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The Alliance-class Eloquian Destroyer was a class of Eloquian Destroyer. It was used by the Eloquian Alliance and New Republic.


The concept of space warships on Eloque came about when Del'ar Quo went to the Core Systems. He went in a ship with little armament whatsoever, and when he saw the amazing warships the Republic had, he immediately had visions of huge Eloquian ships destroying invaders. Only years later, his visions came true when the Eloquian Alliance approved the construction of warships to protect themselves.

The first warship was launched one year later, in 24,967 BBY. It was a small ship, and it was given the title of the Assault-class Eloquian Attack Ship.

24,900 years later, the very first Eloquian Destroyer was made. It was the Venture-class Eloquian Destroyer. Only a few years later, the Eloquian Alliance approved the construction of the Alliance-class Eloquian Destroyer, the largest ship in the ship line at that time. It became the backbone of the Eloquian Navy, and was the base blueprint for the Alliance II-class, which saw action many times in battle against the Empire, and Imperial Remnant, and some Yuuzhan Vong encounters.

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