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CT-7896nicknamed Born was a male Mandalorian Clone Commander. He was in charge of the clone resistance group on Kamino.

When the rogue Jedi, Nathaniel Kenobi, came to the planet, he assisted him in protecting the planet. When Nathan, his wife, Abigaile Jade, and other Jedi were trapped on the planet's surface during the Battle of Kamino, he sent a special commando squad to rescue them.

When the colony of Novus Kamino Prime was established, he resumed his role as Clone Commander. After a Yuuzhan Vong attack, he along with Nathan, Doc, Flyboy, Sneaky, Shocker, and Crash were sent to the Ottiumigos Centrality to investigate the Yuuzhan Vong threat.

After the Battle of Novus Kamino Prime, he along with Nathan and Doc, formed a secret group, so that they could covertly bring the Empire to the system. It worked and Alpha was in charge of the massive Battle of Toola. When Nathan left after the death of his wife on Wayland, he continued his service to the colony.

He died during the Great Schism.

Behind the scenesEdit

Alpha is not to be confused with Alpha-17.


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