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I didn't start the Clone Wars, I nearly died in them. All I did was fight for the people of the Republic. All of my medals I don`t deserve, those medals should belong to every Clone that gave his life for the Repulic.

Amolsch was a clone commander with the 501st during the Clone Wars. He had three pairs of armor.



Amolsch? Yeah he was a great guy. Shame he’s gone now; we could use a guy we can trust.
—501st private

Amolsch like all of his clone brothers was "born" on Kamino before the clone wars .Do to a birth sickness he had hazel eyes. He exceeded in the entire clone training, especially weapon and piloting which would come in play later during his service.

Early battlesEdit

Amolsch first saw action at Geonosis where he was in the first charge at the droid army. When a destroyer droid started to open fire at him, he automatically took cover behind a crashed Techno-Union ship, which undoubtedly saved his life. He soon retreated to a landed gunship while returning fire to enemy droids with his blaster pistol. When he reached the gunship, it was about to take off when a blaster bolt took out the pilot. Thinking quickly about the fellow clones around him in the gunship he jumped into the pilots seat and flew the gunship towards a heavily outnumbered squad that was being surrounded by enemy battledroids who without Amolsch`s help would have been wiped out. Colton`s gunship opened fire at the droids taking out most of them and saving the squad. A few minutes later, however, Colton’s gunship was hit by an enemy missile and went down behind the advancing droid army. Once the ship crashed, he and CC-9086, a private, were the only ones who survived the crash. Although Amolsch was wounded, he managed to escape the fiery crash of the gunship. Even with his wounds he had, he survived Genonsis and was awarded a medal although he gave it to a fallen friend.

First Battle of KaminoEdit

After Genonsis, Amolsch was sent back to Kamino to teach knew clones. While he was training, the droid army attacked the clone-learning center where he was training new clones. He and other clones managed to fight back the droids. Clone starfighters were deployed against the Droid fleet one of which was Amolsch’s who managed to get into a V-Wing. He destroyed at least a million enemy droid starfighters and an enemy battlecrusier.

Failure of Rhen VarEdit

I remember Rhen Var as I remember every battle. I watched as my friends fall at the hands of the droids. This was Hell.
—Amolsch on Rhen Var

Amolsch was one of the few survivors of the first assault on Rhen Var. One of his closest friends died on Rhen Var, and Amolsch buried him where he fell. Out of an entire garrison, only he and 12 other clones survived the battle, made it back to a friendly Republic gunship, and were transported back to base. At his own request, he took part of the second raid on Rhen Var during which the planet was captured. Although later in the war, Amolsch was still haunted by his experiences on Rhen Var.

Battle of Grassy PlansEdit

Grassy Plans was one of our major victories against overwhelming odds. It all started when the Trade Federation decided that the Wookiees were a prime target. I remember fighting on the planet twice.

When the Trade Federation realized that the Wookiees were interfering with their trade, they decided to let the Wookiees know that they were not to mess with and decided to massacre an entire Wookiee village. However, Republic Commando units got word of this and told the entire army about it. Deciding to see what was going on, the commander of the 501st sent Amolsch to the planet. Upon entering space around the Wookiees planet, his gunship was shot down and crashed landed five miles outside of the village. Amazingly, he escaped with out a scratch. He managed to get to the Wookiee village right in the middle of the battle.

With his help, the Wookiees helped beat back the droids. However, due to the arrival of new Super Battle Droids, all positions except his were overrun. As B2 Battle Droids advanced on his position, he jumped up with his blaster rifle in one hand and a blaster pistol in the other. For an hour, he fired at the battle droids. When the smoke finally cleared, a thousand battle droids lay around. Amolsch only had but a few scars on him. A Republic gunship that had been sent to pick him up toke him back to base where he was awarded Jag Eyes.

Civil war on KaminoEdit

Almost as soon as we left Kamino a new species of Kaminoians arrived from somewhere in the outer-rim worlds. The forces started fighting each other. Pretty soon we were called in.


The fighting on Kamino was so devastating that the world almost collapsed because of it. The Republic was called in when one of the forces almost destroyed the cloning facilities. This became one of the worst in the war to date. Some troops never even got onto the planet because their gunships were shot down. However, Amolsch's ship managed to crash land on a distant platform. No one was injured because of the pilot's skill. When the troops in his squad reached the cloning facilities, they were shocked to find all of the clones dead and with them the Republic Army began to die out. Not much else is known because of the lack of survivors.

End of the war and apparent death Edit

The end of the War came quickly and hit Amolsch hard that they were not informed of Operation Knight Fall. However, during a recon operation on Tatioone, an unexploded minefield exploded when Amolsch stepped on it. After the entire minefield exploded, his squad searched for his body, but they did not find anything. After his death was reported to the head of the 501st, a star cruiser was named Amolsch’s Glory was created. Soon after his blaster pistol was found in the hands of a Jawa who was killed by Tusken Radiers.


Five years before the Battle of Yavin, Amolsch was found on Rhen Var living in the old enclave there. When the Rebels took over Rhen Var, they found him their and attempted to kill him, thinking he was an old Stormtrooper. However, when they approached him a single blaster bolt took out the whole group. He later took his own life not wanting to be in any more battles

Personality and traitsEdit

Throughout the Clone Wars, Amolsch had different traits that set him apart from the other clones.


Amolsch was a great leader and did not break down under fire. This allowed him to work in the most extreme battles of the Clone Wars.

Piloting skillsEdit

Because of the Clone Wars, Amolsch also became a good pilot as the wars dragged on. In fact, Amolsch was almost transferred to the Republic Air Division because of his skill at piloting.


Because of his long service in the Republic Army Amolsch was very skilled in using many heavy and light weapons. These included ARC Trooper rifles, DC-17 blasters and many others.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character was inspired by a mix of Commander Cody and Commander Bly and was written for a friend.

Some battles in here exist in the first Star Wars Battlefront.


Clone Wars Battles:Geonosis

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