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Acra was a large planet about the size of Jupiter located in the outer rim and home to the Kegan.


Acra was a rocky and mountainous planet, the result of being close to an asteroid field. As a result of all the sudden meteorite strikes, many creatures on Acra went extinct and the planet was under serious threat of being completely destroyed. To combat this threat, the Kegans invented a huge, planetary shield that could successfully destroy all meteorites on contact. The majority of the population lived in the mountains or caves and suffered no ill fates from altitude sickness. There were a few forests and lakes left at the feet of mountains but they were a rare sight. Inside the mountains there was a large maze of underground caverns filled with strange and disturbing creatures.


Much of Acras economy came from the trading of Acran technology and livestock called Hagrats. While not greedy, the Kegans sold both for large amounts of credits to further their research.


Sentient species:

Non-sentient species:

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