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Algyd, known as the Rancor-slayer, was the youngest son of Queen Alren-hi of Thelisae. Although his father was Patrev, Alren-hi told him his father was King Arhidreth. Algyd gew up idolizing his supposed father, although the man had died before his birth, and listened to stories of the king's bravery and heroism. In 792, Algyd slew his first rancor. In 784 BBY, he married Michari, who bore him a son named Ilo the following year.

Algyd appeared a typical Tirikkin male, tall and lanky, but possessed unusual strength and endurance due to his Thayolen father. Although his Thayolen programming dispositioned him to selfishness, he tried to suppress this tendency and imitate (what he imagined to be) the generous behavior of Arhidreth. Although Jantrek constantly tried to corrupt Algyd to become a despot like his half-brother Alabri, Algyd instead embarked on a quest to cleanse Hellenes Gracca of monsters (especially rancors--he was rumored to have slain over 100), and established a starfighter squadron to fight off pirates from Tarnooga who had slain Arhidreth. In 782 BBY, Algyd and his half-brothers led the squadron to take out the pirates' base. Algyd then helped the Jedi overthrow the G'ye Cult on the neighboring world of Beroutz.

A hero on two worlds, Algyd was elected Senator of Thisspias sector. Senator Algyd was present on Coruscant during the Tabponian Raid on Coruscant, and helped fight off the Tabponian invaders.

In 774 BBY, when Queen Alren-hi died, Algyd (who had outlived his nine half-brothers) retired from the Senate and became King of Thelisae, and, by common consent, of all Hellenes Gracca as well as neighboring Beroutz. The planets united into a single state with a constitutional monarchy.

Four years later, Algyd drove Alabri out of the Thisspias system forever.

Algyd stood 2.1 meters tall and massed 55 kilograms. He had blue eyes, brown hair, and golden-tan skin.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character was based on the hero Herakles from Greek myth. According to mythology, Herakles's birth-name was "Alkides."


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