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Allana was the only child of Tenel Ka and Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo). When she trained as a Sith, but Allana hated the Sith and wanted to be a Jedi. She progressed in her training, and she was taken as the apprentice of her father's apprentice, Kol Skywalker. On a mission to a rebel planet, Allana escaped and became the apprentice of Ken, who continues her training. On the Death Star III she proves herself by rescuing captive Jedi, but has to see her master, Ken, sacrifice himself.


Childhood (43 ABY–56 ABY)Edit

Birth and trainingEdit

When the Second Yuuzhan Vong War ended in 43 ABY, Tenel Ka (under the influence of mind controls) and Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo) had their only child, Allana. Caedus's plans for her were to become a powerful Sith, even more powerful than her father's apprentice, Kol Skywalker.

Allana first hated the empire when she was forced to be involved in politics. Allana wanted to live a normal life; have friends, and go on adventures. Caedus did not care, however, feeling that the dark side it was about power, not personal feelings. She followed her father’s orders only in an attempt to escape this slave-like life-style.

Allana showed quick progress in the Force, and at the age of 5 she was strong enough to have a master, his father's apprentice, Kol Skywalker. In politics that night, the empire discussed a threat to the empire, a rebellion in the outer rim sieges. Caedus suggested that her daughter would go on the mission with Kol.

Mission to the rebel baseEdit

When in preparation to the battle Caedus discussed the mission plans to his apprentice and daughter. The plan was that Allana would brake into a control office and deactivate shields. Then Kol would lead Sith to attack the main city.

Upon landing on the planet, they were met by a small group of Jedi, which they killed. Allana and Kol split up to do there missions. When Allana was at the control room, she persuaded rebels that she wanted to join the Jedi. They thought she was lying and was forced to kill them. When she did, Allana activated auto-turrets that shot Kol, he was still alive, and this would prove he meant to be a Jedi.

The rebels believed her, and convinced them not to kill Kol because he did not have a lightsaber on hand, and sent his body back to the Death Star III. For Allana, she would soon be trained by Jedi Grand Master Ken. The rebels called her their "Only Hope", and the unnamed planet was named Lana after her.

Jedi trainingEdit

Ken then took over her training. She was often confused, because of her knowledge of the Sith, but she knew her destiny. By the time she was a Jedi knight, most of her peers were already masters. She also had a problem with patience, because she knew what she had to do, and she wanted to do it right away. She was eventually a master at age 13, and that year, a rebel gave her a starship, the Golden Eagle.

Fight Against the Sith (56 ABY–57 ABY)Edit

Prison breakEdit

In order to defeat the Sith, there had to be more Jedi involved. Allana knew the readouts of the Death Star III, and she would lead a group to release the Jedi from the holding cells. One attack group would ambush the troops in the control room, and the other group would clear an entrance for the Jedi.

Arriving on the Death Star III, a group of Sith ambushed them inside the ship. When they came out, they were wearing the armor from the Sith they killed to make it appear they were a Sith. The first objected was led by Ken. They killed the guards and blasted open the emergency doors. The shields were now deactivated.

Allana led the troops through a route from the docking bay. The Sith by the doors were aware of the situation and were personally assigned by Caedus. The Sith blocked the shots, and Allana would have to face them in combat. These guards were only Sith lords, and not masters, so they were easy to kill.

After that Allana rescued the prisoners. Back in the docking bay there were troops and, Darth Caedus. Ken knew the importance of Allana, and decide to let them escape by sacrificing himself and fight Caedus. Ken ordered Allana to take off, but then Ken would die for sure. Ken said that Allana was the hope for the galaxy. With those words Allana took off, never seeing Ken again.

Father-Daughter matchEdit

Caedus fought back by leading his troops to Lana. He ordered his troops to capture her. Allana was safe in the center of the building in a shielded area until the Sith would leave. But, the Sith then took down the shields and ran to her. She fought back, but the men were much stronger. They carried her on Caedus's ship and he attempted to turn her.

Caedus told Allana tp join him, but she was angered and used that rage to attack. Caedus was only fighting semi-hard. All he wanted to do was to turn her. Caedus said that angered can be used to perfect combat and that only Sith can use it fully. Allana rejected it, and the fight went on.

Allana force pushed Caedus against the wall, and launched herself in an escape pod. Allana was now free and landed on Lana, but she would soon after surrender herself.


The Death Star III was approaching, and Allana had to do something. The rebels were prepared for space combat, but they did not know the true power of the space station. But Allana would surrender herself, and fight and turn her father, then let the lightside Caedus order the stop of the attack.

Allana landed on the space station with the Golden Eagle, and came out with her hands up. She was taken to Caedus, which he again tried to persuade her. He offered her power and rulership if she joined him. But Allana did not listen. Then Kol, Cade, and Tenel Ka came in and Caedus ran out, because he figured she was lost.

Before the fight started, Cade and Tenel Ka could get past the mind chip and remembered they were actually Jedi, but Kol was more powerful, and was with the Sith. Allana opened the door, and Tenel Ka and Cade decided to face Kol together. As for Allana, she had to face her father.

Caedus fought very hard and continued to persuade her. He offered thet they could express feeling like love and hate. Allana still denied it and the fight continued. Caedus lost ground and hit a wall. Just at that time, Kol came in and choked Allana. Caedus culled not bere it, and killed him.

Caedus, now Jacen Solo, became a Jedi. Allana had saved her father, and the whole galaxy. Before they forgot, Jacen ordered them to stop the attack. Jacen and Allana took Kol's, Cade's, and Tenel Ka's bodies back on the ship. Once they left, they rebels destroyed the Death Star III.

Back on Lana, the 3 bodies were burned side by side. The rebellion formed the Second Republic on Lana. They would for a chancellor soon. As for the Sith, they would find a new leader and the two governments would soon intertwine.

Behing the scenesEdit

  • Allana is a real character, but the author added fanon to her,
  • Allana's father, Caudus (Jacen), actually becomes a Sith lord in the real Star Wars universe, but no one ever wrote about his dark lord times.
  • Allana's missions are similar to Luke Skywalker's. Allana frees captive Jedi, just like Luke frees Leia in episode IV. On her next mission, she is battling her father who battles semi-hard, tries to turn her, and escapes, just like the events at Cloud City in episode V. On her final mission, she surrenders, is chocked by Kol, and Caedus kills him and turns to light, just like Luke's surrender, Sidious's force lightning, and Vader killing him and turning to light.

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