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Anakin Fel was the name of the child born to Jagged Fel and Jaina Solo in 33 ABY. He served as a Jedi Knight and member of the reformed, all-Jedi Rogue Squadron during the Sith Crusade.

After the death of his mother at Dathomir, Anakin struggled with the dark side, but eventually overcame it through the most unusual means — hatred. He so despised the Sith that he refused to become one of them, and eventually forced himself back into the light.

Anakin actually died briefly at the Battle of Ossus, but Rez brought him back to life using Force resurrection. It is unknown at this time whether Anakin suffered any side effects from the trauma of dying and then being brought back to life. He named his R5 astromech droid in Rez's honor.

Later, Anakin resigned alongside the other members of Rogue Squadron in protest of Presidential Order 0139/D.

Behind the scenesEdit

Anakin was named for Jaina's deceased brother. He was conceived before Jaina and Jag were married, but was born after the wedding. A controversy exists among those who would like to see fan fiction follow canon more closely, since Jaina and Jag broke up during the Dark Nest Crisis... however, the story in which Anakin was born was written shortly before The Joiner King's release, when it was still assumed that nobody in their right mind would break up a union that would result in such a great pilot being born.


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