

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