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The Alliance II-class Eloquian Destroyer, or more commonly referred to as the Aliance II, was a large, powerful warship manufactured by Zeth Shipyards. They were the largest Eloquian Destroyers in existence, and were a formidable opponent for an Imperial Star Destroyer.


After the Alliance-class Eloquian Destroyer became obsolete, the Eloquian strived for a new, better equipped, faster capital ship to lead their navy. After many ideas were given, they decided to make the Alliance II. The Alliance II looked much like the older Alliance-class, but the bridge was more rounded, and it was a bit taller. The ship was also longer, and wider. It had a larger cargo capacity, and it needed more crew to operate it.

Battle of EloqueEdit

When the Empire attacked the planet Eloque in 1 ABY, ten Alliance II's had been completed, and seven were sent into space to defeat the three Imperial Star Destroyers attacking the planet. Only one Alliance II was destroyed, and every Star Destroyer was obliterated before the battle ended. The Eloquian had shown that they were becoming a galactic power.

New Republic EraEdit

When the New Republic became the main galactic power, the Eloquians signed a treaty that made them a part of the New Republic. They immediately sent their Alliance and Alliance II's to help the New Republic defeat the Imperial Remnant. The Eloquian Destroyers were able to participate in many battles.

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